Love Rice Episode 1 Review

Love Rice is an anime that explores the most tragic future that the world could face: a world without rice. Due to bad sales and harvests rice exportation and consumption has crashed and nobody cares about the food anymore and it’s fallen to our protagonist to become the ultimate harvstar, win the harvest competition (which is a rock concert) and save rice forever!

You know an anime is going to be fun and interesting if the opening scene makes you laugh. The episode opens with a crowd of people shouting “yeast king” to four people lying on their backs in a field. It was so funny to me that it made me ignore all of the other issues the show had and focus on enjoying the comedy.

Even the exposition was funny. By explaining something so ridiculous it instantly made me laugh with the absurdity of it all. There is actually a school that exists specifically for preserving rice!

The main character attends this rice school but it’s sadly going downhill and will close next year. That’s unless the main character can perform well at the festival and relight japans passion for rice again!

And that’s pretty much it. It’s a short four minute episode show where the first episode was funny in my opinion.

It turns out that this anime was funded by Cookpad TV who is obviously advertising their rice but at the end of the episode they showed you how to make rice balls and that was also really fun to watch! The rice balls looked really nice as well!

So it was a great, fun episode overall and I really enjoyed it! I hope that you might check it out if any of this sounds interesting!


Thankyou for reading the last post of JEARETTAS, I’ll be writing a wrap-up post shortly to explain my thoughts and feelings on the project as well as how successful it was. I hope you enjoyed all of the posts that I wrote and liked the daily content that I was putting out every day in July. The project was a huge undertaking and in short, I’m glad it’s over.

Normal content will resume soon!

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