Elfen Lied Episode 2 Review

The episode is mostly filled with a tense scene where Nyu is hunted down. It’s not particularly brilliant but it’s interspersed in between scenes of the other characters, making it interesting.

The main character then gets injured and ends up in hospital. When he gets back he finds that Nyu is back at home in poor condition. To make sure she’s healthy he takes her wet clothes off to keep her warm and then the female lead walks in, and that’s the last we see of these characters for the rest of the episode.

At the end it shows that they’re going to set another Nyu-like creature to fight against Nyu which is a little disappointing. I think the military based things are the weakest part of this show so I’m not really looking forward to that.

This episode wasn’t brilliant but entertaining enough to keep my attention.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 15! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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