GTO Episode 1 Review!

Like many people I loved the great teacher Onizuka anime back from 1999. So when I saw that this anime had another more recent adaptation, I leapt at the opportunity to give it a watch and I was very impressed.

As with any anime, any adaptation done with different staff will be extremely different and I love watching these creative differences to compare and contrast to see each directors unique inputs.

The styles of Kazuhisa Imai and Toru Otsuka who directed this version are completely different from Abe Noriyuki’s more traditional take on the anime medium. The brilliant animation of this new version of GTO is mind-blowing and looks extremely realistic, this isn’t always a good thing but it’s seriously impressive to see that the staff took so much attention to detail whilst drawing their characters. This coupled with the fact that this episode was a whole hour long shows me that the creators care deeply about this show.

The episode starts with our man outside the school with the best quote ever: “I love the smell of teenage girls” which was hilarious. Due to the realistic look of the characters I have to say that they animate very strangely in a funny way, their expressions and characteristics are things completely unseen from any other anime and it can come off as hilariously cringy or just dumb.

Onizuka is working as a gardener who needs to trim a tree. He is however in the right place at the right time as he’s able to stop a person from committing suicide by telling him that he can’t kill himself whilst he’s still a virgin. This set up becomes very relevant later as the main story focusses on events to do with this character.

Students who got expelled from the school come into mess the place up and luckily for the vice principle Onizuka, a thuggish brute who can beat these guys off, he’s there to help. He tells him to take out these pieces of trash before the whole world turns on his head. Basically Onizuka throws the vice principle on the ground because he called the kids trash. He uses this moment to say that kids can’t fit in if you call them trash.

So some girls were bullying the guy who tried to kill himself so he comes to Onizuka to help him. But the main girl bullying him has other ideas.

She manipulates him into taking a dodgy picture of him and tries to use it against him but Onizuka takes his revenge in the same episode. He ties the girls up to swings with handcuffs whilst they’re out doing karaoke – this was seriously creepy considering how realistic this anime looks.

The girl gets kidnapped and Onizuka saves her because he doesn’t want her to die. The fight scene is very unrealistic but it’s hilarious all the same.

The main girl then tells Onizuka her life story and about how bad she feels that her parents aren’t in a good relationship. So Onizuka goes to her house and breaks down the physical wall in between them telling them to get back together! It all fits in to a nice ending in a very fun and entertaining way.

You have absolutely no idea how much I’ve simplified the plot of this episode. There are so many details and great moments that would be too long to talk about which had a lot of heart and comedy. It was a great episode even if I only enjoyed it semi-ironically.

You can check out the link to this new adaptation of GTO as I know it’s very obscure:

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 20! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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