Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks

It’s a well-known objective fact that anime sucks, everyone knows this. Even my friends who watch anime dislike most of them. But they are wrong; it’s incorrect to like any anime because every single anime is awful. Here are ten reasons why


  1. The Anime Industry Sucks

Something is deeply wrong and messed up with the anime industry. Animators and staff are seriously underpaid and work overtime for free. It’s a horrible truth that anime fans hate to admit but it doesn’t make anime inherently bad. After all, treatment of staff has no overall effect on the episode quality. It’s the fact that anime companies can’t make the money to pay their own staff.

If I take statistics from my anime list (a website which tracks how much anime you’ve seen) there are at least 1,200,000 viewers of anime (and probably many more since most anime fans don’t use My anime list and not everyone has seen the most popular anime) and not a single one is prepared to pay for it. Surely if anime fans cared about anime enough they would actually buy it to pay their staff. But no, anime is so bad that the fans are prepared to steal and pirate just because they don’t think it’s worth buying.

Anime’s fundamental floor is a failure to make people care about it, and that’s why it’s dying and that’s why it sucks. Nobody cares enough to buy it.

  1. Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is the only anime staff member with even a little sense because he knows it sucks as well: “Anime was a mistake.” Just put yourself in Miyazaki’s shoes. You just created anime yesterday, are you happy with yourself? The answer is no. Hayao Miyazaki has the sense to look on his monstrous creation with scorn and sadness.

If the creator of anime hates anime and regrets making it then you know there’s something seriously wrong.

  1. The Fan Base


All anime fans are called weaboos, and they suck. They’re Naruto running, kawai saying morons who don’t know how to take a joke. Watching a weaboo trying to function in society is like watching a baby trying to walk across the room. No matter how far it gets it will inevitably fall over, shit itself and go back to sleep. They also get triggered seriously easily. I know that a baby isn’t an “it” but I used “It” because it’s gender neutral not because I don’t think babies have genders! I literally just read every anime fan’s mind and wrote down a response to it, that’s how predictable these guys are!

But the fan base can’t degrade the quality of anime. Or can it? Since anime studios want to actually make money they appeal to these disgusting pigs and degrade their quality by trying to appeal to them. Therefore lowering the quality of anime making it suck.

  1. Its racist

All anime fans are racist because they watch anime, which is racist. Ever seen a black guy in an anime? I didn’t think so. Theirs most likely a few exceptions however theirs never an all-black cast, a black main character or even an anime fan who cares.

If you support anime you also support racism. And racism sucks. Where’s the representation?

  1. Its Misogynistic

This is so obvious that I shouldn’t even need to explain. 99% of anime has just male protagonists because anime creators don’t believe that a woman is capable of solving problems or leading their own adventure. Instead women in anime are treated as objects specifically to advance plot or facilitate fan service and no female character is safe from this awful misogyny (more on that later).

All anime that isn’t ecchi wants to be ecchi, displaying all fan service it could possibly get away with before losing its children’s rating. As well as this, all anime that’s ecchi wants to be hentai, you can’t deny it. The scenes of ecchi are like what you’d expect from anime porn except for the fact that some parts are censored.

Weaboos who admit to watching hentai are the weebs I respect the most. They can at least admit that all they want to see is 2d naked women.

  1. Little Girls are Not Safe in Anime


This negative treatment towards women is also brought upon little girls who receive the same treatment as the rest of the female characters. Anime doesn’t understand what the age of consent is and seem perfectly fine to throw paedophilic fan service at any place possible. It’s disgusting as not only is it little children; it also encourages paedophilia which I’m not ok with.

  1. Its anti-christian

Whether you’re a Christian or not it’s hard to deny that the fundamental part of Christianity besides god is love (and not lust), so as to not exclude other religions and atheists I will be talking about the loving side of Christianity and not god since I believe everyone should have love (“Love thy neighbour” and that kind of thing) but only have believing in God  as a choice. Let me quote a few bible verses.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things” (Philippians 4:8).

So judging by what I said earlier it’s easy to see why anime has a serious problem with Christianity. But let me bring up the quote “whatever is true” since anime is fake and not real. So because every anime shoves fan service and sex down your throat in an insincere and fake way anime is not acceptable in Christianity since anime characters are not “true” and lust is a sin on its own anyway.

  1. Anime Is Not Real

The question “what is anime?” isn’t a question you can simply look up, everyone has their own personal opinion on what it is and nobody can define it. The reason why it’s difficult to define is that it’s not real.  The amount of arguments I see where people argue about whether a show is anime or not is mind-blowing and it shows a fundamental floor in what anime is.

Anime is not real, consensus anime is. The only thing that makes anime “anime” is other people’s belief that it is indeed anime. I find it hilarious that it’s more of a philosophical question than anything else!

  1. It condones Rape


You thought child porn cartoons was the worst thing to come out of anime? Well how about rape? Shows like “Netsuzou Trap” and “Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita” outright condone rape by including it without criticising it. I didn’t look at some obscure shows; these two are new and currently airing this season.

Even when the show doesn’t include rape it will essentially do borderline rape by including fan service of characters who don’t really want to be shown in a sexual manor.

  1. Kiss Anime Gave Me A Trojen Virus

All free anime websites take advantage of their viewers by including toxic malicious software on their website. Sure I got a virus (It’s gone now because I applied my “dealing with weebs” skills to the dealing with virus’s problem) but that’s not even the whole picture.

By simply clicking on the screen an ad will pop up and try to destroy your computer, that’s how I got mine. But another thing that these websites show are advertisements, the worst advertisements ever because they’re obviously scams. Let me read some adds out.

“This pill burns fat”

“How to get a million dollars in just one hour”

“Millionaires pay millions to try and hide this video”

These ads are obviously fake but the funny thing is that anime fans actually fall for these! It’s telling that the people defending anime are also the ones falling for these dumb ridiculous advertisements.


So there you go, there’s 10 reasons why anime sucks.  I could go into more reasons but quite frankly 10 reasons is enough to unquestioningly conclude that all anime sucks. You’re welcome. Also if you couldn’t tell already I’m having a break from blogging, see you if I get back!

246 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks

  1. I really hate the fan art. The weaboos go over to some popular youtuber or game and create loads of anime fan art. Some fan arts just have this sexual undertone that is completely unnecessary. Heck, I even saw a thing from the GACHA COMMMUNITY (very similar to the anime community, and could be all weaboos too). In a kids coding website called Scratch. This is just exposing the young people to poison, that would inevitably ruin their future lives.


      1. They look very cringe and sexualized, just saying. Like those big headed things, what are they? Gacha? It looks horrendous.


  2. You just can’t deny anime is sick. You see hentai. And even out of that, you have fanservice. You know Sparkle Force or whatever? The main characters are girls, but damn. FANSERVICE. And this because the girls, even for a children’s anime, they wear pretty skimpy skirts and articles of clothing. And then you have monster girls, the worst cesspool you can get. I tried searching up Monster Mash for my son’s Halloween party, but “Monster Museme” was one of the highlighted ones. And you may be asking “why is a grown man arguing about anime?”, well my news is that my son’s cousin recently got into anime, and that stuff hijacked his ego. He used to play often with my son, but now all he does is complain that he has not finished watching his “show.”, Honestly if one you “otakus” does not show pity for my family, you are really are the cesspools everyone thinks about. Literally on the verge of weeping while typing this.


    1. Also forcing myself not to curse, that anime my son’s cousin got into might spread over to my side too. But I just witnessed one of my FAMILY MEMBERS TURN INTO ONE OF THEM, he’s gone complete introvert. He does not even talk much at all now.


      1. Hes probably having such a blast rn. Anime needs the recognition it deserves. Hopefully it does “spread” further into your side of the family, hopefully ur son watches one soon. Highly doubt that he hasent tho


        1. if my son watches that crap I’m grounding him. Also you really are showing the damn carelessness for other people here. See what that mind poison does?


  3. Ok first of all i love anime. And i am leaving a comment of #7. I have seen multiple black anime characters. Just their not shown that often because all of them are usually Asian. There’s a black anime character from Naruto, hunter x hunter, haikyuu, etc. thank you.

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  4. I agree with you anime is bad. Often, people unfamiliar with the genre will side-eye anime fans because they have the impression that anime is inherently sexual or creepy. While this accusation may be based on stereotypes, there is good reason to scrutinize the racy nature of some anime. Scenes where characters are put in revealing positions or are otherwise exposed in a sexual context have been dubbed “fanservice.” Any genre of anime can have fanservice, but it’s most commonly seen in genres that follow teenage boys and their friends. Characters who are high school-age being depicted in revealing contexts is problematic in the first place, but when these scenes are often accompanied by a scheme for the boys to be able to see their female friends naked or prompted by an accident that leaves a character exposed against their will (e.g. someone’s clothes unraveling or ripping, someone falling over, their skirt blowing up in the wind, someone getting walked in on while changing, etc), it’s uncomfortable to say the least.

    The well-known “loli” trope is another example of anime’s sexualization of minors and women. This describes a girl over the age of 18 who appears as young as 8-12 and is put in sexual situations either in the show, merchandise, or by the fans. The “aging-up” of a character to legal consent while maintaining their childlike appearance and demeanor is an intentional move that caters to pedophiles.

    It’s no secret that anime characters are usually pale, racially ambiguous and look very similar to one another apart from their hair. This leaves little room for racial diversity. It’s true that Japan is less racially diverse than America, with only 2.2% of their population being non-Japanese, but that doesn’t mean it’s any more acceptable when some of the few dark characters that anime has to offer are drawn in blackface. Takeuchi from Mob Psycho 100 is a recent example. For the anime adaptation, Studio Bones changed Takeuchi’s skin from pale to dark. This change in and of itself isn’t harmful, however, the over-exaggerated shape and lightness of his lips resemble the unfortunate and racist depictions of black people in 19th century American Minstrel shows. Other black characters have been known to be animated with similar racist features, but non-human beings are sometimes illustrated in blackface as well. Some famous examples include Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball or the pokemon Jynx. It’s worth noting that the anime industry learned these caricatures from American media, but just as we have unlearned them, they must as well.


  5. im sorry, you just took the stereotypes and some random facts and said all anime sucks and all anime fans cant do a thing. its like you have never watched an actual anime that isn’t an ecchi / shounen.

    their are dark story’s with great plots, blood and gore, mixed in with a bunch of crap anime. you cant just say all anime sucks, thats like me saying all tv shows suck for similar reasons, and trust me the majority does to me, only few good shows. besides you made points on the industry and anime fans, some cliches. their are plenty of girl main characters where they aren’t useless. try kemono no souja no erin.

    i mean if you look for ecchi anime, your sure to find sex jokes and lolis, not that it really shows anything bad about them. dont tell me theirs not tons of real life shows out their like that, ive seen rl shows that are the same.

    its all about what you watch and i guess you couldn’t get past the plethora of common crap and find the good series.

    i got to this page by searching, why does over half the anime suck. if you have an eye for good shows it isn’t hard to find them. phantom requim for the phantom, berserk, code geass, death note, beelzebub, the devil is a part time, etc. oh wait, i never mentioned an ecchi loli rape anime yet, oh wait their isn’t, that’s hentai.

    also you say anime is not real, neither is family guy… million still watch that. maybe you cant get into the language, or watch bad dubs instead, which is most dubs.

    i dont disagree with most of what you said, but saying all anime sucks based off these facts that dont even talk about the shows, just fanbase, industry and cliches. oh and its not real… neither are actually shows, at least anime covers up the horrible acting and makes it more visually appealing, can switch between scenes more fluent, show fantasy based shows way better, etc.

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    1. I’m sorry but have you misunderstood? Fanservice is NOT only found in the Ecchi crap. It is found sometimes in anime that is not supposed to be Ecchi. Take My Hero Academia. The heroines are usually wearing pretty skimpy clothing, and there is another sex joke about this invisible girl who can be naked but the boys can’t see her or some crap like that. And My Hero Academia seems to be a popular pick among the late teeners and 20’s folk, which to me, is not old enough.

      Sure, not ALL anime is crap. But like, literally almost everything else IS CRAP. You have to sift through a pile of glue in order to get to the good stuff, which does not sound easy. And you can’t have an eye for the good stuff if you don’t even know what you are looking for.

      There are female characters is anime, and black ones too. But black main characters are simply too rare. And there are female ones, but like the guy who made this article said: females are usually used to deliver fanservice, EVEN THE MAIN ONES. And heck, even if the whole cast was dark-colored or a female, the fanservice just is not ok.

      Ok, Family Guy does not exist, I agree. But what? And not going to lie, the Japanese language is pretty difficult, kind of like Mandarin. But what in the world is a dub? When I searched it up it is an anime that has been changed by voice or a few looks. Which is pretty average and I do not take that as an argument.

      The fanbase also just gets SERIOUSLY TRIGGERED. I do not even know what to say, just because someone expressed their opinion, millions of haters came to attack this guy. And they are all toxic as plutonium. It’s kinda like when someone kills a animal under PETA’s eye, and all of PETA’s looneys come to harrass the guy to infinity. Kind of like when a child does not agree with the popular kid, and all the other children bully him… To infinity. Well, better tell this to the psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists. They’ll call it “attack the core, atttack the army.”


      1. And no, saying that my argument is too long, and I went over the top. Well the guy who wrote the attack I’m responding to also went a little “over the top.”


  6. I despise anime, I really do but this article is just one sided. “If you like anime your a racist”, cmon dude really? Not everything has to have a black dude or someone from the minority ever heard of “Get woke go broke”?. And I’m certain that someone is gonna attack me, call me racist and a “White supremacist“ which to who I say. Go waste your breath on someone else I don’t deserve your time


    1. omfg idiots
      the charcaters are japanese and NOT ALL anime series are racial or offensive
      especially these people who never watched anime and they talk trash about it for no reason because they have nothing else do to in the world because nobody matters.


      1. Itachi, bad, bad bad. This came from the mouth of a angry weaboo. And he/she did not use good arguments, Because they were all dictated in the article… But Wyatt, I could agree, every good criticism needs to be two-sided. Meaning that the author must write a few positive things about anime.

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  7. Hello Author, I personally am an anime fan, though I would like to consider myself better than at least some of the others. I find it a bit sad that people are trying to poke holes in your reasons in the comments. I understand they want to defend what they like, but you’re obviously not going to change your views, so there’s no point. This article is obviously not to convince people to stop watching anime, but for non-anime watchers. But if your goal was actually to convince people to stop watching anime, I’d suggest
    not shaming them, which will cause them to lash out (as you’ve unfortunately had to deal with). I wish people would stop getting in arguments just to puff up their egos (probably sounds kind of weird, considering I just did that in the first sentence), they/we should just move on, or at least express their opinions calmly and in a non-inflammatory way.
    Hello, fellow anime fans: I know you probably feel like I just did to you what I told the author not to do (i.e shaming), but I’ll try to make up for it here. I understand you love anime. So do I, especially ecchi like Interspecies Reviewers. But we often don’t want to admit its faults. It is hyper-sexualized, you can’t really deny it. Yes, there are shows that are really deep and meaningful, and those shows make the anime more filling, so the author was wrong in saying that all anime is bad. However, I know you don’t watch these anime all the time. I don’t think that makes you a worse person (though I guess our community is notorious for not doing enriching things like reading or exercising, and this might make you a worse or at least a fulfilled person) but you can understand how a person who’s used to a completely different set of morals would find anime to be bad, so please (as I said to the author) either ignore the author or express your opinions calmly, logically and with an understanding of where the other person is coming from. I haven’t read all the comments, so if someone already did that I love you.

    Hello, non-anime fans: If you’re reading this article I’m guessing you’re here either here to have someone confirm your opinion (not shaming, I do that too) or to find reasons to counter an anime-watcher. If you are part of the first group, I’d say to give anime another chance. Not all of it is sexualized. For example, there’s a movie called A Silent Voice which is about a kid who bullied a deaf girl as a child, and in his teen years he tries to make up for it. Cells At Work is about anthropomorphized (made to look like humans) working to maintain the human body. Teachers have actually used this to educate kids. If you want something more peaceful, try Mushi-shi, where the main characters job is to solve problems caused by mushi, lifeforms that grant psychic powers. The animation in this one is really peaceful. If you like sports, you’re in luck! Sports anime usually has either little or no fan service. Many people say to start with Haikyu, which is about volleyball. If theres a specific sport you enjoy, then Slam Dunk (basketball) is good, for soccer fans, Whistle! For baseball, Ace of Diamond. If you try these and don’t like them, you can find at least 20 more to try. I haven’t watched the above shows, but sports anime seems pretty safe. I haven’t seen the whole thing, but season 1 of My Teenage Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected. Don’t be fooled by the name. If you’ve ever felt like a loner rejected by society, you’ll sympathize with the protagonist. It can be pretty sad. If you like horror with comments on society and a sad ending, try Death Parade. No fan service, and only 12 episodes. I watched this one with my mom. You don’t have to sacrifice your morals to watch anime. For example, my girlfriend who also watches anime (what? There are female anime watchers?) is extremely innocent. She doesn’t even know what masturbation is. In case you’re questioning why I know that, she asked me what it means. No, I didn’t tell her. Basically, I’m saying watching anime doesn’t have to make you a degenerate, and you don’t have to be a degenerate to enjoy it.

    Hello, everyone: Sorry for taking up your time, I hope I didn’t sound too mean or egoistic. If there’s any mistakes I made, don’t hesitate to inform me. Besides being a human, I’m also typing this on a phone, so I can’t see the whole thing at once. Have a good day.


    1. “Fights between individuals, as well as governments and nations, invariably result from misunderstandings in the broadest interpretation of this term. Misunderstandings are always caused by the inability of appreciating one another’s point of view. This again is due to the ignorance of those concerned, not so much in their own, as in their mutual fields. The peril of a clash is aggravated by a more or less predominant sense of combativeness, posed by every human being. To resist this inherent fighting tendency the best way is to dispel ignorance of the doings of others by a systematic spread of general knowledge. With this object in view, it is most important to aid exchange of thought and intercourse.”
      ― Nikola Tesla


      1. Hello extremely peaceful person, perhaps this is what we all need for us to stop fighting.

        I think that’s taking the fun out of it though, most people are here to fight because we enjoy it. I don’t see it as a bad thing.


    2. Wow, I did not expect such a thoughtful person to come into this battlefield of ours. I respect your attempt to bring peace to this place.


      1. Thanks so much for saying this! I thought I was the only one! I used to love anime but then I started to see pretty all this stuff in all my favs…I was so freaked out and disgusted :/ And before anyone says, I wasn’t even watching 16+/18+ anime. And, all the ones that are not horrible are just mega boring and cliche to me. Soz to any anime fans out there, but, Tysm whoever wrote the original blog! 🙂

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        1. Thanks, I’m happy to show you you’re not alone! Yeah, it should be pretty obvious from reading this that only someone who was a pretty deep anime fan could have written it. My experience was the same as yours.

          It’s pretty horrible the people who think that you’re only saying this because of hentai. Although I’m sure hentai is like this as well, you’re not surprised when it’s in hentai. However you shouldn’t be seeing any of that kind of stuff in an anime.

          I agree with what you said about other anime being horrible, boring and cliche. It’s why I can make this post with such confidence.

          I hope that one day I won’t be able to say this about anime, but until that happens this post is staying up.



        2. Unfortunately, some people develop fetishes for some. And they never come back. Luckily you did not become into one of those 100 percent weaboos.


      1. Most people are joking, though some are serious. Dont take things seriously. Also yea I agree, its overrated but its a decent anime nevertheless


  8. Anime is not real? so are some movies like Avengers and Justice League

    It condones rape? That’s why there are private anime sites about it its clearly the anime version of PornHub

    How many anime have you watched because you sound like you watched 18 episodes of one piece


    1. I don’t really care if you think other things beside anime aren’t real.

      This doesn’t really apply, so many anime’s support rape culture too, condoning it.

      I’m surprised that you think all of these opinions are relevant and prevalent in 18 episodes of one piece, an anime very focused on children. The fact that you think these opinions could be obtained from 18 episodes of one piece is therefore quite concerning.

      I’ve seen enough to know, let’s leave it at that.


              1. dude the ignorance, one piece isnt for children. 4KIDS LITERALLY GAVE UP TRYING TO MAKE IT FOR KIDS CUZ IT WAS TO DIFFICULT. Ur a idiot who has never really watched a anime. If you have you are just a bigger idiot lol.


  9. Look dude, anime isn’t bad. Everyone has their own opinion for themselves and you had to decide to tell yours to the whole world. I honestly don’t care if you have anime. It’s YOUR opinion, not mine.
    10. “The Anime Industry”
    Can you please appreciate the hard work they are putting to make a manga/anime? The animations, the drawing, the art style, the plot. Everyone works their best and gets a good amount of money. There’s nothing wrong.
    9. “Hayao Miyazaki”
    I honestly don’t get why your actually researching on anime haters. Most people hate on their own creations as they think it isn’t good enough. It’s ok to think that, it will get better eventually.
    8. “The Fan base”
    Yeah we can be weird if we want. I would Naruto run around the park because I am a fan. Now don’t tell me you don’t copy what your favourite character from a movie does? We are fans, that’s why it’s called a FAN BASE. Let us do what we want
    7. “Racism”
    Yes I do agree that there are not many black people in animes, but there ARE some blacks in the community. Animes like Bleach, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter has some blacks.
    6. “Its Misogynistic”
    Yeah there are more male protagonists, but there are also alot of female protagonists. Animes like Sailor Moon are female protagonists. Ok yes they do make the girls have no proper self defense and that’s what makes the anime interesting. It may be cliché but it makes a great hero scene. But you liking hentai? Pfft, weren’t you legit hating in anime?
    5. “Little girls are not safe in anime”
    Yes the pedo parts may occur, but that’s because you went deep into adult anime. Your basically like a perv, I mean you like and respect hentai.
    4. “It’s anti-christian”
    Bruh you do realise that there are alot of religions right? Muslims, Jewish, etc. So what if it isn’t Christian? It can be ANY religion.
    3. “Anime is not real”
    Yes it isn’t real, but we love the world of anime as it’s beautiful, you can find your loved one, you can have amazing friends, you can be a protagonist in your own story. We bring it to life by cosplay and acting about.
    2. “It condoles rape”
    I have nothing to say about this other than you watching the animes that are 16/18+
    1. “KissAnime gave me trogen virus”
    Ignore the stupid ads or go to another website. Crunchy roll is there too being a popular anime website. It’s your fault for tapping on the ads. And why did you blame anime on your own problem? Pathetic

    So in conclusion, you hate on anime just because you “find” 16/18+ animes


    1. Wow so much bullshit to sift through. You clearly didn’t care about my opinions so much that you left a massive angry comment. That’s definitely behaviour from a person who doesn’t care at all.

      That’s the problem with the industry, they’re overworked and they’re dying. It is a horrible industry to work in. They are paid shit, no idea how you could possibly not know that.

      I agree that it’s important to criticise so that it improves, for anime, it’s even more important due to it’s low quality.

      You would naruto run around the park because your a fucking cretin, normal people are not so easily influenced by things they like to publicly humiliate themselves.

      It’s always funny how whenever people give examples of black people in anime theirs like just one black character in the anime they mention. It’s not good enough, these are supposed to be cherry-picked examples and they’re not even good!

      I never said I like hentai. You misunderstood. Nor do I respect the people who admit to liking hentai, I just respect them more than anime fans, which is not a very high level of respect to overcome. The objectification of women is the main problem with anime, even if there are female leads (which there seldom are) they are pretty much always objectified.

      I did not go deep to find the loli stuff, I didn’t need to. It’s practically advertised everywhere.

      I think you misunderstood again. Anti-christian doesn’t mean not Christian. I have a problem with the stuff actively against Christianity.

      Congratulations you like something that doesn’t exist.

      The anime fan calls me a perv, this is essentially the definition of hypocrisy.

      This is blatant victim blaming, it’s not my fault. If you press anything on that website a link will take you to a virus site. It’s what it does.

      What problem? If it’s the virus I’ve solved it. On the flip side if you look at anime, I wrote this three years ago and these problems are still around today.

      Thank you for your time, and I wish these were only problems plaguing 16/18+ anime’s, unfortunately anime has even more problems than the 10 described here.


      1. Wow I thought you where arguing about how he had a big comment and how he was “overreacting” but look at you, you did like 8 Paragraphs I think that you went a little over the top. Also you really are a perv because the only way that you would find sexual parts in anime is if you watched 18+ anime (perv)


        1. I had to send a long comment because he sent a long comment, there was a lot to reply to. If you read that interaction, you should have understood that at the start he said “I honestly don’t care”, and clearly didn’t. Whereas, why would I write this whole thing if I didn’t care? It’s not really overreacting to argue my case.

          You know that is total bullshit, sexual parts in anime are everywhere. You call it fan service.


          1. Even if anime didn’t exist fanservice would still exist. Most anime are adapted from manga which are much heavier in fanservice. One bad thing doesn’t make the whole thing bad.


            1. Fan service is a problem in anime, it’s pretty easy to say that outside of porn, anime is the visual medium with the most fanservice. It’s a greater problem kind of thing, the fact that theirs so much of it is why it’s so bad. I don’t think it’s fair to blame manga either. Why does anime have to be adapted from manga? They can adapt from whatever they want or make it original. Theirs 9 other reasons besides this one, you know I have other reasons, why do you make it out like I’m only talking about one thing?


      2. Why has no one pointed this out…
        Japan is not like America, it’s not multicultural because it’s hard to get into Japan. Why this is the case has nothing to do with anime.


        1. 10.
          Yes it is a problem
          9. Animes originate from manga”comic books” which are generally from light novels. An author writes his story, his creations are then taken to the silver screen to also helo promote his lightnovel but too also allow more people to enjoy their creation. If an author doesnt find fun or joy from this job… Perhaps he ought to find a differnt career?
          8. Weeaboos are foreigners whom are obsessed with anime, “some” of them are extremely addicted and can be quite toxic
          7. Of course there are hardly any blacks in anime, just as their are hardly blacks in japan it self, you most ikely wont see an asian in an african television series. Unlike the US or the UK black people are hardly seen and are a extreme minority.
          6. These animes your refering to are most likely targeted towards men hence the all the “naughty stuff ”
          Females are generally interested in romance animes, such as kamisama kiss or vampire knight, which both have a main character as a female.
          Lolis are hitting it quite closs to crossing the line, and are technically not right.
          Although japan is mainly Christian/the biggest religion is Christianity. Alot of anime involes /shows shinto the “origional” and traditional religion and culture of japan. So its understandable, i can not recall any animes that are based in god. But in the west alot of the shows are not christian and alot of them are anti god, japan is just a different culture.
          Anime… Is a cartoon they might do some stuff that we do in Real life. Eg. Go to school, go to the beach etc. But they are also not bound by our limitations, we dont have dragons or 2 meter long swords in real life, its just a bit of fun, like game of thrones, jts a fictional story with fictional characters. Its all just for fun.
          Yes like question 5 its a taboo and controversial thing, and technically it shouldnt be allowed
          Didnt you say before that people should support the autors and creators and not use websites that pirate anime? You got unlucky but there are other Ways of watching anime, eg anime lab, or just buy the series.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I would definitely recommend Miyazaki changing careers, he would be so good for working on cartoons.

            Japan being xenophobic doesn’t excuse anime being like that too.

            There is only one genere of anime for females, shojo, as opposed to the many genres for men. And there are a few exceptions.

            Yeah it’s not just anime that you can say this about.

            Giving a definition in complete opposition to everyone else’s is sort of my point. Nobody really knows what it is.

            I agree with that, I shouldn’t have pirated, I only really did it to write this and I didn’t want to pay any money.


            1. 2 things. I have a friend who is a girl who loves MHA and Haikyuu, and asks me for recommendations, so girls can like genres that boys like too.

              And you saying who didn’t want to pay money so you pirated is stupid. Crunchyroll is free to watch and not pirating, so doing something illegal and getting bitten in the ass for it is your fault.


    2. Excuse me but MOST anime have racisim. MOST anime have misgony. You only named a few. Also seeing hentai does not mean you actually LIKE it. He watched it just to get more reasons why anime is bad and reasons to say sex in anime is foul and should not even exist. You must be one of the weaboos who are desperately trying to defend all the porn and racisim and misgony in anime. Sorry bud, it’s no use.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. He doesn’t like and respect hentI
      so, he respects the weebs that like it because they can admit they just like watching cartoon porn. Use your eyes; they’re there for a reason.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Some of your reasons may be right, but that doesn’t mean all anime are bad. There are a lot of anime that are for kids, and a lot for adults, they have categories. I understand that you have a lot of reasons to hate anime but have you ever watched one? A GOOD ONE. There are a lot of animes that are educational and funnny. Anime isn’t meant for kids, it’s meant for adults and teens. You prefer these other shows when they show the same things most of the time. If you don’t like anime, don’t say anything because to spare both our feelings, it hurts when you say that and it’ll hurt you because people will be after you. We all have different likes and dislikes, but don’t say it in a rude way!


    1. I didn’t miss you changing your names to look like more people agreed with you. Thank you for all the comments Lauren. I’m not going to engage further with you because I believe you’re angry and hurt, and I feel you should step away.


      1. Just too clarify, I am not changing my name as if ppl are agreeing with me, I just put random name just because, you can see my email can’t you (idk if you can but meh)? Same here I will not engage further in this because I can’t change you mind, I am just stating my opinion.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am angry, but I’m trying my best to keep calm. I understand your reasons for hating anime, because the stuff you say is true, but don’t you think some parts are over exaggerating? I mean, the fact that you say it’s ALL anime when it really isn’t. Try getting a second opinion from a person who’s not a full out Weeb but just likes anime.


        1. I’d say all anime are affected by the poor industry. Generally all anime has something that is messed up about it. These are just 10 examples of many more. Not intending to over exaggerate, just spreading the truth. I have got that second opinion, but they have failed to give me reasons to convince me.


  11. You clearly have never watched anime, and none of your reasons are logical. The first one is simply you restating your opinion. Hayao Miyazaki is fine. Also, anime is NOT RACIST at all. They are simply not concerned with ethnicity, because it is very irrelevant. And who cares if there are hardly any black people in anime, there are a few like Killer Bee from Naruto Shippuuden. It is not misogynistic either. There are quite a few anime out there with important female characters like Lucy from Fairy Tail and Sakura from Naruto and many more. The fact that many anime have male leads is completely arbitrary. It is not anti-christian. Then you said, “anime is not real”. What exactly are you trying to say, and the definition of anime is Japanese animation. It doesn’t condone rape either, and it is always seen as taboo. And lastly, the only reason why Kissanime gave you a virus is because you were using a fake site instead of the real site,


    1. Everything you said here is restating your opinion.

      They are concerned about ethnicity, as long as it’s their own.

      “Quite a few” is not nearly enough when they are objectified constantly, even within the examples of the anime that you gave.

      I don’t think you appreciate that saying “No it doesn’t” does absolutely nothing to demonstrate your case.

      No I was using that site. It’s a horrible website.


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