5 Short Anime Reviews!

Today I finally have gotten three months ahead of myself which is as far enough ahead as I want it to be. To celebrate this I have brought back a set of five short reviews describing my opinions on shows that I completed or dropped. To do this I randomly generated a number which correlated to a number on my anime list. I’ve put the number that I got on the generator next too it’s title. As well as this I am not posting this now saying that I’ve got three months worth of scheduled post’s what I’m saying is that you’ve already had three months of scheduled posts, not sure if you realized…

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Arceus Choukoku no Jikuu e (130)

Like most Pokémon films on my completed list I completely hated it. Since I never really got the chance to watch these films as a child I saw this film as I was coming out of liking the Pokémon anime I really didn’t find this interesting. It’s great for a child or Pokémon anime fan but not really for me.

Right now the main appeal of Pokémon for me is the quiet slice of life nature of the show. If I go back to watching it I think it will be because I like the light-hearted nature of the show where a filler adventure is sure to take place and funny random events will happen. This is what I like about Pokémon so a greater and higher stakes plot really doesn’t interest me at all.

The problem is that it’s Pokémon and nothing bad ever happens for more than a few episodes in Pokémon so the high stakes really does nothing more me and it just bores me to death.

Panty and Stocking (269 and dropped)

This series embraces raunchiness and profanity deciding to run with it in a comedy way. It could perhaps be that I watched it dubbed as everyone loves the dub but it really did nothing more me. Nothing was funny at all as I don’t find the jokes and subjects of these jokes interesting.

I couldn’t really tell what it wanted to be as it mixed the comedy and action pretty boring. Even if you found it funny you’d still have to watch a ten minute boring fight scene and vice versa. I might try this anime with the sub later to see if I like that more but for now it will stay dropped.

Future Diary (Completed) (101)

This was an anime that I got bored of very quickly and the word that swarmed around my head, which I could simply not avoid thinking was “Yandere”, you might find some tropes. All being said if you like action anime then you’ll probably enjoy it yet I do not. The mystery is intriguing yet actually pretty dull once you discover it.

It’s good for a time yet it can be really boring. Some villains are seriously underwhelming and the plot armour on these characters is far too real.

Time Bokan 24 (Dropped) (291)

There’s something that I find quite charming about kids shows as they can still be funny yet in a more innocent way. This is an example of that. Each episode the characters go to a new time area to teach you about history and also have comedic moments.

It’s very childish and innocent but it’s got a likable aesthetic which is pretty entertaining in my opinion and can come off as funny if you relax and don’t think too much about it.

Tokyo Ghoul (170)

Tokyo Ghoul is nothing special whatsoever; I cannot understand why people like it so much over other action shows as theirs nothing really inextinguishable too me. The action is very boring and so are the villains and characters. I can’t really remember anything about them besides the fact that one was a half ghoul.

The interest that was there at the start of the show quickly waned for me as it turned into something very generic and boring. I never watched season 2 as you can tell.

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