The Interesting Villains Of Berserk

Something that I love about Berserk is the great villains that are prevalent in the series. Some are outright villains whilst some overs are complex, floored villains with different ideologies. I’ll be running through the villains in order of appearance in the manga and why they’re good for the series. As I’ve already talked to a large extent about Griffith I will be skipping him.

The Baron of Koka Castle

This is the first proper villain that’s introduced too Berserk and only really lasts for a chapter. He is first shown eating human flesh so it’s instantly apparent that he’s not normal and pretty evil. We then see that the mayor is crumbling in fear towards this man and is prepared to sacrifice people for his own gain.

The Baron is then annoyed and enraged by this especially after hearing about the black swordsman. Even though he’s only been introduced for a few pages it’s instantly apparent that he is very cold hearted as he instantly backstabs his people who he’s presumably been leading for a very long time.

We are then introduced for the first time to the idea of humans changing forms into demonic beasts and he looks imposing and cool, nobody but Guts can stand up to him. This really does a good job to establish Guts as a brilliant swordsman and the character’s cruel death makes Guts appear to be completely different from the standard protagonist.

The Count – manga only

The count has no name and title besides this one and he initially appears to be a one dimensional villain but he is really developed throughout to show his evilness. We see the consequences of his actions through the mutilated characters and the deaths that he causes.

These traits would just make him a cool villain but they don’t make him interesting. He’s brought to life through his interactions with his daughter who he has never let leave her room! He selfishly tries to keep his daughter to himself though he still has a shed of humanity in him because he still loves his daughter. The fact that she is too scared to have the count touch her is more than enough to show his tyranny and terrible actions.

When he transforms and the daughter sees him we can imagine the horror that he feels at being seen in the terrible way that he was. We then learn the consequences of the characters power. I would like to create a post in the future talking about how the villains of Berserk are created and how terrible it is so I won’t get into specifics with the next bit.

After this he is murdered by another bad guy! The terrible nature of the count only serves to highlight the terror of the main villain further as it shows that theirs someone even more evil than this.

The consequences of this villain show through the daughter who was still loved until the end meaning that the count wasn’t entirely stone cold and was more of a floored coward weakling being manipulated by the overall villain of the series.

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