Super Sonico the animation episode 1

When I got the reader suggestion to review ep 1 and ep 6 of this anime I was pretty concerned and for fairly valid reasons, from hearing minor things from people I was under the impression that super sonico was hentai. But I guess I was wrong and I’m here to review the episode.

The introduction where sonico woke up too cats was pretty strange to me as it painted Sonico as a boring cliché whom I didn’t really want to watch. She came across as a dumb airhead from everything we saw at the start so it was actually pretty funny to learn that she was a smart person.

For the notes that I wrote whilst watching all I had for the next segment was “really annoying” so I guess I didn’t like what happened much. We then see Sonico doing a photo shoot for a company and it’s not particularly great, however a tense conflict ensues.

The company wanted Sonico to change into a very embarrassing outfit when a strange man wearing a creepy mask comes to save the day. I think this was supposed to endear us to the character but it really didn’t work for me as he really annoyed me.

The day job that Sonico has seems very out of place to me, after all why would a model that just had a job need another one right after it? At least it was pretty nice to see her relationships with the common people.

We then end the episode by seeing Sonico meet up with her band to perform and she reminisces about her day, which I wouldn’t have enjoyed but it’s good that she did!

This episode did well at painting a day in the life of Sonico, explaining a lot of her traits and activities as it went. However her traits and activities aren’t interesting so it led to me having a bad time. Since the reader asking me to talk about Sonico wanted an episode 6 review I’ll write one of those before dropping the series.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 16! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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