Hajimete No Gal Episode 1 Review

Within the first two seconds we witness the birth of the first ever floating heart in all of its shiny, beautiful, misery.  Sometimes I wonder what the point of fan service is if you hide it in post. If the show you’re making is intended for the consumption of a general audience then I don’t really think shots that would need censoring should be in the show. It’s for the sole purpose of selling blu-rays with the uncensored versions available for…consumption (which means that the fan service has no real purpose.) Also I’ve never understood why pants are censored in anime, just treat them like you would if you were drawing a girl in a swimsuit, they’re basically the same thing when it comes to drawing.

Imagine a cold-hearted, evil laugh which is self-loathing and reflective in a very defeated way. That sums up how I’m feeling whilst writing this post. The episode was awful and annoyed me but I know that I’m most likely in the minority. It’s going to be mediocre at best for 9 episodes and then have a nice conclusive ending which will be easy and obvious to come up with. And there’s nothing I can do to stop people from wasting their time, most likely including mine.

In this whole show there was one nugget of intrigue, one aspect of the show that will always make me wonder. It comes from the fact that the whole episode was trash and that something could be starting to rise from the ashes. Let me explain.

The guy is forced into confessing to the girl and it’s the most horrible, awkward cringey thing ever. But strangely enough the girl agrees to go out with him. Isn’t that a little strange? Isn’t it insane to think that someone like the girl would ever agree? Well is it because the show needed a funny way to get the characters into a relationship to start rom-com drama and funny fan service? (Yes) Or is it that the show is self-aware enough to give the gal an ulterior motive? That’s the best thing to come out of this show and I guarantee you that it will never be used, which is sad for me at least.

Considering the lonely virgin guy whose part of the incel group gets approached by many girls in a few minutes I don’t find it difficult to see why everyone else’s in a relationship. I don’t know whether this anime is set in Japan or this alternate universe where everything is extremely easy.

I hate how one-note all of his friends are. They’re portrayed as ass wholes who only talk about girls. I’d love to see the characters support the relationship but I think they’ll only be used for jealousy jokes. At times they seemed boring but when they started planning they seemed to turn into the schemers from prison school, only a whole lot worse. I can’t really see them do anything for the story so I’m not too impressed by them.

The show’s ending and opening kind of made it look like a harem too me. This is not a good thing if it’s about a relationship. It will just waste your time. I’m kind of presuming a lot about this anime but I’m gambling on the fact that everything I say now will still be true when the next episode comes out.

All I can conclude is that both the gal and main character are retarded, making them a perfect match for each other! If you don’t believe me then can you really think of anyone who’d act like these characters? And if you do know, how smart are they? I understand that its anime and they obviously can’t make the characters feel the most well rounded in an episode but the level of stupidity going into the characterisation really annoys me.

No offense to those who enjoyed this, I just believe that you’re going to be wasting your time.

P.S This is for the people who think an episode review means an episode summary.

.Incel squad is obsessed with women and female characters are introduced.

.The main character is persuaded into asking one of the female characters out even though he’s not really that sure.

.The guy’s horribly cringy in an unfunny way whilst asking the girl out.

.She says yes.

.Lots of ungratifying fan service scenes happen throughout.


I don’t know if any of you understand how much it means that I called this episode “cringe”. I respond to cringe by laughing. I think watamote is a hilarious comedy. So if I’m calling this episode “cringe” then something has gone wrong somewhere even though the show seems fairly self-aware about it.

Say for example you wanted to write a book with dialogue but you sucked at dialogue. Having the characters say that they’re awkward and can’t speak properly doesn’t mean that you still don’t suck at dialogue. So in the same way, acknowledging that a scene in your own anime is cringey doesn’t suddenly make it acceptable.

Please tell me if you think I’m wrong, I think this is a good place for discussing anything I forgot to mention!

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 26! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review then you are unfortunately too late. But don’t worry, you can search the JEARETTAS archive for something you might like anyway!

5 thoughts on “Hajimete No Gal Episode 1 Review

      1. Dude, a lot of people hate the anime adaption cuz it had the issues you brought up in your review that wasn’t in the manga (there’s no harem bullshit and they go straight to dating. plus the girl grows to like the main character). The manga is worth reading.

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