Settling the Sub Vs Dub Debate

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t account for people who might have physical/mental difficulties which make them unable to view one medium (sub or dub) as easilly. E.g I’m not going to tell a blind person to watch a sub and I’m not going to tell a deaf person to watch a dub and e.c.t

I’m going to keep my personal opinions out of this post so that I can talk without bias about it and give a more balanced and fair argument. Then I will go into my own personal opinions to say why one is better than the other.

People don’t like reading subtitles for many different reasons. One of these is that they can take you out of the show by forcing you to keep most of your attention at the bottom of the screen without really appreciating the images. Another thing that puts people off of subs is that they can’t read the words fast enough and constantly have to pause. As well as this Dub fans want to hear things that they can understand, partially because they can relate to things that are in their own language but also so that they can tune out if it’s not too interesting. It can also be more relaxing to listen to things in your own language as you don’t have to focus too much on reading subtitles.

Dub fans can normally put up with the voices that sub fans think are stupid because they think that the Japanese voices sound worse as they can’t understand them and they sound obnoxious.

The argument for sub fans is that the dubbed voices sound worse and are poorly acted. They can also put up with and have gotten used to the subtitles. As well as this even if the dub is good sub fans might still watch the sub as they like hearing the original Japanese voices so much.

So that’s the fair unbiased (as possible) argument, I will now go into my personal opinion and take down the points that I’ve previously stated. I am a sub person and the first and most easy argument to take down is the fact that they can’t read subtitles fast enough. If you cannot read the subtitles fast enough you really should be watching subs. This is because subs are easy to read, they stay on screen for an easy amount of time to digest and read; if you can’t read the subtitles fast enough then you really need to improve your reading speed. Nobody should ever read slow enough to not be able to read a single line of subtitles in time. So if you can’t read the subtitles fast enough you just don’t read enough to get good at it. Reading quickly is a pretty essential skill so it’s actually good for you to be watching subs. As well as this there’s also a pause button.

Now that my first points been said I can take down my second one where I state that you direct too much focus on the bottom of the screen. If you can read fast enough (we all should be able to read fast enough) then you can take the time to appreciate the rest of the images on the screen.

People who say that they feel better listening to things in their own language are valid but the counter argument for me is that sub voices don’t sound unfamiliar to me as I recognise most of the words and it doesn’t sound strange or weird too me. I get that subs are hard to get into but the lack of familiarity with the voices and language is something that you can easily get used too.

The thing in defence of dubs is that even if the dub fans can read fast enough they might not want to read. That’s fair enough; it’s about gauging the idea of which you value more: good acting or not reading. This is the main base of the sub vs dub argument and there’s no real objective answer.

I don’t hold any grudge against dub fans as I understand their arguments. The only thing that I’ve got to say too anime fans that watch dubs is that if you want to get into anime any more than you already are then good luck; there’s not really many dubs for you out there. If you like dubs then there’s a high chance that you will turn into a sub fan over time because you will naturally be interested in shows without a dub and want to watch them. This happened to me and I hope that it happens to you (if it hasn’t happened already) so that you can view many of the great shows that unfortunately don’t have dubs.

If your going to respond to this post with a comment you’re only allowed too if you bring up a new point that I forgot to mention or a different perspective that’s interesting, I just don’t want angry rants…ok?

6 thoughts on “Settling the Sub Vs Dub Debate

  1. I watch dubs because I want to pay more attention to what is going on screen (your eyes are too busy reading).
    T-o Do you know what dyslexia is?

    I have heard some very bad voices in sub anime (they are not without fault).


    1. Why the hell should I need to talk about dyslexic people? It’s completely obvious what’s better for them so there’s no point including them in the debate.


      1. If you have dyslexia (like many people do) you can’t read the subs fast.
        *I know many people with Dyscalculia.*

        It’s relevant because most of the people who complain about subs can’t keep up with the speed.
        “we all should be able to read fast enough” You made it relevant when you wrote that.


      2. By writing something on the lines of “people should just be able to do it.” you make yourself sound ableist.

        If people can’t keep up, they can’t do it.
        Your discriminating against people with dyslexia.

        I’m going to leave your blog (I won’t reply if you respond).


        1. There is simply no debate about what is better for dyslexic people (Dubs – thought this was obvious from my previous comment).

          Dyslexic people were completely out of my head whilst writing this post, sorry if you think that’s ableist but I was trying to answer the question for people who were unsure, not people who knew what they liked best.

          Your tone of “Do you know what dyslexia is?” came across as sincerely condescending (You also actually believed that I didn’t know what it was! You tried to explain it here:”If you have dyslexia (like many people do) you can’t read the subs fast.”), coupled with the fact that I wrote this post a month ago and scheduled it, I had no idea what you were saying and which passages you were talking about. You just came across as a pissed off SJW for no reason. To me your statement was just like saying “why didn’t you account for blind people?”, I’m not ableist or anything, I take things like this as obvious without thinking about the fact that not everyone thinks like me. Also anything else you want to call me out on? What about not catering for deaf people,dead people, autistic people, babies or people who never learned to read because they were uneducated? Did you genuinely believe that I’d expect a blind person (who presumabley doesn’t know Japanese for this analogy to work) to be able to read subtitles quickly? It’s the same thing in my head for dyslexic people,

          Anyway,I shouldn’t need to specify stupid things like that just so people won’t get triggered BUT I will change it anyway because I’m not ableist. Also if your going to leave over something like this then I really don’t think you ever liked my posts in the first place. Now, to expose your own contradictions in the same way you tried to find mine.

          “If people can’t keep up, they can’t do it.”

          So normal people shouldn’t better themselves to be able to read faster?

          “It’s relevant because most of the people who complain about subs can’t keep up with the speed.”

          I can see that you had good intentions whilst writing this but when you say “It’s relevant” your talking about dyslexic people whilst implying that people who can’t keep up are themselves dyslexic. So theirs no such thing as a normal person who’s a slow reader?

          This was just as much for you as for as other readers with the same problems and I think it’s important to address these kind of things just so we don’t get confused. You had a right to be angry but so did I. It’s funny because I think we agree about the dyslexic issue anyway…


        2. Also I don’t mind if you leave. I do understand that you clearly care very much about this so I can understand if you got so offended that you decided to ignore everything else that I’ve written even if it has nothing to do with the ableist agenda you think I’m pushing even though I clearly don’t have an ableist agenda and it’s all an obvious misunderstanding.

          I don’t care if you leave, I do care if you leave over something that you think about me that isn’t true. I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to force you so I’m just going to tell you to leave so you won’t get triggered by what you could possible misinterpret in the future/ what I get wrong because I don’t think that much about SJW stuff.


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