Free D&D Campaign (4 Dungeons) – Kova’s Webb Pt.1 An Announcement

ages ago I started creating my own D&D Adventure, it was really fun and I made the first two parts completely which totaled 7 dungeons with their own individual encounters. The idea was that the players were in a city which needed to be defended from an army and their were many tasks that they needed to do. Each task would last one day and they would have a limited number of tasks they could achieve. They would need to complete the right ones to win against the army. Due to this theirs a large amount of possible adventures per map so I thought I’d release them here since theirs no way I’m going to finish something with this large a scope.

Since this story most likely only makes sense in my head I’d prefer it if you would just use the dungeons as they can be taken out of context and adjusted accordingly.

Here are the maps I drew quickly for each encounter. I will only be releasing part 2 if people seem to like this kind of thing – It might take a while because their will soon be a period of time when I won’t be able to release posts. Also sorry about the layout, I’ve formulated it beautifully with columns and boxes with interesting text and that kind of thing but copy and pasting has other ideas!

This is what it’s meant to look like and this is how it looks on my word document.

(Also Webb is a person, I didn’t misspell Web)

Kova’s Webb

To my players, keep level head, think things through and above all don’t mess up

—Rossiroad, The Creator

You start out from humble beginnings in the “Stone Briar” inn .I hope this adventure is unexpected; awsome, and nothing like you’ve encounterd so far.

Part 1: An Anouncement

Ask for a History Check to start (DC 10)

Stone Briar inn: a moderately small establishment with small wooden trestle tables, strong drinks yet poor food.After enjoying a hearty meal you let your food rest.

If the players succeed in the history check then they can know these.

  • The King of Kova (Louis the 3rd) has left Korona to Sevren to negociate peace with the King Of Sevren (King Rodd the 5th) and the council of Wevren (Wevren is a country that the two invaded together)
  • Sevren is known for being a brilliant magic user. He tore across the country of Wevren with the help and they’re now deciding how to divide the land.
  • King Louis has left Princess Arianne Kova and the kings hand Garth Sren in charge of the city.
  • People are on edge due to the fact that they don’t know what will happen.

After delegating marching order, leader and telling them that they are all training to be guards and are on an off period. Once this has happened read this.

A loud bell rings with one second intervals. As soon as is sounds people run out leaving you behind. They are all marching quickly towards the centre of the city in front of castle Korona.

If the players don’t leave to see what’s happening then the bar keep kicks them out saying that they need to go to the castle for an announcement.

Princess Arianne’s Speech.

As soon as the players enter the town center they perform a DC (D8 + 2) strength check to see how well they stay in the crowds.

For thrity minuites the bell sounds and more people flood in. You are in a crowd infront of the castle. On the castle balconey Princess Kova and Garth Sren are standing there. Once a sufficient amount of people are there Sren casts an amplify voice spell on Princess Kova and she starts her speech.

The players now have the option for a summary if they’re impatient. If not.

“King Louis is dead, murdered by the king of Sevren. We received word toady that this happened three days ago. Our army is defending us as we speak, yet that might not be good enough. To prepare for the worst we must fortify the city. There are 1000 masters of defence in this square and everyone must see them for orders. Once seen they’ll give you work to do. This is not optional. If you aren’t elderly, crippled or younger than 13 then you must help. If you’ve lived here before then no excusses. There are server punishments for those who disobey. This is war time – we cannot be relaxed. We will have another meeting like this soon to report on progress. You are not dismissed until you’ve seen a master of defence, they will dismiss you”

If not, good luck summrising that.

Master of Defence

If the players try to leave then a master of defence stops them. If not they approach one and he notices their skills and gives them the title of watchmen. As strong adventurers they’d need to go to the keep of the castle for orders. If someone isn’t behaving then they become a bagman – watchman helpers, else it’s not mentioned.

The Keep

As the player enters read this.

The warm keep of Castle Korona is mostly empty. Sitting at the far end of the hall is a rarther bored looking man who seems in charge. Theirs only one watchman there, clad in bright silver with a large helemet. He’s the famous Whisper, a city hero.

If the players don’t know what to do, have Whisper come up and talk too them.

After the players wait for more adventurers (none show up) the man in charge Graham Kove calls them over and gives them jobs.

  • A dodgy person is hiding in a house, suspected of being a spy, his code name is Bracher
  • A forester nearby is refusing to give timber to help make barracades.
  • Outside of the city walls lays a suspicious camp which has been growing – see if they’re spies or if they’re able to help the city.
  • See the powerful wizard Mannanan to see if he can offer advice for dealing with the King of Sevren’s magic.As well as that put a stop to the casino.

Whisper will try to take the task of persuading the forester to give wood but he doesn’t always need to do that. Whichever one he picks he fails at miserably the next day and complains about it the next day.

Roleplaying Whisper

Whisper is completely annoying and full of himself. He shows off all the time about when he killed a dragon, saved the city from goblins and retrieved the treasure of Gellato.

He calls the player inferior adventures but says that he can help them improve. On the surface he is brave however he’s cowedly at heart.

Very Nearly 2 Drinks Encounter

At random the players can be approached by a man called Webb. This will happen before an encounter and after the players have done something noticeable.

When the players see him read this out.

As you go about your daily business you feel the very air change around you. Musk of the finest sweet arbour wine surrounds you as a man clouded in mystery approaches. Reality seems to bend too his will as his hair moves in slow motion around his dark, knowing gaze. He strides forward with power, confidently; sure of himself as if the world is revolving around him. He holds a thick leather briefcase in between his strong, slender fingers. It swings weightlessly as he swaggers by; an air of importance is his persona. He brings thought the imagery of a dark brooding rose mixed with the passion of a rampaging lion. He passes and all hope dies. As he leaves, you all start to reminisce at how you just saw a very, very, sexy man.

After this first encounter, when the players have done something noticeable Webb will appear to the adventurers. Read this when that happens.

Out of the corner of your eyes, a man waves hi, a familliar guy. Strolling with a thick leather brief case and an air of passion, a sexy man appears before you, shrowded in mystery.

“Here’s some advice, take these.”He opens his brief case and gives you each two glasses of wine. One full and one half full. “And drink them” .

The man vanishes.

If the players don’t drink then he doesn’t show up again however if they do drink some interesting things happen. After this happens he talks to them.

  • He’s part of a very important society that has been observing them.
  • They have great plans for the adventurers which is why Webb let them in on one of the worlds greatest secrets: Everything is much much much easier, if you’re ever so slightly drunk.
  • If you drink one and three quarters of a bottle of wine you feel that you can do anything, and he will try to direct the players to the very nearly drunk society – if they follow go to the next part of the adventure.

Bracher’s House

If the players decide to go to Brachers house then some consequences happen. Whisper fails to persuade the forester and he starts plotting against the city.

Bracher is a criminal. He grows a drug called Arthrane behind a fake wall of his house as well as this he has a dungeon in his basement for storing the drug. It also links too a water supply.

When the players arrive read this out.

Brachers house lies at the back walls of the city. He has a moderately sized house that’s seen better days and his doors and windows are boarderd up.

The door requires a DC 15 strength check but the windows are only a DC 10 strength check. If the players can’t get in to it a man comes out with a sword and attacks.

1. Main Enterance

The dusty main room is trashed. To one side there’s draws and closets and the rest of the room is a mess of tables, chairs and chests. A man is standing in the centre on guard.

The guard has the same stats as a cultist (from Lost Mines). If the players succeed on a DC 10 investagation check they find the fake wall. If they search the room they can find: A chest with 10gp in it as well as gardening equipment all around the room they also see that the wall is hollow.

If the characters are noticed a guard comes through a closet and retreats back to wait for them to leave.

Once the players go through the door read this.

Through the closet lies a room behind the wall of the front house. It has an open roof to let light through onto Arthrane crops (a drug) Two people are tending too the crops. Another is standing on top of a trap door.

If two of the people die the third one tries too escape by running though the wall to exit.


Each worker carries workers tools (1gp each) and 50sp.

If the characters search the room the can find the wall, and a pile of small childrens clothes in a corner (1gp)

2. Production Workshop

The production workshop is where the magic happens. The arthane is purified chopped and converted to crystal arth.

The ladder leades to a musky, smelly basement, it’s clearly a workshop used to prurify the arthane into its pure form. Tables are dotted around with tools and empty bags. One wall is covered with dirt whilst another has two doors, as well as this theirs a gap in the wall to one side.

There are three workers who are working at the tables, they all stand up and fight.


If the players are too noisy the workers bar the doors and try to hide everything. As well as this once a worker has died three arthane crops stand up and start attacking, they are hallucinations but the players think that they do one hit point of damage. As soon as they realise they’re hallucinating they go away.


Someone has a store inside a floor board containing a platinum signet ring. As well as this one healing potion can be found by searching.

3. Passage to Well

The narrow passage is dark yet noisy. It extends for a very long way into a damp clearing. From there a passage goes downwards filled with water. To go through you’d need to submerge yourself for a good 30 ft. Light comes from the water.

In the room lies one spy (same stats as redbrand ruffians) who suprises them. If the players kill him and loot him then they find orders to poison the well and investagate wether it would be possible to poison it from brachers house. The players can block the passage to prevent this from happening.


The players find ten water skins (10 sp each)

4. Workers Barracks

The room is filled with bunkbeds and bed rolls, it’s cramped and filled with dusty blankets.

A worker is in this room writing a letter whilst two are sleeping on top of the bunk beds. If they wake up they jump ontop of the characters suprising them and making the people in 5 aware of they’re prescence. Once the characters read the letter they just see an address written on it with no words.

14 Lords Street

North Corona




They find three teddy bears in the beds (1sp each)

5. Storage Room

Piled on shelfes upon shelves are packets of crystal arth. Theirs several barrels stacked in the corner. A huge leaver is also at the back of the room.

Four stoners are in this room (same stats as commoners) they will try and get the characters to have some, if not they will start throwing packets at the players to make them more and more deluded. If the characters don’t seem to want to pull the lever one of the stoners will.


If the players want to pick up the drugs theirs 1,000 packets in it (worth 1,000 pieces all together, if they return it to the castle they get 50gp) as well as this theirs a lot of athane seeds (100 bags) worth 100sp.

6. Underground Clearing

As you exit you see that the dirt wall has crumbled to reveal an open area outside the city walls.It’s a hole with tall walls of dirt around it. The clearing is in a blind spot against the city walls and has more arthane crops growing; five goblins are working on the field

If the goblins are in trouble one goes into a shed and doesn’t come out.


Theirs five shovels and 5 hoes.

7. Brachers Shed (Laboratoir)

This is home to the bandit Bracher; he lives in a shed outside the walls with goblins. He uses the base to remain undetected and hold secrets. Bracher (who was watching) has prepared a trap for them. If they enter unstealthly then read this.

As you enter an elaborate trap is sprung on you and a net is thrown over you, it’s weighted.

If this does not happen Bracher fights them in his laboratoir and you read this out.

This is a shed with a wide table in it. It’s got magical equipment like brewers and materials for rituals.

Bracher has the same stats as a bugbear but does 1d8 + 2 damage.

If the players get knocked out then they are suspened from a wire outside (like a washing line) with the bmx bandit.

  • Brachers annoyed and rants about his laboratoir
  • Threatens to leave them there however will cut someone down to fight them one on one.



He has two potions of healing and one magic unknown mystery potion (side effects unknown).




The players have now solved a problem for the city. Lack of drugs boosts morale by 1,000. As well as this the well poisoning will be made half as significant and be delayed a day. On top of this the pathway into the city will be blocked and will save 1,000 lives and make things harder for spies. As well as this they are now noticed by the slightly two drinks society and meet the BMX bandit who’s lost a valuable friend who might help the city – as well as this the BMX bandit will now help aid the town. They can now follow the address too see where the package was delivered.


50 extra hangings, spys are now aware of the party

The Foresters

The players have decided to venture to the foresters, the fact that they’re not prepared to sell the wood is only part of the problem, and behind the scenes they’re making siege weapons to help sevren. But whats more they don’t feel any loyalty to Corona when they haven’t helped with their problems, every three months a person working on the wood has died and theres due to be another soon.

1. The Steep Road

When the players approach they come on horses given too them if they decide to go to the foresters.

A steep road brings you to a village in a thick forest, as you approach two barriacades are lowered onto the path blocking the way, the dense woods around it make continuing impossible. One man is standing behind the barricade arms crossed, he’s a forester.

When the players talk too the man he can say several things.

  • He won’t sell wood or give wood to Corona nomatter what.
  • The reson for this is that they’ve never done anything too help them at all so they have no obligation.
  • If told that the king os Sevren is coming he answers that they’re prepared for that as they need to be ready for attacks from Corona anyway.
  • If presed on the fact that Coronas never done anything for them then he says that they don’t help them look for wood thieves, they steal wood from the forest, they don’t replant and they chargecity tax even though they don’t live in the city. They’ve also executed people for refusing too pay.
  • If he’s pressed more he reveals that every three months a person is murdered and the police don’t listen too them, they look like accidents but they’re too consistant to be chance, a death is due soon, its late.
  • He’s not the master lumberjack but the master lumberjack shares his views, he’s trying his best too keep order but it’s hard.

To get through the players must offer to solve their problem else, they need to climb over and attack. (a forester has the same stats as a goblin)

2. Village Square.

After the encounter the players continue until their in view of the town square.

The Village Square is mostly empty. Inside a high building a forester stays on guard looking out. Theirs three other buildings beside this one, they all look towards the tree fountain in the center of the square.

The man on lookout asks them what they’re here for as they’re not from around here. Depending on how it goes he can ask whether they’ll help them solve the murder problem. If not they find out some other time and have to face the man on guard with a bow. As well as this two more come out of the house to attack.

4. Wood Cutters Square

This square is used for storing and cutting wood.

The square is busy with workers chopping wood. There’s a huge pile of wood waiting to be chopped and many workers chopping it. As you enter the workers look at you in fear.

The leader of the lumberjacks will come over and talk too them. His name is Jack Plax and he’ll try and check if their assassins or people from the capital. Workers will retreat to 5and try and run away with the siege weapons (the characters notice this with a DC15 insight or perception check). Theirs 15 workers here and some will attack and some will flee into 5.

5. Storage Rooms

The storage room to the left is full of wood and is locked (DC 5) wheras the one to the right has 6 keyholes on it (DC 15). Inside the right one are blueprints to siege weapons, as well as this theirs a large battering ram to one side and evidence of the back being opened and many weapons being taken out (dragged across the ground). Two workers are protecting the weapon, they can reveal that they’re scheming to join Sevren in their fight and that the siege weapons are to be taken to their hideout in the woods.

When they leave they see that all of the bodies are gone/ all of the wood is stolen and clearly taken through the woods too 6. When they leave an assassin is standing there (same stats as bug bear) but will run away in the same direction.

6. Hideout

When the players get to this place if they’re following the assassins it’s an assassin hideout but if they’re following the woodsmen its their hideout. The other one can be found later. If they go to the assassins version then it’s just a sidebranch and the other one can be found in the city and the foresters hideout can be found by searching the forest (DC10).

6.1 Enterence

When they enter read this out.

This is a hideout for the foresters/ assassins guild. An entry way leads too three rooms, one to the front, on to the left and one to the right.

If it’s the foresters hide out then theirs five lumberjacks here however if not theirs one assassin guarding it.

6.2 Office/ base of operations

Depending on which on the characters follow their will be two texts that are read out. This one if the Foresters one.

This is an office used by the wood cutters, it’s empty. A corpse is sitting at an admin desk.

The Assassins text.

A seemingly normal room, it looks very ordinary.

If it’s the foresters they can find hints that the assassin’s guild has murdered him – the corpse might have an assassin’s letter in his mouth.

However if it’s the assassins theirs barely any hints that anythings going on, except for the fact that theirs a heap of assins guild cards on a table.

6.3 And 6.4

If this is the forsters base both of these storerooms are empty as the siege units have been stolen by the foresters however if it’s the assassins base they have the oppourunity to burn all of the siege weapons. To balance this out if the players are in the foresters base then they can find angel summoner (a super hero whos with the BMX bandit, he was captured to help in the invasion effort) He knows about the king Of Sevrens magic and can tell them about it, any quest that he does is also somewhat successful.


Potential Good

  • The foresters won’t help the king of sevren
  • The siege weapons are destroyed.
  • The town is saved from assassins
  • Wood can be supplied
  • Angel Summoner can be found
  • People will help fight against Sevren

Potential Bad

  • If the foresters are killed then the wood will run out
  • The assassins aren’t found
  • Angel summoner is held captive.

The Suspicious Encampment

When the players enter read this out.

Outside of the city walls is a small encampment with small fences surrounding it. There’s a huge tent at the centre of the village with lots of smaller tents surrounding it from all sides.

This village is illegally stealing stone from a nearby quarry, stone can be used to help make fortifications too the city. They are almost like a tribe, they dress stangely and do weird rituals, if the players are ever captured they’re taken away to be “sacrificed” go to 3 to see whats going on their. They can stop them stealing stone by going in there and either killing them or thinking of something else. Solving this encounter along with Brachers house will prevent the well ever being poisoned but unlike brachers house solving this enocounter will prevent stone from ever running out. To balance this out and make them this encounter will only hint at the spys hideout instead of actually showing their address. The incentive of stone stealing is to rebuild stone houses and sell to the king of Sevren

1. Tribe

When the party crosses the fence a tribesman (same stats as a goblin) calls to them in a language none of them know. The man runs back to his tribe. If they were stealthy five come and attack however if not a tribe representative comes to see them. The person is the only one who knows common. He will ask them what they want.

If they want to check to see if theirs anything dodgey he will refuse them however for anything else they’ll be let through. They might be shown to an inn or a shop where they will be given free food which will knock them out or they will be enjected with crystal arth and have it overpower them. If this happens then the characters wake up at three.


The characters may be given flowers (1sp each) and tribal paint to change their look.

2. Main Hut

This hut is used for meetings and to go into the quarry.

The main hut is bustling with tribesmen, a stair case parts them leading up to a throne, and sitting in it is the tribe leader with a huge headset on. As soon as you enter all of the lights turn off except for one at the centre. It’s a blue flame that’s just behind the leader’s chair.

If the characters don’t seem to be doing anything the tribe leader falls through the hole in the floor and the tribesmen follow. If detected they’re taken to execution.

3. Execution Site

The only way that the characters find this is by falling for the tribesmen’s trap and being put up for death.

After being knocked out you awaken here. A large crowd of tribesmen are watching you as you are being burnt on the stage. The fire isn’t nearly touching your feet and seems very feeble.

Once the players awaken they will probably try to escape. They’re tied serculy and need to perform a DC 15 strength check to escape and a DC 5 dex role to avoid the flames. Once they’ve escaped they can free their friends or put out the fire easily without trouble. If they escape while tribesemen are still there they lock them in a room around the execution square while they try to re-ignite the fire.

If the players take some time read this.

The flames don’t seem to be going anywhere, all the tribesmen leave you. One is approaching with an axe.

The tribesmen will actually free them and try to sell them a bike for 200 gp but can be haggled with easily, If not he runs away.

3.1 Execution Room

When the players enter read this out.

This room is full of manour and sludge. Blood stains dot the floor and half cleaved rat’s anuses are hung up on the walls. You can see out of the gaps in the wooden walls one tribesman trying to start a fire.

The door can be opened with a DC 10 strength check or lock picked with a DC 10 dex check. If they look around they find a Skelton – not an undead as well as losts of pig skulls. They can either escape and run away or wait to be taken. If taken go through the first part except the tribseman try to make them set on fire, then it starts to rain and they just leave them.

4. Mine Enterance

As you enter you see an empty room with ironclad walls and a wood door. Four tribesmen are watching you from the side.

The tribesmen will stay still and shoot them with reeds and darts. If darts hit all of them they suddenly find themselves in three. If not they will miss the three encounter forever. The mine has a chest containing a small baby made of stone.

5. The Mine Building

This building contains mining equipment as well as lots of stone. It’s used as the main hub for digging and goes downwards far but with no exra tunnels or exits. There are several tribesmen on guard but the people working are commoners. These are people who are massively in debt and a doing forced labour to pay it off. It’s too dark for the players to see anything normally.

This cave is too dark to see in. You can hear loud noises of pickaxes

If the players can see, read out this information.

This cave is full of normal workers who aren’t tribsepeople. The tribesmen are in charge and are forcing these workers to mine. A rock pit is in the middle of the room and it’s their deep shaft mine which they’re quarring.

The workers won’t fight, just run away whilst 6 goblins will rush out to attack them. The leader – Hyodo hangs back and leaves before anything goes too badly. He warns other goblins and escapes. If he’s successful in this all from area 8, 6 and 7 run in and help. Once the battles are over, read this.

You regain your senses and see three doors, one in front of you and two next to each other on your right.

8. Workers Homes

This is where the workers stay and buy drinks, snacks, eat and sleep. The formen are the only loyal ones and they will attack if pressed.

This is one massive wood room built into a cave and home to all of the laborours who work. The foremen who are employed to protect and provide for their workers look at you aggressively.

The foremen are secretly scaming these workers by cheating at dice and selling food expensively, they can only be persuaded by agreeing to play a gambling game with them – chinchiro – they will always win as they will bet a huge amount against one person then destroy that. After they’ll try to make them leave – if not the three foremen attack (same stats as cultist) along with three more goblins.

6. Medical Centre

This is for all of the people who are suffering from illness.

These are the unfortunate labour workers who’re too ill to work. After over 10 years of working here all day it’s natural to get ill due to the amount of dust that they’re inhaling.

Only workers are here. They can talk to the people and find out more about the place. They all gambled on the weight of a fruit cake, lost big and then we’re forced to work here to pay for their debt. If they do attack they’ll try to reason with the players or just die.

7. Well Well Well

This passageway leads to the other side of the well; it’s going to be used to poison the water supply by an undercover worker.

This deep dark passage leads to an empty back wall covered in water. As you turn around you see a tall strong man holding three bottles.

This person is part of the brachers scheme to poison the well. He has the same stats of the bugbear and connot be reasoned with. If on half health he’ll open a hidden door to the side – used to transport stone back up into the village and flee. Once they get to the surface he will be gone and read this out.

On the surface you see a small post with a bike attached too it. It’s in prestine condition and has the words BMXBNT written on the front. People can perform a history check to realise that it belongs to the BMX bandit.



  • The well won’t be poisoned until a day later
  • They can obtain the BMX which will open links to finding out about the BMX BANDIT.
  • They learn about the evil casino.
  • They unlock the next parts of the very nearly two drinks encounter.
  • Stone won’t run out so walls being made will stop being an issue


The workers will be set free to help aid in contruction of the site. It will save more lives. They also will be able to stop more illegal activity from happening – significantly more hangings the next day.

Mananan’s Casino

Before going to the wizards the main guy will specify that his housing situation is a little strange. He lives inside a casino. The only way to beat the casino will be to win against the owner – Charls.

Solving this encounter can stop the slave trade in the suspicious village making it completely empty and derserted if the players go. Unfortuantly stone will still be getting stolen so it will only change the workers for tribesmen. Solving this will also give the adventurers the AGS – history check for Angel Summoner Staff. They will also be able to learn a slight amount about his magic.

1. Enterance

When the players enter read this.

This is the enterance hall to the building. To the side is a receptionist. The two clear doorways have sighns on them. One reads Mannanan Casino and another reads Manannans lab. The receptionist calls out to you

She asks if they want to see the wizard or go to the casino. Either way she will try to sell them poker chips – 1 per gold coin. If they want to see Mannanan she says that he’s not in today and is gambling, they must beat the boss of the casino to meet him.

2. Manannans Lab

If they decide to ignore all warnings and enter this place anyway then read this out.

You sneak into Mannanans Lab, it looks more like a maths classroom. On the back wall is a huge chalk board with complex mathematical symbols and equations all drawn together with arrows. The final end to the equation is a huge word written out in bold “NUMBERWANG”. The rest has books and everything dotted around.

If they are coming back later to investagate add this.

There is an open book which flys into your… (hand/face depending on dex role) and it offers information about what’s going on.

If the players don’t return to this room, have the book fly out as they leave. The book says that the King Of Sevren doesn’t actually use magic but complex algorythins of mathematics and physics to give the illusion of limitless magic. In other words: NUMBERWANG.

3. The Casino

This is where they can try their hand at minor casino games.

This is the huge casino hall, it’s awesome. Rich people in suits gamble for stakes worth more than their lives at many casino games. Whack the rat, how many coins in a jar, duck scooping, apple bobbing and last but not least. Guess the weight of the fruit cake.

When the players decide what game they want to play use a simple DC 20 to see if they win however after one game – unless they go there straight away read out the fruit cake section.

A man cries out in anger and horror at the casino owner who’s playing guess the weight of the fruit cake. This is the man you need to take down. Surrounded by guards and with fifty fruit cakes in front of him he beckones you to play.

He wants to play for fun but will show them to Mannanan if they win. If the players don’t want to play they can leave but nothing extra happens, they’ll need to challenge him. When they fight the owner will start by guessing the weight exactly. The players will win a large amount of cake and then have to bet it all at the end. The cake at the end will be exceptionally tiny and he will win by guessing the right amount – in oz. Once they lose he will challenge them to one final game: whack the rat. If the players win then they are taken to Mannanan but if not they’ll have to re-take on the main guy.

4. The W.C

This place has nothing but offers a good place for discussing without being listened on. It’s a public bathroom.

If they search the room they find three pee bottles, 8 chips and a guide to guessing the weight of a fruitcake.

5. Death Room

This room is where all of the losers in debt are taken. It has a dead Mannanan inside of it.

This room is a death room for dead people. The iconic wizard manannan lies on the floor in blood with a large wizard staff in his hand. Some people are rushed out by men in suits and the door is locked behind them.

Five men in suits (same stats as cultist) go to attack them while Charls (same stats as bugbear) tries to lock the door behind them. Once theis has happened they will be able to inspect Mannanan and try to follow the people to 6.

6. Slave Room

The normal citicens in this room are clearly about to become slaves. Theirs many guards preparing these and trying to take as much money for their debt as possible before they leave.

Five more men in suits are here (cultists) and attack them. Once here they can free the slaves and save everything.


The conflict is resolved and the players can learn valuable information and help a lot.


  • The characters stop slavery so improve morale and lives saved
  • They learn about magic
  • They get the staff of Angel Summoner
  • Bring an End to the casino so people have more money to spend on improving the town.

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