Magical Warfare episode 1 Review

Before watching this anime I knew that I wouldn’t like it. It’s a terrible mind to be in whilst watching a show but I don’t think it was misguided. Just from the Crunchyroll poster I could see that it was action, high school, magic and most likely fan service as well – things that I really think don’t go well with each other, especially with that art style. Not to mention the fact that it had 2.5 stars on Crunchyroll; the website which is known for having massively high scores on every show. But not to be deterred by this I watched the episode optimistically anyway and still found myself hating it.

I could go into a lot more detail but you guys really don’t care, so I’m just going to rag on things that I didn’t like. When I checked on my anime list I was surprised to find that this show didn’t have an ecchi tag, there was a lot of fan service and it was all unbelievably cringy and tired. The girl put herself in a fan service scenario and got unreasonably angry twice in a row going so far as too shoot the guy with a gun. It was boring, a waste of time and made her feel generic and boring. It’s very hard to make a character good when they’re thrown into terrible fan service situations in the first episode.

Then there’s an action scene with the worst villains you could possibly come up with and they don’t feel threating at all. Also the girls gun is obviously jammed and of course the wooden sword is equal to the giant metal one, and of course the 4 villains fight one at a time. It all sucks! Actually now that I think about it the girl wouldn’t have been much help anyway, she’s basically established at the start as an idiot who can’t even use her gun because she misses the main character at near point blank range.

So when the girl apologises for turning the guy into a magician it amazes me that the main character isn’t annoyed at the girl, she was stupid and did a terrible thing for no good reason, it’s boring for the main character to not be angry or annoyed in any way because he has now become the generic nice guy who we all hate.

And then suddenly all of the side characters become magicians as well and the transformation girls’ breasts grow larger for no reason. The idea is that she can’t control her power but everyone else could so I find this really hard to believe. They probably made the decision to convert the whole cast because the light novel author couldn’t be bothered to introduce a new cast of mages.

For the characters safety the original mage girl takes them to a new world and it ends.

I’m not interested to continue the series because I know it’s going to be boring and terrible. Not only that but I think these posts would get insanely repetitive and I’m actually trying to make JEARETTAS good so I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 19! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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