Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Episode 21 Review!

If you don’t know Bobobo you really need to understand the style of comedy in the series for this to make sense. It uses whacky comedic moments consistently in its episode just because it’s actually funny.

So, as this was the finale episode of the Captain Battleship arc is naturally opened with the characters building a house with the help of the villain (Captain Battleship). During this construction Gasser accidently builds Soften into one of the houses so that he’s trapped. Soften didn’t actually seem to mind too much but just gave mild protest of calm words which were ignored as the wall talking.

There are so many things that happen in this episode that it took a full page of notes to write down, they cram a lot in, so I will be skipping some details as this isn’t intended to be that thorough.

So when they eventual get started fighting Bobobo pauses and says that he can’t fight as its bad.  Captain battleship then remembers his past and the motto of a very wise person: “Feliz Navidad man!” so inspired by this phrase Captain Battleship continues fighting and Bobobo is forced to go against him. If you didn’t know Feliz Navidad means merry Christmas in Spanish so I found this especially funny.

But to build up the fight more Battleship reveals his beautiful hidden past and grudge against Bobobo. It all started when they were battle ships and they destroyed invaders together, they were just as good as each other but Bobobo got all of the credit. Since they were both robots one was controlled by a good pilot yet the other wasn’t (Cuts to the pilot going “Ohh, I broke a nail!”) and this contributed to his hate.

Battleship: “Do you remember how I got this mark?”

Bobobo: “Don’t call me Mark!”

We then get a hilarious flash back about Bobobo always being better than him and how he was always in his shadow all of the time. This flash back continues until the two become friends and end the arc vowing to not cry like babies!

In between all of this were brilliant comedy lines and funny moments making this episode highly entertaining and fun to watch. The run time of a Bobobo episode is 25 minutes instead of 22 or 20 so it’s great to spend more time with the cast and the series definitely makes good use of its run time.


Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 9! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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