Yugioh Episode 1 Review

The episode starts with Yugi and Joey having a game of yugioh to introduce us to the type of series it is, whilst establishing some of the major rules they hint at a super rare card that only Yugi’s grandpa owns. Unfortunately for these guys a rich evil guy by the name of Seto Kaiba is interested and decides to check it out.

The card is the infamous all powerful blue eyes white dragon of which only four exist. Half way through their talk, Kaiba walks in and tries to take the card by offering a lot of cards and a lot of money. Due to the personal attachment that Yugi’s grandpa has he doesn’t let it go though.

The gang only come home the next day to find that Kaiba has kidnapped Yugi’s grandpa for a game of yugioh where they each bet they’re most valuable card. Unfortunately Kaiba wins, tearing up the blue eyes white dragon so Yugi then fights Kaiba for the rest of the episode to try and give hid grandpa some dignity and proving his friendship.

The game does a good job at being simple to understand for new fans (though it does break the rules a fair bit) as they explain their actions very well. Yugi eventually wins by playing exodia and teaches Kaiba about the heart of the cards.

Yugioh the original series has always been a manga that I’ve enjoyed reading but I was never sure about its anime. I can now see that the quality of the series would have been good enough to warrant its massive audience as they’re engaging for its target demographic.

I just enjoyed seeing all of the cards that I remembered from long ago and it was good to see how it all started making it quite an entertaining episode. As I heavily enjoyed the duellist kingdom from the manga I could see myself watching more if I really wanted to but only carrying on after that to understand Yugioh the abridged series.

I think it’s something that if you wanted to, you could enjoy revisiting but for now I’m going to leave it for later.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 12! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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