GTO Episode 3 Review!

As always there was a lot going on in this episode and it was yet again very dodgy but still entertaining. One thing that I’ve noticed about this anime is that although its visuals are realistic its plot isn’t.  A school girl pretty much gets kidnapped every episode and I don’t really like that trope very much, I’ve just grown to accept that it will happen because it’s the only way this show can have its massive fight scenes each proving that Onizuka is a bad ass.

This episode starts by introducing Haruka: A girl who pretends to be rich who earns her money through some kind of prostitution but not prostitution business just to make her in league with her rich boyfriend. She is seen on her job by Murai who secretly loves her and he’s naturally concerned that she’s going out with someone who looks like the vice principle.

A lot of things happen at the start and then come together at the end so please bear with me. So a student posted a picture of Onizuka doing… ok I’ve decided not to explain everything about this episode – it’s really funny but has no overall significance. It basically just leads up to Onizuka asking Murai to Photoshop for him but he obviously doesn’t want too.

So GTO decides to buy Haruka at her… shift… Ok, I’m going to skip this as well. The school staff is very displeased as you’d obviously expect and the problems just get worse and worse whilst the entertainment is still kept up.

Murai suddenly realises that he lives next to Haruka and that she’s actually pretty poor, so he tells Harukas boyfriend who is most displeased. It turned out that he actually knew all along and manipulated her into buying him things anyway, it was pretty sad but she ends up being kidnapped. So obviously Onizuka comes into save her, teaches her that money can’t buy friends and that she needs some new company.

She then sorts through her stuff, selling it all, but keeping the one most precious ring she owns. It’s the pull thing that you get on drink cans and it’s relevant to her because it’s a her and Murai’s old wedding ring, so the two become friends, yay!

These episodes are starting to get really repetitive even though they’ve all been highly entertaining. The annoying thing is that everything has to be black or white – there’s not really much depth to their situations. You’re a kidnapper or a hero, a normal person or a person with a huge and obvious flaw, one person’s wrong and one person’s always right. It makes the anime feel pretty terrible when there’s no nuance or interpretations from the episode and this results in person, emotional endings instead of interesting ones.

Thank you for reading these three posts on the new GTO you can find the episode I talked about here:

Also if you haven’t figured it out by now, please figure it out…


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