The Evil Epicness Of The God Hand

The God hand are the brilliant overarching villains of the Berserk series however the other four members are often overlooked as they’re pretty minor and often not talked about much so I feel like it’s important to show that they’re real and interesting characters even from their first appearance in the manga I will be using their first appearance in the manga however a lot of the things that I’m saying will also apply to the god hand from their first appearance in the anime so if you’ve not read the manga it’s fine.

A thing that makes them pretty good villains is their unity together in evil. They all appear in the same place and seem to be of a similar mind that they don’t care at all about Guts.

As well as this they are able to finish off each other’s sentences implying that they have very similar mind-sets and the opinions of everything expressed by Griffith is held by all of them making them appear to be just as evil. The location that Guts is summoned too also reflects their nature. They’re powerful and very strange and manipulative. The background has a bunch of stairs and pathways that are disorganised and don’t go anywhere (like those M.C Escher drawings) showing their chaos and greedy consuming nature if it wasn’t apparent already.


(Just to clarify the appearances of the God hand members in case you don’t know them by name from left too right it’s Conrad, (Spoilers) , Void – the one with the exposed brain, Ubik, Slain)

Void has his entire brain exposed showing that he may be more intelligent than the others. Due to the evil context however it’s apparent that he seems elaborate, thoughtful and manipulative in ensuring his evil plans come to action. At the start of every Berserk episode he is shown as thoughtfully contemplating over the world showing that the god hand aren’t mindless villains.

Slain appears to be a cold hearted succubus. Instead of manipulative I get the impression that she’s deceitful through her gaze and medusa like hair. She also only dresses with something to cover her neck and waist leaving everything else exposed. This is not acknowledged in any way at all showing that she doesn’t really feel pain and is unconventional in her approach to villainy. The fact that she’s able to just cover herself with her wings hints at a more playful and tempting side of her who plays with people’s minds and controls them. She also appears to like Guts more than the others after wanting him to become a demon meaning that she respects power and still wants the demons to continue to grow stronger.

Ubik appears to be some kind of trickster in appearance. He floats around and light heartedly says things which have a terrifying effect. This demonstrates his lack of sympathy and empathy and his desire for power or desire to just have a good time. He is also able to conjure visions which always medal with the people receiving them in the wrong way. He cruelly exposes the actions of the count to Theresia making both the count and his daughter suffer massively and making his lack of empathy apparent and his desire for power immense. He uses this to try and cause the daughter as much misery as possible as the vision is worthless too them as they don’t really need to show it to her. But he does it anyway making it seem like he not only enjoys sacrifices and death but also benefits immensely from the tragedy of humans.

Out of all of these Conrad is by far the worse villain. This is done to his similar appearance to Ubik who is far more interesting. He has a few important speaking rules but they really don’t add up to making him any more distinguish evil than the others. He is the first one to disregard the sacrifice of Guts and dismisses it immediately suggesting that he’s the only one who’s simply evil without any complications. He might be more practically evil. What I mean is that he doesn’t see as much value in misery than death and sees power very realistically by being the first one to say why they don’t need Guts as a sacrifice.

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