Junk Boy Review!

As I was trying to find shows to watch that were similar to golden boy I came across this one episode OVA called Junk boy and it was well, pretty bad.

Unlike many I didn’t really dislike the art style or animation; I knew it was late 80’s show anyway so I didn’t expect much.  It just seemed normal to me; however the thing that didn’t feel normal to me was everything else.

A common criticism that’s put against this OVA is it’s portray of women which even I think is pretty bad (and I liked Golden Boy!).  The reason why it gets its criticism is probably because its characters aren’t children who don’t know what love is and the fact that the main character is so terrible that no one should love him at all. It could also be that it doesn’t really feel like a harem show and more ecchi.

So the main character gets a job in an adult magazine company where he has to approve the images that they’ll put in the magazines. This basically results in him looking at an image and having it that if the image is good enough, he’ll get a boner. It’s not a realistic job at all and kind of sucks.

The next story arc in this 45 minute episode is when he goes to a photoshoot for a model and she really isn’t into it. He then gives her a speech about how she was his hero and that he used to get off to her and it probably stopped him from being a rapist. She then sees how big his penis is and starts loving him, not because of his speech but because of this, I can see how many people don’t like the portrayal of women in this, they’re portrayed as easy which even offended me a bit.

Sure all of the girls in harems are portrayed the same but they’re treated more as having a high school crush than girls who impulsively make out with men.

The second story arc then focusses on the love between the protagonist and a news reporter (or rather the guy constantly trying to pursue sex) and it starts with him going to this brothel type place and doing it there. But after, the news reporter comes back and says that he was terrible and selfish in bed.

So the main character then starts selfishly and terribly trying to have sex with her again because he wants to prove her wrong, this doesn’t go well until he takes her on a bike ride around the city and she sees the connections that Junk boy has and they then make out. The annoying thing is that no lessons were learned here, he’s still extremely selfish whilst doing it and it sucks.

It then ends very abruptly, implying that he’s not going to stay with the girl for another time.

I went into this under the impression that it was going to be like Golden boy but it simply was not. It was reasonable to see why people would fall in love with Golden boy but not Junk boy and the fact that Golden Boy never sexually harassed people makes him far more likable a character. In Golden boy we can see that most of the women aren’t really easy and that the ones who are, tend to be extremely manipulative to try and use it to their advantage. It’s just that golden boy is a really good guy with lots of talent that he gets these girls.

Anyway this episode kind of sucked, I’ll be reviewing two more series’ that are apparently similar to golden boy so I hope they’re much better than this.


Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 9! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

2 thoughts on “Junk Boy Review!

  1. The premise feels like Golden Boy, but I guess it was more blatant than the other show. So the main character isn’t likeable, that’s interesting. I guess the 80s was a very different time, so they jsut really adapted the original source no holds barred. Still, the content sounds interesting. I might give it a try. XD

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