Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks

It’s a well-known objective fact that anime sucks, everyone knows this. Even my friends who watch anime dislike most of them. But they are wrong; it’s incorrect to like any anime because every single anime is awful. Here are ten reasons why


  1. The Anime Industry Sucks

Something is deeply wrong and messed up with the anime industry. Animators and staff are seriously underpaid and work overtime for free. It’s a horrible truth that anime fans hate to admit but it doesn’t make anime inherently bad. After all, treatment of staff has no overall effect on the episode quality. It’s the fact that anime companies can’t make the money to pay their own staff.

If I take statistics from my anime list (a website which tracks how much anime you’ve seen) there are at least 1,200,000 viewers of anime (and probably many more since most anime fans don’t use My anime list and not everyone has seen the most popular anime) and not a single one is prepared to pay for it. Surely if anime fans cared about anime enough they would actually buy it to pay their staff. But no, anime is so bad that the fans are prepared to steal and pirate just because they don’t think it’s worth buying.

Anime’s fundamental floor is a failure to make people care about it, and that’s why it’s dying and that’s why it sucks. Nobody cares enough to buy it.

  1. Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is the only anime staff member with even a little sense because he knows it sucks as well: “Anime was a mistake.” Just put yourself in Miyazaki’s shoes. You just created anime yesterday, are you happy with yourself? The answer is no. Hayao Miyazaki has the sense to look on his monstrous creation with scorn and sadness.

If the creator of anime hates anime and regrets making it then you know there’s something seriously wrong.

  1. The Fan Base


All anime fans are called weaboos, and they suck. They’re Naruto running, kawai saying morons who don’t know how to take a joke. Watching a weaboo trying to function in society is like watching a baby trying to walk across the room. No matter how far it gets it will inevitably fall over, shit itself and go back to sleep. They also get triggered seriously easily. I know that a baby isn’t an “it” but I used “It” because it’s gender neutral not because I don’t think babies have genders! I literally just read every anime fan’s mind and wrote down a response to it, that’s how predictable these guys are!

But the fan base can’t degrade the quality of anime. Or can it? Since anime studios want to actually make money they appeal to these disgusting pigs and degrade their quality by trying to appeal to them. Therefore lowering the quality of anime making it suck.

  1. Its racist

All anime fans are racist because they watch anime, which is racist. Ever seen a black guy in an anime? I didn’t think so. Theirs most likely a few exceptions however theirs never an all-black cast, a black main character or even an anime fan who cares.

If you support anime you also support racism. And racism sucks. Where’s the representation?

  1. Its Misogynistic

This is so obvious that I shouldn’t even need to explain. 99% of anime has just male protagonists because anime creators don’t believe that a woman is capable of solving problems or leading their own adventure. Instead women in anime are treated as objects specifically to advance plot or facilitate fan service and no female character is safe from this awful misogyny (more on that later).

All anime that isn’t ecchi wants to be ecchi, displaying all fan service it could possibly get away with before losing its children’s rating. As well as this, all anime that’s ecchi wants to be hentai, you can’t deny it. The scenes of ecchi are like what you’d expect from anime porn except for the fact that some parts are censored.

Weaboos who admit to watching hentai are the weebs I respect the most. They can at least admit that all they want to see is 2d naked women.

  1. Little Girls are Not Safe in Anime


This negative treatment towards women is also brought upon little girls who receive the same treatment as the rest of the female characters. Anime doesn’t understand what the age of consent is and seem perfectly fine to throw paedophilic fan service at any place possible. It’s disgusting as not only is it little children; it also encourages paedophilia which I’m not ok with.

  1. Its anti-christian

Whether you’re a Christian or not it’s hard to deny that the fundamental part of Christianity besides god is love (and not lust), so as to not exclude other religions and atheists I will be talking about the loving side of Christianity and not god since I believe everyone should have love (“Love thy neighbour” and that kind of thing) but only have believing in God  as a choice. Let me quote a few bible verses.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things” (Philippians 4:8).

So judging by what I said earlier it’s easy to see why anime has a serious problem with Christianity. But let me bring up the quote “whatever is true” since anime is fake and not real. So because every anime shoves fan service and sex down your throat in an insincere and fake way anime is not acceptable in Christianity since anime characters are not “true” and lust is a sin on its own anyway.

  1. Anime Is Not Real

The question “what is anime?” isn’t a question you can simply look up, everyone has their own personal opinion on what it is and nobody can define it. The reason why it’s difficult to define is that it’s not real.  The amount of arguments I see where people argue about whether a show is anime or not is mind-blowing and it shows a fundamental floor in what anime is.

Anime is not real, consensus anime is. The only thing that makes anime “anime” is other people’s belief that it is indeed anime. I find it hilarious that it’s more of a philosophical question than anything else!

  1. It condones Rape


You thought child porn cartoons was the worst thing to come out of anime? Well how about rape? Shows like “Netsuzou Trap” and “Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita” outright condone rape by including it without criticising it. I didn’t look at some obscure shows; these two are new and currently airing this season.

Even when the show doesn’t include rape it will essentially do borderline rape by including fan service of characters who don’t really want to be shown in a sexual manor.

  1. Kiss Anime Gave Me A Trojen Virus

All free anime websites take advantage of their viewers by including toxic malicious software on their website. Sure I got a virus (It’s gone now because I applied my “dealing with weebs” skills to the dealing with virus’s problem) but that’s not even the whole picture.

By simply clicking on the screen an ad will pop up and try to destroy your computer, that’s how I got mine. But another thing that these websites show are advertisements, the worst advertisements ever because they’re obviously scams. Let me read some adds out.

“This pill burns fat”

“How to get a million dollars in just one hour”

“Millionaires pay millions to try and hide this video”

These ads are obviously fake but the funny thing is that anime fans actually fall for these! It’s telling that the people defending anime are also the ones falling for these dumb ridiculous advertisements.


So there you go, there’s 10 reasons why anime sucks.  I could go into more reasons but quite frankly 10 reasons is enough to unquestioningly conclude that all anime sucks. You’re welcome. Also if you couldn’t tell already I’m having a break from blogging, see you if I get back!

225 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks

  1. All anime has to do is absolutely incinerate hentai, throw it into acid, the pulp being cycled through a sewer system (yet it was already sewage) being retrieved again, frozen, and electrified with 10000 volts, get smashed, thrown into a pit of rats, and finally being thrown into a black hole


    1. I forgot to say it must be ripped apart by rabid wolves, be locked in the frightening dark, and gagged so it can say no more filthy words ever again. This cycle will also repeat over and over again.


  2. All I have to say that if anime does not disappear or at least get better we will only see anime in most of the internet for the future. Every single nook and cranny of the internet has at least one person who binge watches anime.


  3. First of all, screw you. You claim to be an all loving “Christian” but completely burn anime fans. I don’t think that’s very “Christian” of you.

    Second of all, screw off with your anti-LGBTQ+ garbage. Many of us that are LGBTQ+ watch anime because we feel as though it is a safe space for us, and we are most of the time represented in a very positive light with intriguing characters.

    You claim that all anime is the same, which just makes you look dumb. You sound just like those old people who claim that “All video games rot your brain.” There is good and bad in anime just as there are in any live action tv series. Some are good, some are just plain awful.

    I also just had to laugh because at the very beginning you attempted to make a very bad joke by claiming ALL anime fans are weebs that run around screaming “Sasuke is my waifu”. First of all, the term ‘waifu’ refurs to a woman. Sasuke is not a woman (unless he wants to be). Husbando refers to the male counterpart of a waifu. So therefore, someone could claim that “Sasuke is their Husbando.”

    Most of us that are anime fans also find those who label themselves as weebs are just plain offensive people all around. They claim they are so much better than other anime fans because they watch the most underrated and boring shows that no one else has ever heard of. We are not like this. Most of us enjoy anime simply because it’s another type of media.

    Educate yourself first, then try to write this article again later.


    1. Christians try to get rid of the evil. Anime is a corrupting evil that turns people into lifeless husks. We want to stop that.


      1. Why don’t you go after some actual bigger issues before you go after smaller issues like anime. Go donate money to help poor kinds if you care for them so much.


    2. I can get behind your argument. I was too lazy to type it out myself but since you’ve done it for me I’ll just say that I agree with you.


  4. While I do agree that many animes contain excessive amounts of perversion and fan service, I would like to point out the fact that anime is a medium, not a genre. There are distinct genres within anime: shonen jump, slice of life, drama, romance, etc. There are kid-friendly anime such as pokemon, Dragon Ball z, and Yu Gi Oh, with absolutely no fan-service and relatively little violence. There are anime for older audiences that cover deeper, more emotional topics, such as Fullmetal Alchemist (which is a masterpiece; if you like Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’ll probably like this), Attack on Titan (this is violent, but has excellent female characters and a good plot), and Hunter x Hunter. None of the anime I just listed are perverted; in fact, had they been live-action western shows, they would most likely be very popular.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a prime example of a good anime. It has virtually no fan service, the female characters are well-done, and it definitely isn’t racist (A huge portion of the plot focuses on the Ishvalans, which are a race with dark skin. They are portrayed very, very well, and the main character even says, “I think people should try to ignore their race, and just treat each other as equals.”).

    I do not worship anime whatsoever. I watch it to destress and to have fun with friends, just as I would watch any show on Netflix. I’m also completely mentally capable. I have lots of friends, I am currently in college pursuing a degree, and I have never, ever purchased any sort of anime merchandise. I also have a very strict religious background that dictates that everything I watch is clean and uplifting. I do think that it is wrong to judge an entire group of people based upon what they watch; perhaps it is better to consider WHY they watch it.

    I do agree that anime is NOT real, just as every fictional book, movie, and show is not real.

    Lastly, anime is actually fairly prominent on Hulu, Netflix, Prime, and other safe sources. I have never gotten a virus from watching anime.

    That’s all I have to say for now 🙂 I hope you all have a great year.


    1. It’s not only anime that’s the problem. Even though many animators are underpaid and overworked, there is no such thing as a perfect industry. While I no longer enjoy watching anime, it’s not it’s completely free cool aspects and concepts. Not to mention the OST, which can be really good. I think many people who hate anime are tired of seeing American wannabe otakus that flood every corner of social media. It doesn’t help that most of them are twelve to fourteen years old, and can have very annoying and rightfully childlike nature. And this “stan” and “simp” culture that has appeared in social media, which is increasingly part of adolescents lives now. It’s part of the the “Teenage-Toxic-Three”, I like to call it. It’s Tik Tok, Roblox, and Anime. It’s not that these things are toxic, but that the very toxic behaviour that internet culture is known for can find roots to people who regularly enjoy these things. Not to say that this is their fault, due to PADS being a thing and violent/sexual themes showcased in animes regularly.


    1. i agree man i decided to spend 100 dolars to create a group to destroy furries, simps, hornys and anime pls join i cant wait too raid the first anime and the first anime my group will destroy is…….

      HENTAI whos with me lets destroy then all!!


  5. Very well written. Most of the people watching this kind of stuff suffer from mental disorders and would hate to admit it. They should certainly avoid viewing such content. Also, for the last time, it’s just a cartoon and watching it does not define a certain way of lifestyle, no reason to take it so seriously!


    1. ya mother fuckin hentai eater u hv angered the weebs wherever you are we will track you down and cut your dick and hang it on a cross while raping you and murder with you with a katana ya gaki, ur mom hot and I fuck her every night


    2. “No need to take it so seriously” you just insulted just about everyone who watches anime by making personal attacks on them. Come on, man at least lay off the personal insults if you want anyone to be convinced by what you say.


  6. Are you stupid whoever wrote this article ran out of thing write about which is really stupid since when is it racist there are anime with balck people in it also the reason why anime has most male protagonists is because its shonen dumasses its shonen anime meaning it’s for boys there are three types of anime shonen which is for boys,seinin which is for children and then shojo which is for girls its safe to say that u didnt even study anything about anime and also anime is one of the best types of entertainment then again you is its misogynistic those are the characters put down by the main characters also to teach its viewers not to do such things and then the horny hentai part anime isn’t the only animation that shows that there are literally games with over sexualized characters have you seen god of war have you seen mortal combat? Curb your info and intelligence dumass motherfuckers. People like you pissis me off


    1. Hey buddy…let’s use nice words alright? I appreciate your effort into making this post, but realise that this is called a “troll website”. A troll is a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post. He or she is blogging about anime, and their thoughts. It is not a legitimate post, because this person’s intention is to get anime fans to disrespect OP by using false, generalized, and irrational opinions and lack of evidence. I find it funny that it actually worked, and many people used profanity to defend anime. It’s also funny to me how non-anime watchers tend to have more knowledge of Japanese culture.


    2. Bro, these thoughts are other peoples thoughts. What this article said is so true. You walk over fall down and shit yourself. Word!


  7. This is the most ignorant comment section I’ve ever seen, or should I say Arrogant? People down here are just fighting and fighting over what? Japenese Cartoons. It’s Pretty Obvious this is bait. Then why are people attacking each other? Why are some people self absorbed to the point that you attack others based on something they watch for entertainment? Anime is Anti-Christian? I guess everything that doesn’t Practice said Religion is Bad, The World Does not Revolve around your Religion, or You as a matter of fact. I may be repeating myself, The amount of Arrogance I’ve seen here is astonishing, such Narrow minds.


    1. Such open minds accepting and even supporting the fact that reality is not all about watching anime. Ahem, I meant flaming garbage.


  8. I do not see why Anime is not dead, first of all. Everyone who has damn sense knows this, anime sucks. For an example, here are the things I see on a day-to-day basis in the web.

    1. Anime comic ads, most of which are hentai and they seem too stupid to be true. And the surging infection of host friends telling their healthy friends to watch anime, it is horrifying. Not only that, world of military vehicles put in anime skins for the game, unnecessary ripped clothing, and much more. I uninstalled it out of disgust. Nerd Culture did not need to be like this… Only unknowing teenagers playing at least somewhat innocent videogames…

    2. The anime clothing style (anime THINGS are willing to be sexy and show some skin even in lethal situations, like fighting, JUST PUT YOUR MOTHERTRUCKING CLOTHES ON IT’S NOT HARD.)

    3. The fan art (insert cringe/creepy fanart here, and stop turning my American tunes into “nightcore”).

    4. The fanbase, Scenario: Me: “hey I just wanted to kindly say that I do not worship anime.”

    Weaboos: “you are a fucking casual HEY I HOPE YOU DIE and all sorts of assorted insults”.

    5. The bad vibes, like many of which are supporting the fact that being a weeb is good for your life, (this is why weebs think anime girls with glasses are cute, they are nerds like them) there was this one anime show (hentai which my friend recommended to me, we are not friends anymore) were this brother had a sister who watched anime, and soon the brother started being like his sister, and they got married. In the wedding there was obviously no one because their parents must be like “they are not our children anymore” and the sister was like “you know what happens next, right?” and the brother smiled, hence the obvious end to the tragedy, they really should just commit RIP.

    6. Last but not least (note that there are MANY more reasons but I do not have all day) the dramatized body parts, you know what I mean… The blimp sized melons… The deformed badlands… The oversized eggplant… The fact that anime guys are always stocky and the girls are always glossy and big eyed… You might say “boy you are messed up watching that crap” but news for you, it is seen everywhere (reread argument 1 please).

    These are the reasons anime sucks and needs to get banned from almost every society, to die in a hole with all other forgotten internet things. If that does not happen, our race will go downhill from there.


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