How Berserk Creates It’s Villains

When you see Berserk it’s very easy to generalise the villains and see them as not really threatening. Giant demons with transformative human powers don’t always make the most interesting villains yet the way that they’re created is very interesting and noteworthy.

It’s very unrealistic to think that in this very real world of complex military medieval conflict that theirs some crazy demons going around who have far more power than anyone else but there’s a good explanation for this and it involves many aspects but has a lot to do with the missing chapter that Miura cut out of Berserk. Also this will include spoilers for the end of the golden age arc so you might want to leave this part and save it for later.

In the missing chapter Griffith meets the god of Berserk’s world and the things that he reveals is very interesting. Berserk’s God states that he was born out of a need for a higher power from humanity and he claims responsibility for all things that have happened in the world. He also claims responsibility for Griffith saying that he’s the chosen one and was decided as such for an immensely long time.

Berserk’s God is probably very evil as he accepts and sort of gives power to the god hand. He’s not the god of humans and really doesn’t care about them. He therefore gives control of humans to Griffith and tells him that he can destroy the humans and liberate them.

This implies that humans have no control over their own will and are living very controlled lives without them even realising it. Anyway now that the morality of the world and the lack of opposition too evil has been established I will now write about how the villains are actually made.

When a human is desperate enough and has possession of a behelit (a small necklace type thing with a face on it, it’s also alive) they will be taken to the god hand where they will grant them power for a price. This price is always a sacrifice of the most important people too you so that demons can fill in the void that the person who you like fills in your heart.

This means that all of the villains are actually evil by default as you’d need to be in order to sacrifice someone so close to you. It’s this exchange that gives the person a demonic power that creates the real villains of Berserk.

Every demon or evil character in berserk who can change his/her form into a demon has gone through this process giving them more depth and intrigue as a villain as you’re automatically interested into who they sacrificed to attain their power.

All the villains have this hidden depth too them making them so great. During the eclipse I’m sure that everyone there has done this and Zodd is the classic example of someone who did this for power. He foreshadows what happens to Griffith through his own personal experiences which make me so much more interested in Zodd as a villain due to this aspect of his character.


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