Chronexia And The Eight Seals Episode Review!

About 8 months ago popular anime YouTuber by the name of Misty Chronexia released the pilot episode of his anime and it didn’t really go down well and wasn’t as big a success as he had hoped, and it’s very clear why from this first and only episode.

The first few minutes are a terrible exposition dump which nobody cares about. It’s quite hard to take any of the information in and we’re just left with the impression that it’s a typical fantasy world with no nuance or originality. They take the time to introduce the main cast but it’s so large that I can’t remember any of it, not a single name. And none of the character traits or designs are interesting enough for me to really care about them, at the end of the episode a girl talked to the main character who fought with him in the battle but I don’t even remember her being there.

I know that this anime is an adaptation from Misty’s book and that this anime makes sense to people who’ve read it but that doesn’t excuse the anime for not explaining things well yet expecting us to know what’s going on. An anime should stand on its own, to be accessible; nobody’s going to care about it if they have to buy a book to understand the series as a whole.

So after this explanation they rush the plot along in a few sentences by introducing a villain who they need to fight because he’s destroying the sphere of life. So what the hell is the sphere of life? Or was it light, I didn’t hear the voice actor properly. So in this extremely short explanation they get taken to a fight scene which doesn’t make sense.

Not just because of my lack of understanding of Misty’s world but because of the cuts and sense of space. I wasn’t sure if the fight was a time-lapse of him killing different people in different places or one giant messed up scene where the environment changed constantly. There is non-stop action in this scene but it feels so slow due to its timing. It’ll cut to a character but make them take way too long to do their attack. The fight feels so bad because when the other characters are off screen it feels like they don’t exist, there are also never more than two characters fighting on screen at once so it feels terrible especially when you consider the 50 fighters who were in the scene.

Then the girl dies and nobody cares, we don’t care about the girl who died and we don’t care about the characters that care about the girl who died – it doesn’t feel real or important. Even the stabbing doesn’t look real and that ruins the scene immensely.

The girl who comforts the main character doesn’t even have a mouth at an angle where she should, it looks completely incompetent. There are so many cuts that were obviously there to save time and money and it just looked massively off-putting.

So what happens next? We’re teleported 25 years into the future to meet even more characters who we don’t care about and the world has completely changed. Instead of the fantasy world from the start were plunged into a modern world where the characters are going to high school.

So are we really expected to believe that the world could advance so much in 25 years? And how can I take the world’s high school settings and situations seriously when their gods and monsters running around at the same time?

This episode felt a lot like Garzey’s wing to me as it explained everything way too fast expecting you to retain the information. I get that it’s hard to make an anime and that I should be giving props to the guy for making it but I really think this could have been so much better even if he couldn’t control the quality of his animation.

Misty might be a good YouTuber (though I personally don’t like his videos) but he’s no director or screen writer. There’s a reason why you don’t end up seeing all of the mangaka’s directing their own anime – other people have better talents. When a writer wants to translate their work into anime they obviously want to include everything but they forget that the medium is different and that the audience is expecting different things.

This episode could have been a whole lot better but it at least entertained me while it lasted. You can find the full episode here:

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 17! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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