GTO Episode 2 Review!

On this day of JEARETTAS we’re going to cover the first three episodes of the new GTO anime and never talk to them again.

Even though the old and new anime’s are stylistically different their plots are very similar. The new version dedicates 45 minute episodes too their stories whilst the other takes 25. This could be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for.

On the one hand the new GTO really takes the time to flesh out it’s story and characters to create a more emotional pay off (it always works) yet the other one has the full story without filler and delivers more on comedy throughout instead of mostly at the start.

This episode starts with Onizuka visiting a student who won’t go to school called Miki; she’s basically a standard hikikomori whose stand-off father is the chief of police. Due to his powers he gives Miki an emergency call button which is basically an advanced 999 button. When Onizuka visits her house she calls this and gets him arrested for assault!

Onizuka actually gets arrested a lot in this episode and with it brings a lot of drama with the higher ups of the school. Of course the vice principal wants him fired but the head teacher has faith in him due to her very kind and accepting intuition. It was really nice to see people sticking up for our man as most people would jump to terrible conclusions.

After he’s freed – he is brilliant at getting out of jail through his links with school – he hatches a plan to get Miki back into lessons. He uses her friends to help draw her out but this scheme is thwarted by an evil student – Miyabi. This means that he meets the Hikikomori by himself. Onizuka is great at finding how people feel and he realises that she’s lonely and has family problems.

So he does what every man would do, carry her against her will up a tower to prove that she’s surrounded by other people. She obviously uses her emergency call button but she’s fine in the end as Onizuka just talks to her. This makes her get into trouble with her dad who cares about his job way too much and doesn’t want his position to be sacrificed.

A plot point at the start of the episode was a group of kidnappers who used a black van; this is obviously brought back up again when Miki gets kidnapped by them. She uses her call button but her dad thinks it’s another prank so nobody comes to help her.

This is when my favourite part of the episode happened and it was to do with Miki’s loneliness. In a class discussion Onizuka and his students learn of this happening and nobody’s concerned. They all believe that she’s ok and she got into a different one. But Onizuka has a very passionate rant about the fact that she’s a hikikomori. He says something like “no wonder she didn’t want to be friends with you” and it’s true. The class never got to know Miki and didn’t care about her so Onizuka needed to intervene.

Long story short he saves the day and the girl and her father get back together in a very emotional way. It was a really fun and emotional episode unlike any anime I’ve ever seen!

If you want to see the full anime episode you can find it here:

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 20! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review (and the date is 20th July or earlier) then please comment bellow!

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