The Interesting Villains Of Berserk #2

Last time we talked about the count and the baron of koka castle and we will go on to talk about the villains of Zondark, Bazuso and Donovan who mostly feature in the manga. I really love the villains of Berserk as I feel like they do so much for the Berserk manga and are very good and well developed even if they don’t show for a small amount of time.

Zondark – manga only

This villain is featured in the small part of the guardians of desire arc and he himself is not interesting. He is just a very powerful person transformed into a demon because of the count however his very existence provides the count with more character. The count has no faith in the powers of humans to take Guts out so he feels threatened enough to give birth to a demon sacrificing his own powers in the process.

This demonstrates how the count really doesn’t see Guts as a threat at all and would trust a minor part of his being to take him out. Making the count look like he has more duties off camera and that minor fights even with popular swordsmen are things that he doesn’t really care about.


This guy is easily the most innocent villain as he’s not even fleshed out as a character. For those who don’t know he’s the person who first faces Gut’s right at the start of Berserk. He is portrayed as the strongest defence in the castle and Guts needs to take him out.

I don’t really see him as interesting because he doesn’t have much going on for him, he’s a simple strong dude but it works in this case. Whenever there’s a war theirs always an element of expendable soldiers who each have their own lives yet are simply nameless.

The change in armour and stance show that theirs always developed characters who are forced into war. Yet again it also sets up the rest of the story greatly making him a decent villain for the few minutes of run time that he had.


Donovan shows up during the flash back of Guts’ history after he pays Gambino for him to rape Guts as a child. As Guts appears too still look back on Gambino as a good guy while he looked after him so he’s a very strange villain and we’ll talk about him next but Donovan seems twisted and pure evil in this case.

He treats Guts like an object with little empathy and it shows that men on the battle field of Berserk are from innocent knights. He mistreats and abuses Guts showing that he has no empathy what so ever. When he is killed by Guts we feel happy about his death showing that he made a good villain for the short amount of time that he was there.

It also provides a good explanation for the way Guts is and why he never felt at home with anyone but the hawks. It shows how much he needed to keep out of the mercenary group so we’re happy when he is eventually able to escape.

Thank you for reading, next time I’ll be talking about Donnovan and other Berserk villains.

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