Hantsu X Trash eps 1-3 Review(/s) (full series)

This is the last series that I watched because I thought it might be like Golden Boy, it wasn’t. It was so terrible that I’m not even going to search for something like it again; I’ll just trust myself to find it on accident.

This is three episodes of constant fan service, but the episodes were so short that I thought I may as well complete them all. The idea behind all of the episodes is a nice comedy romance story (I think) but it just goes wrong in every situation, descending into a trashy show that treats all of its characters like trash, which I suppose is the name of the show.

Perhaps if I’d seen the name: “Sexy and Stupid Water Polo Comedy” I would have known better. But it’s not water polo it’s girls in swimsuits the show.

The first episode starts with the guy being knocked out during a game of water polo and having girls come over to him in turn to have their fan service bit.

The second has fan service of some kind but mostly focuses on the teacher who promised to let the boys grope her if they won, bet you can’t guess if they won or not.

And the third is a bath house episode where nothing happens.

We don’t learn anything about the main characters or even their relationships with them; they give each of them the same amount of screen time and the same terrible lines but don’t actually give us any reasons for why he’d like one girl over the other.

It’s a terrible show that has nothing going for it unless you like the strange fan service, but they couldn’t even get that right for most of the time.

So why did I stick with this for three episodes? Insane optimism? To challenge myself? Well it was because I downloaded all the episodes at once on my phone because I thought it might be good and had nothing else better to watch.

You might like it if you only care about fan service but if you care about anything else in storytelling this really isn’t for you.

Oh wait, I just realised why I didn’t like this. On MAL recommendations I clicked on Junk boy from a golden boy recommendation and instead of going back to golden boy’s recommendations I went onto Junk boy’s and found this pile of garbage, oh well, I’ve already seen it so what am I gonna do?

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 11! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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