Naruto Shippuden Episode 1 Review


This episode starts with a long shot of the characters running along a corridor to meet a guy called Sakuke? I’m pretty sure that’s how you spell it, anyway it was a very weird episode overall.

First of all I had no idea what was going on for the duration of it, you would have thought that they’d at least explain a bit but I genuinely had no idea what was going on or who any of the characters were because the anime couldn’t be bothered to explain it.

They spent so much time talking about how so much has changed without us really knowing what it was like before episode one because we know nothing. They didn’t even explain what a hokage was but just that it was a thing that all the other characters wanted.

I find it very hard to see why this anime is so popular when the first episode can’t even explain things right. As well as this I watched the episode on Youtube and the video ended abruptly as soon as a guy was about to walk in.

I don’t think that this is a particularly good place to end it because the episode gives you no reason to care for why a guy walking in might be important.

Despite all of the constant praise I have to give this episode a negative review; it just sucks. However I know that Naruto shippuden is popular so I’ll be coming back to review a few more before I drop it. Let’s go with the three episode rule!


Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 3! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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