Nisekoi: How it’s massively Miss-judged and Overlooked

Genuinely, for some time Nisekoi was my favourite anime and I still like it a lot. People who know anime conventions and tropes would probably easily pass this by as trashy or generic but I think it has far more appeal than other people claim.

This anime is really funny consistently. Even though you might consider Raku the stereotypical nice guy in this anime (which he is) I cannot deny that he is endearing in a way that other characters aren’t. For most of the time in shows of this nature theirs normally two possible scenarios: main love interest and main character love each other and have comedic interactions that don’t really amount to everything. The other one is where all the females love the main character and the main character doesn’t realise or he can’t chose.

Nisekoi therefore changes the formula enough to make it interesting for me. On the one hand it’s understandable to love someone who’s been in your class for a long time and it’s also understandable to develop feelings with someone that you’ve spent a lot of time with yet recently met. This is why I like the struggle within Raku in choosing Chitoge or Onedera as it’s real yet interesting.

This was one of the first shows that I watched without this premise and I hate to say it but I never realised that Chitose was a tsundere as it’s genuinely not apparent. When watching shows of this nature it’s easy to take our stellar anime tropes knowledge and project it onto the show. If you’re not really thinking about it in this way it’s actually hard to tell that Chitoge actually loves Raku, in fact she doesn’t really love Raku in season one at all, at least not that much. She only admits her love later to herself at the start of the second season.

This is because all of her actions are really understandable; she is literally forced to hang out with him so it’s hard to distinguish her acts from her real feelings. As well as this we can often see that she’s embarrassed but we don’t know the cause. Theirs many more reasons as to why you might blush than actually loving the character.

This is my defence for the character of Chitoge and I genuinely think she’s great. The comedy that Chitoge has is great, she can turn from a madly angry strong girl yet her comedy is brilliant. So many things are made funnier for me by the fact that I wasn’t sure if the characters loved each other that much.

What I love about the interactions between Onodera and Raku is the fact that they both love each other yet are extremely shy. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch interactions between them and see them get embarrassed at the same things, it’s brilliantly funny. It can get annoying at times that their relationship doesn’t progress but this is redeemed by the fact that we know something hilariously funny will happen between them next.

You can’t really criticise a young person watching this as it’s extremely relatable. The misunderstandings that occur probably go past what feasibly could happen in reality yet I can greatly relate to deliberately trying not to read into the situation to not get my hopes up and things like that so I can understand what’s going on and can only laugh about it.

Another thing that I feel like I need to defend this show on is that everyone loves Raku yet theirs many reasons as to why this doesn’t feel bad for me. The first one is that it’s just funny and interesting for example theirs Maria who met Raku once when they were a kid and then spent her whole life training to marry him, this is so absurd that it’s funny and it’s not really taken that seriously.

The fact that the anime doesn’t focus much on the other characters feelings of attraction and shows them to be weaker and less important than the other main characters also saves the feeling of a trashy harem.

The show is easily able to stay interesting and entertain me with good humour and funny situations. The entire Maria side arc in the manga is brilliant and the final few chapters of the manga genuinely made me cry because of what happened.

If you’re going to watch this anime then treat watching it in the same way that you’d watch a Pokémon episode: Expect filler and enjoy the funny whacky situations while it lasts.

Now I will leave you with pretty much my most favourite joke in Nisekoi as a whole. The uncertainty leading up to this moment create a satisfying and hilarious outcome which leads to far more jokes in the same episode and I will now tell you the joke: Twelve.

2 thoughts on “Nisekoi: How it’s massively Miss-judged and Overlooked

  1. Let’s be fair, you have a special place in your otaku heart for this anime and I respect that. In fact, I actually respect this anime, since it is a Shounen Jump title. I believe Ichigo 100% and I”s are the rare romance stories that graced Jumo, including this one. That being said, I still don’t really like this show.
    I see your perspective and here’s mine. I grew up with Love Hina, Chobits and Onegai Teacher. I was a big anime fan when Negima and Hayate the Combat Bulter was popular. Nisekoi is not anything new, not anything special and not anything impressive to me. It was jsut a bad attempt at things other shows have done before. XD
    I’m sorry. I just really hate this one, but I also can’t diss it. It’s a show with great value, and I kinda hate it even more for that. Haha.

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    1. Yeah that’s really fair enough. I wouldn’t really expect anyone but new fans to like Nisekoi, I think it has to be one of the first animes of the genre you watch to find any value in it. I would probably agree with you today if Nisekoi was erased from my head and I went back to watch the show now, because I’m familiar with the tropes, and therefore annoyed by them. Also I’ve got no problem at all with you disliking it as I can see very clearly where your coming from.

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