Instead of doing a “what I watched post” like I always do at the end of each month I’m going to announce that JEARETTAS starts tomorrow. It’s a whole month dedicated to episodic anime reviews for strange reasons that I’ve already described here:

So instead of writing and talking about what I watched I thought I’d say that most of JEARETTAS will be what I watched this month as I watched a lot of series’ this month for the project. You can expect to see posts from these anime’s (in no particular order).



Hunter X Hunter

Naruto Shippuden

Golden Boy



Junk boy


Elfen Lied


Hantsu X Trash



Kimi Ga Nozomu Ein


Super Sonico the animation

Yona of the dawn

Chronexia and the eight seals

The servering crime edge

Magical warefare

Yu Yu Hakusho


And any other reader suggestions that I get before the 20th of July

I will be talking about episodes from all of these anime’s in depth so that I don’t need to do it again here. So look forward to JEARETTAS, it’s starting tomorrow with at least two episode reviews daily!

If you would like to see your favourite anime on the list then feel free to comment it bellow! At the end of JEARETTAS I’ll create a list of all of the reviews with links to them so if you’re looking for a specific one then you can do it easily!

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