Made In Abyss Episode 2 Review!

A lot happens in this episode and it’s all interesting. We are shown orphanage life, Reg joins the school and Riko receives an interesting secret document which sets the story up for the future. I’ve just given a brief description about the episode but it in fact accomplishes so much more.

The episode introduces us well to life in the orphanage and makes it feel real even though there are some things we don’t see. The characters have pretty good chemistry and it’s really fun to watch them interact with each other. The episode starts in Riko’s room which used to be used for torture so it’s actually pretty funny to see the children and room juxtaposed with each other, it could hint at the show getting darker in the future (which I think will happen) but it makes for an interesting backdrop to a brilliant scene.

The episode starts with Riko holding the star compass proudly. It’s an item that points directly into the centre of the abyss. The show then takes this opportunity to show us what happens when you go too far down. Essentially going down far enough will destroy your mind or kill you and it’s sometimes a one trip journey. The white whistles are the only people allowed to go to the level they want so naturally Riko wants to become one.

Due to the fact that nobody knows Reg a comedic scene is shown in which Riko reveals that she inspected him in a very intrusive way whilst he was sleeping. It’s quite funny but also tells us about Reg and tells us what he’s capable of in the future.

To avoid Reg being found as an ancient relic they disguise him as human and make him join the orphanage to prevent his capture. This works out well but it’s hard to imagine how they don’t notice he’s not human, or it could just be that they don’t mind due to the fact that he behaves like a normal child. They might also think that he’s had a lot of accidents and that his arms are replacements for limbs.

Some legendary miners then return, whom bring news about Riko’s mother, who never came back home to the surface.  This is used to tell us about Riko’s cursed eyes and that her mum saved Riko bringing her home instead of the valuable relic which she had discovered. We are also shown some secret documents which are interesting.

We learn that Reg followed Riko’s mum around whist she was in the abyss and he was drawn into the monster book. It’s pretty interesting to see. We know that people change dramatically as they raise levels so I wonder what Reg was like on the lower levels, he could have been evil (but I doubt it).

The episode then ends with the realisation that Riko’s mum could still be alive waiting at the bottom and that Riko wants to go there to find her.

This episode was great. It showed a great amount of stuff while fleshing out the detail and depth in the world brilliantly. It made us enjoy orphanage life and now I’m starting to feel sad that the characters might leave it and venture bellow.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 28! If you have any episode suggestions for me to review then you are unfortunately too late. But don’t worry, you can search the JEARETTAS archive for something you might like anyway!

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