Golden Boy Episode 5 Review

In the previous episode review I discussed how theirs something to learn even in the most worst of episodes. So now I might have to go back on that statement because this episode was seriously insane.

Starting with a cute girl making out with a bike is a great way to clue us into whom the main girl will be. It was nice to look at but I found that it really didn’t do much overall for the story. The rest of the girls didn’t need this make out scene to tell you that they were hot and the show didn’t even need to establish that the girl could only get off to bikes. She does that later when she explains it whilst naked.

I think the enjoyment of this episode was meant to come from the fan service and the nature of the girl. I think that some people might find a girl who puts up the front of gracefulness whilst doing these strange things behind the scenes. The thing is that it feels extremely weird and hard to imagine how anyone could enjoy that kind of thing; the bike also doesn’t look massively powerful either.

So the main character gets fired from his job but stalks the girl that he likes who lived in the house. He then follows her to the bike place and finds her during the act and is caught. Apparently if on his bike he can win in a race against her on her motorbike she’ll have sex with him because it’ll prove he’s better at it than the bike.

Theirs many things wrong with this as you can tell but I guess you can see where this is going. So the rest of the episode is a massive race where crazy things happen and the main character eventually wins but is going at such a fast speed that he vanishes leaving the girl behind. The girl finishes by proclaiming her love and wanting him to come back.

So it wasn’t particularly interesting and the message at the end, get good for love wasn’t a particularly nice one. So overall this episode sucked in comparison to others because of the slow and uneventful story, twisted moral message, and immature fan service.


Common, do you really think I’m that stupid? This episode wasn’t great but I stand by what I said at the start; you can learn something from this episode if you would just look at the other perspective.

The girl at the start of the episode could only very visibly get off to her motorbike. If you didn’t get this from the scene then watch again, the motorbike is the only thing that she gets excited by. This is also made apparent by the personification of her bike which is given a name. She acts possessively towards it in a way that could only be intense love for that and for nothing else.

She then ends the episode proudly proclaiming that she wants golden boy and that she’s in love with him. It’s not much development but it’s there. Throughout the entire race she was saying things like “me and my beamo baby” but when she was chasing after golden boy there wasn’t even any thoughts about it at all. She’s changed from liking objects to liking humans again.

Sure this may be pushing the shows political agenda but I believe that it’s objectively better to be attracted to a human than a bike. This episode gives hope to people who’re attracted to objects but don’t want to be by having the girl find someone who she likes more, and that’s the message, you can change.

It says this whilst not being offensive to anyone who loves objects such as bikes in any way. After all the girl is portrayed as graceful and attractive whilst her strange obsession is going on so the show thinks it’s ok if you don’t want to change as well!

Yep, this is a strangely analytical post for an episode that doesn’t really deserve it! You’re welcome. This was by far the worst episode so far but it’s all looking up for the finale. I might actually go back to episode one just to blog about it so that I have a full catalogue of reviews for that series.


Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 6! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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