Hunter X Hunter episode 1 review

The original Hunter X Hunter series is actually quite different from the newer version in ways that I’d not really thought about, or couldn’t have thought about if I hadn’t watched episode one.

The world comes across as a lot darker to me in comparison to the bright hope in the 2011 series. This was probably done to give a more serious and dark tone to the drama instead of making Gon’s home the nice safe place it was at the start of HxH 2011.

This works well in the show’s favour as they choose to spend more time exploring the interpersonal relations, fleshing out the characters to increase the drama of the episode.

It starts with Kite appearing to Gon telling him about his dad and about hunters in general. This justifies Gon’s ambition as we can see the moment when he became intrigued to the idea of meeting his dad again.

There’s a significant amount of drama between Gon and Mito without explicitly explaining it too us. Mito wants Gon to be safe and lies for his benefit whilst betraying her own morals. This coupled with the fact that (in this version of the story – don’t know if this is true for the other versions) we learn Mito took away Ging’s custody of Gon paints her in a terrible light. Her way of telling Gon to do something impossible just because she wants Gon to stay with her could make Gon think of her as selfish and horrible. But he can understand that it’s out of love and can forgive her anyway / understand that she’s in the right on some things.

When Gon brings back the fish we can see the happiness of Gon juxtaposed with Mito’s misery and it resulted in a seriously moving moment that made me cry. So we end the episode just as Gon’s about to go on his trip to be a hunter.

I can easily understand why someone could prefer one show over the other even though it comes from the same source material. The feels of both shows are different enough that you could take the same moment from each and have a completely different reaction to it.

So I recommend trying the original HxH out for everyone to at least try an episode of.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 19! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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