My Problem With Hyrule Warriors

My problem with Hyrule Warriors is to do with the terrible AI and defeat conditions. In each game you will have a main overall goal but be able to lose in a certain way. The defeat conditions which I have a problem with is protecting the allied base and preventing allies from fleeing because it makes the game so much worse and ruins the fun.

You are the only good player in Hyrule warriors; this is what the game teaches you. Your allies suck and so do your enemies (except from the important ones) and this is easy to spot due to the ease at which you can hack and slash to victory. It’s nothing unusual to gain over a thousand kills to one death just because you’re that overpowered. It’s very obvious to see that the only deciding factor for the fight is you.

So when you’re forced to tackle insignificant problems and lose because of it, it’s very annoying. When your base falls or ally flees the game forces you to lose even though you as a player didn’t die. It’s the easiest thing in the world to take back the allied base or win without allies because you’re just that good. Ending the battle at this point feels pointless because you can obviously still win. I want to be able to finish the battle until I die or win, not until the game decides I can’t continue.

This is the scenario in adventure mode I’m currently in. Three captains spawn immediately, one practically in the allied base. Another main boss spawns next to my allied character at the same time. If you don’t immediately go to your allied character straight away (Cia) you lose the battle because she dies, however by the time you deal with that threat the allied base is already half gone. Once you take all three bosses out mandahalla stalks appear which target my allied base and destroy it unless I take them out. So theirs three options: take out all of the stalks but lose the allied base because you’re frantically running around; take out all the enemies around the allied base but lose from the stalk damage; or three do a compromise of both but have your ally die anyway causing you to restart. None of these problems are to do with skill at combat (I practically take no damage) they come from having to micromanage everything even though it should be completely pointless. This mission takes place in the top left hand corner of adventure mode and is needed to unlock young link.

So how can this issue be resolved? First of all make the allied base less important. If the allied base falls they can debuff everyone on your side (including you) incentivising you to take it back. And as for allies, how about giving them the ability to run away for themselves? What if your allies ran back to the player character or retreated to the allied base, losing command and battle abilities but just watch as a spectator. Or how about they stay dead and you have to use a fairy in a bottle on them to finish the scenario? Almost anything would be better than the current system as Hyrule Warriors is about fighting and not micromanagement of things that shouldn’t matter.

The best game-mode for me would be to have no allies, no bases and just the enemy on the map. The challenge would be taking over the whole map with just you and no other defeat conditions except death.

This was my problem with Hyurle warriors, I hope some people can relate to this.

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