Koi To Uso, 30% of Episode 1 Review!

Sometimes I just enjoy doing something stupid. Since I’ve started doing this whole episode review month I’ve made stupid, terrible, meaningful and satirical posts but this is something new. I am writing this episode review a day before the actual anime comes out. How so? I hear you say; well I obtained a version of the anime without subtitles a day before the episode came out. As I don’t know Japanese this was most likely a very bad idea.

If you’re wondering how much Japanese anime teaches you in two years of watching subs then the answer for me is something close to 3%. I could work out about 30% of it but I was only really sure what 3% of the phrases were. This was because about 3% of the lines were “Daisuki” or generic phrases which were very simple. Just watching anime definitely isn’t enough to teach you it, you could understand the same amount if you’d just study the language for a few hours a week. I remember hearing a phrase that said 2000 words made 70% of spoken Japanese so learning these words would definitely help a lot.

My episode summary is most likely wrong and I hope it is. The title “Koi To Uso” translates to “Love and Lie” (If it’s something else, sorry I didn’t check – I want to do this whole thing only based on what I got from the show in Japanese) which implies that a lot of drama is probably going to take place. I didn’t really pick up on anything like this except for the fact that the main girl lied about remembering the main character.

So the opening establishes the main love interest and shows that the main character wants to date her. It looked like some characters were going to meet up at an idol concert or something similar but I’m really not sure. There’s a whole lot of drama and confusion between the main couple and they can’t communicate they’re feeling across without embarrassment. It seems like a very generic romance story but I feel like something interesting is going on which I didn’t pick up on.

They then become a couple after really expressing they’re feelings.

It could have been a boring generic romance or it could have been a really interesting conflicting narrative with interest and nuance. Wait until the 70% episode review to find out.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 22! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review then you are unfortunately too late. But don’t worry, you can search the JEARETTAS archive for something you might like anyway!

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