Tsurezure Children Episode 1 Review

Tsurezure children is about depicting different scenarios about love and how different people react and deal with it. The high school setting and lack of main character allow us to view a snapshot into each characters love life to hopefully find it funny or interesting. This also means that if we find one particular character or couple boring then we don’t have much time to wait before the next one.

Each episode is split up into four different short sketches so I’m going to talk about each one in turn. The first scene is about a girl who trying to confess but can’t, the male actually likes her so he basically tries to encourage her to confess. The girl then leaves, saying that she’s going to confess tomorrow which was pretty funny to see.

The second was about the popular yet lazy high school president who constantly confessed to the nervous nerd. It’s funny because he doesn’t know whether to believe her and I find that relatable in a strangely sad way.

The student council president (and not the class president) then finds a girl smoking. The guy then promises that he won’t report the girl if they kiss. They do and it’s kind of funny.

Lastly a girl finds herself in a rut of the guy not believing her confessions and tries but fail to get him to believe her.

These are fairly simple and lack intellectual content on the most part but it kind of makes sense. For short three minute sketches the show needs to draw on clichés and simple plots to make them easy to understand and funny over short periods of time. I don’t think that tropes are great but there’s something that I find kind of interesting about looking at each and every tope and putting them in the same scenario to see how they act differently.

It’s cool for a time but I didn’t really laugh once in this episode, I don’t enjoy its comedy. A lot of the reasons why other romance comedies work well are due to our knowledge of the characters and how they function. Therefore when they’re put into a situation such as this, it has an impact on the characters and the rest of the story which is why we care. In this anime nothing ever has consequences on the characters so it’s difficult to connect with.

I’ll give the show credit for telling you so much about the characters through their actions and our tope knowledge but not for being funny. I can see the appeal here but the show isn’t for me.


Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 26! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review then you are unfortunately too late. But don’t worry, you can search the JEARETTAS archive for something you might like anyway!

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