Is Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Worth Watching?

Most people would say that the answer to the question is a definite and undoubtable ‘yes’ however this post intends to answer the question for people who really aren’t sure or don’t understand why people enjoy the show so much. As I’m discussing it addressing people who’ve not started the show I’ll only talk about the first season to avoid spoilers and discuss interesting topics which come up early in the series’ chronology.

The worst aspect of the show is the animation which isn’t terrible to watch, the show just isn’t very visually impressive. A huge space battle with thousands of ships will equate to small yellow dots on the screen and the animation is very 90’s. If you need great visuals in your anime then you might want to avoid the show however if you don’t mind even a little I’d absolutely say that you shouldn’t be deterred by it.

On the topic of being deterred I think that there’s a consensus that Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Lotgh) is difficult to get into which is just wrong in my opinion. This whole idea comes from the numerous characters, locations and plot lines which can be hard to keep track of, especially when a few seem irrelevant.  The episode structure for the most part at the start is to deliver exposition and then base the entire episode around the information given at the start, so as long as you pay attention at the beginning episodes become very enjoyable to watch because you end up understanding a lot of what’s going on. There was so many times when I winded back to the start of the exposition because I didn’t pay attention at the start and it helped my enjoyment of the series so much more.

Another thing that people are unsure of is how long it will take before you start caring. I believed that so much would be happening that I wouldn’t care about and it stopped me from watching for a long time. This is different for some people but this issue stopped at episode 4 for me.

After the events of the first three episodes we learn so much about a character called Reinhard Von Lohengramm (and I didn’t have to look that up – might have spelt it wrong though!) and we learn his compelling back story and become invested in his narrative as a consequence . The plot starts meaning something and all the politics and characters become insanely interesting as no side is good or bad even if you aren’t rooting for either the empire or free planets alliance.

That being said, this show isn’t for everyone and if battle politics and strategies don’t interest you then you will have a hard time watching this. Something that I really enjoy in media is scheming and conspiracies so if you enjoy that idea then this show has a lot of it and it’s all really fun to watch.

Another thing that people say is that it’s so good that you won’t enjoy another anime again because it doesn’t hold up to the high standard of lotgh. It might be true for somethings but a lot of other anime are so different that the reasons for why you’re watching them are completely different.

Also the watching order says that you should watch the two prequel films first however you will be able to get what’s going on if you just start from episode one and continue from there. You shouldn’t miss out on much.

I hope this has convinced you to try the series out if you were apprehensive to starting it, if you’re still unsure then feel free to comment why so I can answer concerns!

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