BERSERK: Kentaro Miura’s Other Work / What To Read Whilst Waiting For New Chapters

Miura is probably my favourite manga artist because of his brilliant Berserk Manga which is full of dark fantasy, brilliant characterisation and stunning art work. Since the chapters release very slowly I thought I’d talk about his other work so that you can find something to do whilst waiting for that next chapter!



Futatabi is a short one shot manga which takes place in the distant future in a sci-fi world where men and women are separate and reproduction is done using machines. A girl shows up in the male world but everyone thinks she’s a dude because they don’t know what women are and vice versa.

The characters develop a strange romance and try to hide together while the society attempts to remove the woman. It’s got an interesting ending and it’s a very good, short read overall.



Noa takes place in a post-apocalyptic desert world with badass guns and technology. The main character Noah meets Angel and they journey through the world until the chapter ends. The main conflict comes from the fact that Noah murders and angel isn’t ok with that even though the victims are criminals.

Other side characters are introduced and there are small adventures within the main overall story. It’s another short one so it would only take a maximum of ten minutes to read completely.


Giganto Makhia

This one volume manga was made and released during a one year berserk hiatus, it would seem like Miura needed a break to do something creatively different and the passion shows. The artwork is at an extremely high standard and theirs so many things that can immerse you completely in the world.

It’s also got a lot of fantasy aspects such as giants and demi humans and it involves a war between them which is very entertaining to watch evolve.

If you were annoyed by a lack of berserk for a whole year then this is worth checking out to see what Miura was up to in the meantime.


Ourou and Ourouden

I cannot find this series online so if you can send me a link to it I’d appreciate it because its sounds very interesting.

A girl sets out to look for her boyfriend and ends up in a fantasy world where her boyfriend is a slave fighter for Genghis Khan and they find that a terrible series of fates lie ahead of them.



Japan is another one volume manga that Miura created and I have no idea how to find it online. Being called Japan makes it difficult to track so if you have a link to it (or a website it’s on) then I’d massively appreciate it.

Miura only did the art and not the story so I can imagine that it’s only got a Berserk aesthetic. However story telling can be done visually as well so Miura had a lot of input in its creation and its premise sounds similar to the other manga that I’ve described.


I hope that you’ve found something that might interest you!

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