Golden Boy Episode 6 Review

The thrilling finale of golden boy has happened and its conclusion has been established and it all felt fairy sad yet also bitter. The episode introduces a new girl and brings back all of the old ones for a climatic finale.

Oddly enough, the problem that Kintaro solved was probably the most important yet the least satisfying. The episode involves Kintaro taking a part time job at an anime studio which most likely included references to real creators of Golden boy. Whilst this might have been fun and cool if you had any idea who these guys were I found it boring and it took away from what would otherwise have been a pretty good episode.

So he goes through the natural episodic process of learning a lot and meeting an attractive girl until we learn that theirs a deadline for the episodes and they can’t reach it. So all other things are put aside and Kintaro calls all of his old friends to come in and help in some way and they all appear in episode order.

Madame President – As the boss of a computer programming company she helped with some CGI computer models with the help of her friends. All the characters are shown to still have they’re strong attachment to them but it was nice to see how excited she was to receive a phone call from our main character.

Naoko Katsuda – She was the very chatty girl who tried and failed to manipulate golden boy. Despite this they still have a good relationship so she was able to do voice acting work. It was good to see her being so sincere when she was so manipulative in her previous episode.

Noriko – As a very innocent girl and talented chef she offered her help with cooking. It was a cool detail to see that all of the animators were attracted to her because of her innocent nature.

Ayuko Hayami – She just films a video of her swimming so that people can model her. When I think about it she didn’t actually do a whole lot for the production but then again she wasn’t asked too so how can we blame her? She’s enthusiastic to help so it’s all good anyway.

Reiko Tarayama – I thought that everyone had forgotten about her but she arrived just in time to deliver the final tape on her motorbike, she didn’t show up for long but she was very helpful in the end.

Chie – She is the girl who falls in love with Kintaro at the end of this episode due to all his hard work. Instead of chasing after Kintaro like the rest of the girls she stays back due to her commitment to the project, what a hero.

So these are the characters that are brought back who we came to love (some more and some less) in the end. The sad and bitter thing for me is watching all of these girls basically get rejected and still have them obsess over him. In one way I would have preferred to see the characters getting on with their lives and taking Kintaro’s lessons into account instead of blindly chasing him due to their love. It makes me feel quite sad that these characters don’t seem to be able to move on as we know that Kintaro is never going to be with any of them.

Many people would say that Kintaro should go back for them because of this but I’ve got to disagree. Kintaro is a free soul who works everywhere and he can’t be staying with one girl when he’s got many more lessons left to teach. That’s the purpose of Golden boy, to teach people important lessons so that they grow into better people.

This show was never about love, it just happened as a consequence of Kintaro’s actions. These girls had plenty of opportunities to see Kintaro for the guy he was at the time but the fact that they were too caught up in other things clouded their judgement and made them not notice. Kintaro will always continue learning and helping people most likely until somebody sees him for the guy he is before he proves it then vanishes away.

So if you think that he should get with any of these girls, you’ve completely missed the point. Kintaro will be Kintaro and love will always escape him, unless he should give up his main mission and start pursuing it.

There’s so much more that I want to say about golden boy, so many things that it does that people just might not notice. But it deserves its own post as I don’t want to go into too much analysis in this episodic project. So in the meantime I’ll leave you with this.

“Today I might be a weak little bug that gets tossed in the wind, washed away by the currents, and drowns, but tomorrow, I may become the butterfly that spreads its colossal wings and flies the open skies!” – Kintaro, the Golden Boy.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 7! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!


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