Yu Yu Hakusho ep 37

And just when we didn’t think the dark tournament organisers couldn’t get any scummier! I thought that the tournament organisers couldn’t make the characters circumstances any worse but I was proved wrong again, and this time by a sexy nurse. By pretending to be friendly and helpful to the team in the intersessions between they’re … Continue reading Yu Yu Hakusho ep 37

How Berserk Creates It’s Villains

When you see Berserk it’s very easy to generalise the villains and see them as not really threatening. Giant demons with transformative human powers don’t always make the most interesting villains yet the way that they’re created is very interesting and noteworthy. It’s very unrealistic to think that in this very real world of complex … Continue reading How Berserk Creates It’s Villains

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 36 Review!

The episode starts with team Yusuke’s mysterious small girl removing the mind control devices from their competition after a thrilling fight. These people who have been brainwashed were living in constant torture and hell so it was good to see them escape. The extra detail of them saving themselves was also a nice touch as … Continue reading Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 36 Review!