Made In Abyss Episode 4 “The Edge Of The Abyss” Review

After the events of the previous episode Riko and Reg had just escaped from the orphanage and started going down. As well as this Reg was caught on the way by leader who let him go because he thought he was going to the toilet. After this escape plan the 3rd episode ended leaving me to theorise and predict what would happen.

At the start I thought that we would only get a small amount of scenes with Riko and the rest would be the orphanage children dealing with the consequences as the staff learn in the morning the events that happened. Instead we got a whole episode revolving around Riko. I enjoyed the episode but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was with the other episodes.

The characters start in a nice protected cave to signify that the characters rested instead of arming down the whole way. I had an expectation that they would constantly be grappling down but it was nice to see some of the first layer before we leave it at the end of the episode.

The characters start cooking up food using gear that you would expect them to have. At the orphanage I’d expect that they would teach survival skills so it’s fun to see the characters lighting up fires and cleaning afterwards.

The characters learn that they are being pursued by leader who’s already set off. This brings the question, why didn’t he stop them? I want to believe that the answer makes sense but it’s hard to tell when we can’t see the story from leader’s perspective. The characters justify this by saying that it’s their last test but it doesn’t make sense when you consider that going down from certain levels makes people not become human.

At the start of the episode we see Riko throw the star compass away, I predict that Leader might catch up at some point just to give her the compass and explain his reasons for letting them go.

The characters then see an individual cave raider who is after them. Riko and Reg navigate through the first layer well using the robotic arm to move faster but in the end they cannot escape the guy. It turns out that it’s just Habo who has experience below the level of the white whistle and can still outrun them, showing the skill of all the other whistles.

For some strange reason Habo decides to give them help after finding them for strange reasons. Apparently he just wants to see Reg (a relic) and help them because of that. The only thing is that Habo knows the horrors of the lower layers and knows that they are completely unprepared and inexperienced for travel bellow. So I don’t really understand how Habo can help them and I don’t think it makes sense. So Habo gives them food and vaccines for the layer bellow before leaving.

The episode ends with the characters in the forest. Knowing that they’re being pursued by leader but not knowing if they’ll catch up. The characters say that they stop searching for people at the 2nd layer but I think we might see some characters again.

There was a lot of things that I didn’t think made sense in this episode so I’m hoping for an explanation on why they were just left to go downwards. I’m also looking forward to having a look at the 2nd layer in the next episode.

The episode wasn’t as good as the other ones but it was enjoyable anyway and I’m looking forward to the episodes in the future to see what will happen next.

Thank you for reading this post from JEARETTAS Day 31! This is the last day of JEARATTAS where I’ve been releasing at least two episode reviews a day. We’ve only got one post left so look forward too it and enjoy looking back over the JEARETTAS archive!

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