Made In Abyss Episode 1 “The City Of The Great Pit” Review!

This less popular currently airing show has a brilliant best episode, probably the best opening this season has had so far. This is done through having fun characters,  funny moments, and establishing the opening for what’s hopefully going to be a great series in a fun entertaining way without shoving the exposition down your throat.


We are first introduced to the main characters who are children. They’re childish (as children are) but their mind-sets and behaviours are believable and fun to watch because their childishness is fun and nice to watch. The episode’s story is very simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. The characters really save the show for me as all characters are believable and their actions make sense in an interesting and funny way.


I also enjoyed a lot of the background music, which is very rare for me to comment on. It felt adventurous and also made the world feel like a cool fantasy place. It’s not exactly a modern world but things like electricity and robots integrate well into it without feeling strange or contradictory. This could be because the show is actually modern or it’s more likely that it’s just a part of the cool fantasy setting where the world is advanced enough for good exploration.


The characters live in an orphanage next to the abyss, a huge seemingly never-ending hole, and it’s their job to explore it. The orphanage is a mix between school and home as the characters have to work and make money by selling artefact’s found in the cave of the abyss.


In fact, the episode starts with the characters inside the abyss on an expedition in a group. It’s at this time that we’re made painfully aware of the dangers lying bellow as a huge flying crimson splitjaw attacks while the characters are gathering their own items. Due to this everything gets lost while the girl (Riko) saves her expedition buddy Nat by blowing on her whistle to distract the monster.


She is then saved by a flying robot. It seems kind of clichéd how the girl is saved but I think it actually makes sense. The thing about this robot is that he loses power after doing this and Riko is forced to carry him around so he can’t actually relay any information. As well as this, it’s established later that the Crimson Lockjaw (Sounds funnier than splitjaw) doesn’t often appear at those altitudes meaning that it’s presence near the surface was probably caused by the robot. But I don’t know, I’m just intrigued to find out more.


So after labouring the robot around for the opening they arrive back at the orphanage which is guarded by the angriest looking woman I’ve ever seen. Jokes aside the characters know they’ll be in trouble if they show up with robot so they get their friend to help distract her as they sneak in. This is later shown to be because relics are meant to be handed in to the orphanage instead of kept for own personal use. The woman’s reaction to the child who caused the distraction is believable and very funny in my opinion as well.


It’s now revealed that Riko is known for causing trouble which is insanely funny as the girl is very sweet and causes most of the issues by accident. The exposition makes sense here as the woman in charge (MAL says her name is Inchou but I’m pretty sure that just means leader and is not her real name) re-establishes the rules due to the fact that people aren’t obeying them.

The characters then run to Riko’s room where they revive the robot and some hilarious antics ensue where we learn about the powers of the robot and also about the main girl. She accidently shuts the power off and bad things happen. Luckily she and the robot are able to escape.made-in-abyss-01-03

As the characters escape the girl names the robot Reg and tells him (and therefore us) about the setting which is insanely interesting due to the hype built up at the start of the episode. We see the sun rise and the brilliant city of the great pit.

I think the series is going in a direction where the characters will explore and learn more about the world. It was a brilliant one off episode and it’s hard to see how the anime can keep up with the quality for the rest of the series. All I can do is hope that the anime will continue its standard of quality into its future episodes


One complaint that I might voice is that it’s hard to keep track of where everything is because the world doesn’t really feel that connected or like the bustling city the show says it is. I don’t find this a massive issue though as the rest of the episode was really that good.


Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 27! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review then you are unfortunately too late. But don’t worry, you can search the JEARETTAS archive for something you might like anyway!

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