The Sakamoto death theory (Sakamoto Desu ga?) and why it’s wrong

The Sakamoto death theory states that the reason why Sakamoto leaves at the end of “Sakamoto Desu Ga?” is because he’s dying and his time is up. Not wanting to leave his friends in misery he uses the excuse of going to NASA so that he can die in peace. People have a lot of ideas and points to support this argument. I will list the points in order and then explain why each and every one is wrong or not nearly as conclusive as it seems.

You can point to all of the brilliant stunts Sakamoto uses as evidence but I’ll put that aside and take down the following points. I understand that this post is long and some of these things can be obviously disputed without any work on my end, so if a number doesn’t have an * next to it, it’s skip-able (Even though I would love for you to read them all).

  1. *In the last chapter of the Sakamoto desu ga manga Sakamoto is seen in a school locker as if he’s a corpse representing his death. This would explain why he was the speaker for the graduation class who’s older than him.
  2. *The mars landing project is a lie. In episode 10 Sakamoto even claims himself that it’s impossible in his life time. He wouldn’t be called for an impossible project and even if he did, they would have waited for his graduation.
  3. *it’s implied that he’s been in the nurses office often and he also doesn’t deny it when somebody asks if his trip is fake.
  4. He never wanted people to know about his personal life, could it have been because he was dying?
  5. He covers his face with pie so his class mates don’t see him crying at the end.
  6. *He said he’d never seen snow before, implying he was in a hospital bed the whole time.
  7. His speech shows that he’s facing death by living.
  8. It explains why he never accepted girls; he didn’t want to break their heart by dying.
  9. In the opening he puts his jacket on a human mannequin, as if passing on the baton.
  10. *The song Sakamoto sings in episode 10 is called Der Erlkonig, it’s a song where a father carries his song to medical aid only to have him die in his arms on the journey, and this represents Sakamoto’s death because it has a guy who dies in it.
  11. *Some lyrics of the OP hint at Sakamoto’s death.

“Raise your head and elegantly judge the gloom that grabs your gaze.”

“Go with the flow as you defy with a cool looking face.”

“Hardship is a bouqet that decorates your days.”

“Open those eyes wide and don’t look away, from the shining superior new world.”

“As those feelings overflow, be yourself until the end.”

“It will take you to a warm reception in HEAVEN.”

These are all the reasons I could find and I’ve got huge problems with all of them, as well as my own counter arguments. In a similar way the reasons were listed, I will list the reasons why I disagree with the points, to show why Sakamoto is actually on a mars mission with NASA like the show suggests.


  1. The locker picture: Chapter titles and panels are the least literal part of the plot. The story happens in the panels and not the openings. That being said, Sakamoto is more literal than most in its last volume with its chapter cards; having 4 literal (19, 21, 22, 23) chapters showing Sakamoto in the scenario which takes place with his friends from the chapter. Despite this, chapters 18, 20 and 24 aren’t literal so it’s fair to conclude that the panel is more likely to be a visual metaphor.

In less literal panels it shows representations of similar events but not the literal story. We can apply this logic to the final chapter panel. I’ll take another chapter from the same volume. Chapter 18:


It says “won’t ever let your friend feel sad!” and “I dare you to lay a finger on him!” which reflects the content of the next chapter. In sed chapter three girls explain the story of how they came to know sakamoto, and then Kubota comes in and says a story more romantic than all of them. It’s not really a contest or a fight, Sakamoto’s not even defending anyone like the chapter title describes. The title card comes from an implied one-upmanship which is sonly ort of taking place. So the chapter card doesn’t really mean what it says it means.

So let’s look at the opening chapter panel again and the truth is soon revealed. It’s clear that this is a visual representation / metaphor and not a true representation. Have a think about it, if you were the manga author and the chapter was about to end what would you draw? Bear in mind that the ending is very sad and emotional, you’d want to communicate the sadness yet still keep the stylish nature of Sakamoto.

We can’t show the classmates because the manga is Sakamoto orientated and theirs a massive pattern of only having small amounts of characters in each panel, mostly focussing on Sakamoto. So if we’re focusing on Sakamoto we want a panel that communicates his separation from the rest of the characters, not being emotional character-wise and yet sad to look on. When you realise that Sakamoto needs to look cool in every shot it becomes very apparent that the Sakamoto image is a metaphor/ symbolism for his leaving.

By showing Sakamoto in a coffin-like position the shot communicates clearly the emotion everyone has towards him. Every one of his class mates is sad as if he’s died. This is also shown by the characters not being in the shot. There is no greater distance between people than life and death, and by reinforcing this by showing Sakamoto alone it shows his distance from friends and how tragically they will react to him leaving. It doesn’t mean he’s going to die. It’s great imagery and subtly communicates the sadness of everyone whilst keeping Sakamoto cool.

It’s difficult to start by disproving the most damming evidence but please bear with me. This is an image which is open to interpretation, other points have less interpretation and are so much easier to disprove. By the time you finish this, the chapter panel will seem very trivial. This theory also started from more convincing arguments before spiralling out into utter stupidity, it’s how most terrible theory’s start.


  1. The alleged reason why Sakamoto leaves is to join the NASA project even though he says in episode 10 that it’s impossible in his life time, meaning he’s lying. (Each point is going to start with the description of the point so I can disprove it in the next sentence) Nobody interprets this piece of information correctly. The anime never states that he’s going to become an astronaut and even if I’m missing something and he is an astronaut, for a college student the mission to mars is likely to happen in his life time. Go on Wikipedia and you’ll find the numerous mars missions which have been planned. Not all of them are going to happen but the most recent, technologically advanced, plan to send humans to mars as soon as 2030 and this is NASA: The place where he’s moving too.

What people should have been taking into account was when Sakamoto said “My lifetime”, after-all if he was going to die he’d be unable to go on this project. So I went back to this scene to asses for myself. Sakamoto brings this point up when asked about his aspirations and what he wants to do. He says that he wants to take part in a mass immigration project to another planet, not mars, not anything in this solar system. Sakamoto wants to find another earth like planet. Not only this, its Sakamoto’s friend nearby who says it’s impossible in his lifetime not him. So we’ve basically established that this point is incorrect since Sakamoto himself disagrees with this and says nothing about his own lifetime.

The mars landing project is possible in his lifetime and Sakamoto expresses no doubts about his ability to go on it. This point is wrong and based off of people’s memory of what happened instead of what happened in reality.

You might think a mass immigration project to another earth like planet is impossible in his life time but if one was going ahead it would take many years of planning, which is why Sakamoto is leaving. Migrating (at this time) 7.5 billion people or a large portion of this to another planet would take a massive amount of time meaning that research would need to be starting now at the latest if you wanted to get anywhere any time soon.

This then brings up the argument of why they’d bother employing Sakamoto who’s younger than 18 (we know this from the episode where Sakamoto buys porn) so I checked the NASA employment statistics. 1.2% of employees come from Asian decent (which includes japan) and three percent of employees are aged 29 or bellow. This isn’t promising since less than 29 isn’t helpful for viewing if it’s possible for Sakamoto to join NASA. Well let me introduce you to Moshe Kai Cavalin who’s 17 and works for NASA. Let me also introduce you to Kim Ung-Yong who was a Korean super genius who got invited to join NASA when he was 7.

The point here is that young people do join NASA and not just Americans. Sakamoto certainly has the skills to work for NASA since he’s a super genius and NASA like inviting child prodigies to join them. All of these people had graduated university at this time but I don’t believe NASA would pass a guy with like Sakamoto without offering him a job of some kind despite his lack of a degree. After-all a degree isn’t as practical as actually working in the field. 4.2% of NASA employees don’t have a degree so it’s possible to make a special case for Sakamoto since he’s so cool. 0.1% of these people didn’t graduate high school either.


  1. In the last episode he says to Hayabusa that his only regret is that he doesn’t know the number of holes on the ceiling of the nurses office, implying that he’s been there often. This actually implies the exact opposite. Since Sakamoto never spent much time there it was the only room where he didn’t know the number of holes on the ceiling. We see Sakamoto doing impossible feats which would injure many people and he doesn’t end up in the nurses office so it’s hard to imagine him being there off camera. Also I think if Sakamoto really wanted to know the number of holes in the ceiling I reckon he’s good enough at math to count them anyway and he’s just joking.

The most damming thing that the theory suggests is that Hayabusa is the only one who realises that he’s not going away but Sakamoto doesn’t even deny it. That’s incorrect, if you go back to the scene these are the lines that are spoken.

Hayabusa: “You’re not really going to America are you?”

Sakamoto: “I haven’t any idea what you mean.”

This is Sakamoto’s cool way of denying what Hayabusa is claiming. So the whole basis for this point is completely wrong.  The massive cracks in this theory are already showing and we’re only three parts in. Even this early the creators of the theory are lying to you.

(lying is a bit extreme but you know what I mean)ametps1

  1. He never wanted people to know about his personal life. What? That’s not true. Anyway, I don’t want people to know about my personal life, it doesn’t mean I’m going to die soon. Every single time Sakamoto is asked a personal question he more or less answers it. People constantly ask for help, guidance or friendship and the stories are told through other people by giving us access to their internal monologue. The story isn’t about Sakamoto, it’s about the story around him and how others react to his presence.

Since Sakamoto’s so cool people don’t tend to ask him things and instead remark about his coolness. When he starts singing people don’t ask how he learned to sing, they’re amazed at how good he is at singing! A classic example of Sakamoto revealing information about his personal life is when he’s asked about his ambitions at the mixer in episode ten, we know about his personal life because people ask him. The show wants to keep Sakamoto as a cool mysterious figure. Not because he’s going to die, it’s to make him cool. Who can think this fact when he obviously answers any personal question asked too him?


  1. He covers his face at the end to stop him from crying. This is completely unrelated to his death. I really like this scene because it shows that Sakamoto was crying, not because he’s going to die but because he’s sad that he’s leaving his classmates behind. Just because you cover your face with pie doesn’t mean you’re going to die. This fact should be obvious but I guess I was wrong.

The emotion of Sakamoto highlights his connection and sadness with his class. How selfish to suggest that Sakamoto’s crying because of his death and not because he might actually like his class mates and be sad to see them leave. As well as this, it’s a mars trip – he’s most likely not coming back if he becomes an astronaut.


  1. Sakamoto says he’s never seen snow before. I don’t remember where this part came from but let’s just assume it’s true. There are many explanations for why somebody in Japan might have not seen snow before in their lifetime. Not all areas of Japan snow very often, he could have been living abroad. But let’s just look at the scene as it takes place and comment on any things that might be interesting.

The show opens by saying that “snow accumulated in our town for the first time in a few years” since Sakamoto recently moved in he wouldn’t have been around when it was snowing. The reason why he’s new to the area is that nobody knows Sakamoto from a nearby lower school meaning he most likely moved in at a point where he would have missed this snow.

Regardless the idea that he’s never seen snow before because of illness is just as likely, if not less plausible as living in a southern country. Even if he had previous health problems it’s obvious that he’s still alright currently since he is outside in the snow.

It’s definitely possible but it’s an extreme suggestion when theirs much better options available. To not see the snow would mean that Sakamoto’s unable to leave his bed which is completely stupid when you see that at the time when he should be most ill, he’s fine in the snow. If Sakamoto has an illness that could kill him it’s not one which permanently immobilises him since he’s clearly moving in snow so the explanation that he was in a hospital every time it snowed is completely ridiculous.

In fact he’s never ill or immobilised so he would have been able to get up to look at the snow. At worst this shows the nature of his deadly illness (if you want to stubbornly believe your close minded opinion) and at best completely ruins the argument.

  1. The speech shows that he’s approaching death and the reason Sakamoto’s allowed to take the speech is because he’s going to die soon. Well wouldn’t the teachers say if he was? No, they instead seem proud that one of their students might become an astronaut. The reason why Sakamoto took the speech is because he’s cool and Nami Sano (the manga writer) wanted her cool character to deliver a motivational speech. Sakamoto does his speech as the “non-graduate representative” so it would have to be a first or second year anyway.

In a world where Sakamoto can create air currents powerful enough to open curtains and ride umbrella 50 metres into the air why is it so hard to believe that this is just another cool thing Sakamoto can do?

So let’s address the speech which has been misinterpreted. By saying believe in your friends and confronting problems head on it somehow alludes to his death. Here’s why it’s not about Sakamoto’s death at all. Atsushi outright tells Sakamoto to die and he denies him by humiliating him in front of class.

As well as this when Atsushi want to fall off the balcony, Sakamoto holds on and doesn’t let him go, showing that he can’t die that easily. The speech is very uplifting and is clearly about everyone else and not Sakamoto. It’s about overcoming obstacles you’ll face in your life. Sure, death is the biggest obstacle in “life” but that doesn’t mean much when you stop and consider that the whole speech is about overcoming problems so you can be alright later, Sakamoto’s speech implies that it will get better for you and if you applied this logic to Sakamoto’s life post anime you can tell that he’s not dying anytime soon.


  1. This death theory explains why he didn’t go out with any girls: he didn’t want to start a relationship, die, and then break the girls’ heart. The only problem is that this is already explained in the show. The reason why Sakamoto won’t go out with anyone is because he’s going on Massive mars landing project and knows he can’t keep the commitment up. Could that be the reason? Could the most simple, easy, well-known reason be the correct one? I think yes.

There could also be other reasons but this idea is explained in the anime many times.


  1. In the opening he puts his jacket on a body, metaphorically passing the baton on. He also has a walking stick, sings into a sweeping brush, eats a meal, surfs, throws romantic flowers, shoots a fake gun and plays chess with a cone. So this basically shows that the scenes in this mean nothing. If you however want to avoid this logical line of discussion and avoid the other evidence present then I can show that this means Sakamoto’s death won’t happen.

The most notable thing is that the shot before the mannequin scene shows Sakamoto without his normal uniform on and instead his P.E clothes. The next scene shows Sakamoto partially dressed from this P.E lesson realising he’s not got his jacket on (it’s on the mannequin). This then transitions to Sakamoto holding his jacket to a scene where he has his jacket on. It shows Sakamoto realising he’s not changed properly because it’s impossible for anyone to throw a jacket on the mannequin from that position.

Let’s also factor in the possibility that this interpretation is incorrect. If anyone could throw a jacket on a mannequin from that position it’s Sakamoto and it also brings up the question of how his jacket got on the mannequin in the first place. Theirs three points I’d like to say. The first is that the scene is stylish and isn’t ominous, you’d have to read a lot into it to draw any interpretation.

The second point is that even if the mannequin represents death, it doesn’t show Sakamoto’s going to die. The guy isn’t worried in the slightest and is facing away from it with the mannequin facing outwards, slouching in fear. The lack of worry presented in this scene makes the idea of death pretty strange.

The final thing is that the shot actually shows how good Sakamoto is at studying. He’s great at science and studying which is shown by the biological mannequin which he trusts with his jacket. He has such a passion for the sciences that he’d leave his jacket on it –what a hero.


  1. Der Erlkonig, the song at karaoke represents Sakamoto’s story and his death and Sakamoto chose that song specifically for this reason. This is not the case at all and one clear inspection of the lyrics Sakamoto says disproves this notion.

The anime puts a great deal of effort into making the song last such a long time. Sakamoto nearly finishes the song. Emphasis on “nearly” The song is one of hope and love until the final verse when the father learns his son is dead. All of the parts Sakamoto sings about are to do with the love. Sakamoto ends the song early on the line (translated into English) “And if you’re not willing, my force I’ll employ.’ “And what happens after this? Sakamoto’s force of women spill out into the karaoke and take over the entire place (They are employed). So no, this story isn’t about death, it’s used to conveniently signal all the women to walk in making a brilliantly funny scene.

So yeah, it’s far more likely that Der Erlklonig was chosen for this line over anything else. The story of a dying prince also doesn’t make sense because Sakamoto has no prominent father figure. Another thing is that Sakamoto doesn’t sing any of the death lyrics and all of the ones which show the promise of him being alive, meaning that he is.


  1. If you don’t remember the lyrics in the opening that were written I’ll put all of them here again:

“Raise your head and elegantly judge the gloom that grabs your gaze.”

“Go with the flow as you defy with a cool looking face.”

“Hardship is a bouqet that decorates your days.”

“Open those eyes wide and don’t look away, from the shining superior new world.”

“As those feelings overflow, be yourself until the end.”

“It will take you to a warm reception in HEAVEN.”

Even when I search “Sakamoto Desu Ga Op” followed by the quotes from above I find nothing with these exact quotes in them. All I see is the reddit post and the thing that stole from the reddit post (and hopefully my website once this gets uploaded) which means the original place where the people got the lyrics from doesn’t exist anymore.

Instead you can google the actual op for yourselves and find that it contains similar lyrics, with completely different meanings. Since only the short version is shown in the anime I will only talk about similar quotes from the short version.

The 2nd lyric is pretty inaccurate and the only similar thing I could find is “Stand up and confront even raging torrents. Flow! Defy! With a cool FACE” meaning that Sakamoto if anything is defying death,  and not dying.

The 3rd lyric is closer to “The plan is to adorn the days like a bouquet of flowers” which is about improving every day, not dying.

The line close to the 4th lyric is “unable to avert the eyes, dazzling heart of the new world” which is actually about other people and not Sakamoto. It’s clear that the new world is Sakamoto and its others who can’t avoid entering it. Even if this interpretation is false, new world doesn’t mean death. That much is clear.

I don’t know how the 5th lyric was translated at all because the only similar thing is “Take out the chart, ride along the heaven wave” which is about enjoying life as if it was heaven, not going there.

Sorry, anything close to the other lyrics not mentioned aren’t there. However In case I googled incorrectly I’m going to talk about what each lyric would mean if they were in the actual song just in case it turns out they’re in the full version.

The first 4 don’t actually allude to death, some sound ominous but nothing on the level that people think the lyrics mean so they’re a non-issue. The first thing that could be used in the 5th lyric is “be yourself until the end”, the “end” referring to death. Whilst that may also be true this is just a common phrase that means “be yourself no matter what” so it doesn’t exactly condemn him to death.

The last line “it will take you to a warm place in heaven” isn’t actually very helpful. Sure it’s about death but let me draw your attention to “it” which is the first part of the lyric. I can guarantee you that as soon as these lyrics are found (which they won’t be) the “it” this is referring too doesn’t hint at death, never mind Sakamoto’s. Even if lyrics 4 and 5 follow on from each other it still doesn’t show his death because of the fact that the 4th line doesn’t reference it completely.


So there you go. The Sakamoto death theory is completely and utterly false. This whole thing was spun up by some idiot conspiracy fans that spin phrases that imply incorrect things. The chapter title and apparent impossible mars mission led to a whole load of random coincidences which really got out of hand, ruining the show for some people.

I want to leave this section here as I want to use this space to just disprove other people’s claims and answer questions/disagreements that others may have.



65 thoughts on “The Sakamoto death theory (Sakamoto Desu ga?) and why it’s wrong

  1. The ending is rather abrupt for me, and left me feeling the same way that GTO the anime did, wanting more.

    I like to think that Sakamoto is actually an actor. His surname is common for the Ryuku Islands, where its warm and doesn’t snow much, if at all. Okinawa is in the chain, and famous for where people go to get groomed in show biz. In episode 12, when we see him covered in pie, it made me think of Phantom of the Opera. In episode 13, the newspaper shows him in New York City, which makes me think he is on broadway.

    Actors are groomed rigorously, so it would explain his physical prowess, singing, improv skills and flair for the dramatic.

    Or, he could just have been recruited for NASA because he is so gifted.

    Regardless, I want a Sakamoto movie or OVA.

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    1. Interesting theory, of course they could just be references instead of hints to his true nature. It is fun to think of ideas for why it could be this way, even though I honestly don’t think there is an explanation.

      We did get an OVA, but I don’t really like it. Sometimes it’s better to be left wanting more then getting it and not liking it. Essentially it’s about the school after Sakamoto leaves, and it’s kind of sad and empty without him there. But don’t let this stop you from watching, sometimes you just have to see the follow up anyway.


  2. I’m not willing to write a long text but I have to say, you too are going ahead of yourself. You are forgetting that what you have are only theories and that they may not represent how reality really is. In fact, in my view I see both your and other people’s theories possible, with none being better than the other.

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    1. I mean without examples all I can really say is sure ok. Your free to think the obvious interpretation is just as valid as the one that says a man who can basically fly and never appears ill is dying slowly. Though I’m really questioning why you think that.


  3. Your counter theory is full of assumptions. So It’s not valid.
    Don’t think outside the box to the point that you’re just assuming everything just to counter that death theory.

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    1. The lack of self awareness is just too funny. I’m going to give you the respect to assume this is trolling.

      Every point of the death theory is full of assumptions. So it’s not valid.

      Look at that, the whole theory disproved in two sentences! Makes me wonder why I bothered writing the whole thing…


      1. Ass-pulling out irl facts doesn’t help with your argument a bit.At least, the “so-called” death theory has relatively probable ground to make such a claim, just because other chapter follows a certain rhetorical interpretation doesn’t mean anything to the last one, and visual metaphor can mean differnt things, him being in a casket-like object alone could have easily inferred his death, rather than him leaving. Plus, you’re rebutting criticism by labeling your own flaws on their beliefs without actually defending your point

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        1. I don’t need to defend the default claim, you have to prove the theory to be likely. It’s also funny how you seem to have no problem at all with ass-pulling theories instead.

          Your being dishonest. The pattern of chapter titles matters a hell of a lot. If most of them are metaphorical then it’s safer to assume that the pattern continues. The last chapter is the most fitting metaphor for the manga ending and Sakamoto leaving imaginable, it is the perfect metaphorical chapter title.

          The alternative is thinking that the mangaka, despite putting absolutely no reason to think he’s dying previously in every single other chapter thought last minute that they were going to throw in an alternate new literal interpretation suddenly saying that the main characters dead.

          Anyway the literal interpretation of the chapter title card is that at some point in time Sakamoto stood in a locker strangely. So it’s already clear that the chapter title is metaphorical.


          1. Your way of “debunking” the opening is rather funny to behold. It’ like saying one of the suspect wears bloodied suits while concealing a knife but he’s innocent because he likes flower, and always carry one with him. It’s not ass-pulling if it’s not straight out of the air nonsense.

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            1. If the opening was in any way like that at all, fair enough, but it’s not. He puts his jacket on a mannequin, your comparing that to wearing a bloody suit and holding a knife. Theirs clearly a problem here.

              The anime also is not really relevant to the theory as the manga is the original, anything added in, such as music and OP’s by the anime directors don’t really have any bearing at all on whether the theory is true or not.

              We disagree. For the future, it’s more helpful to explain why something is wrong than simply saying it’s wrong without giving any good reasons. To call what you have given me just now “ass-pulling” is far too kind.


  4. He’s an alien. In one of the episodes you see him holding a book and the inside has intentionally alien text & a purposely alien language writing system. He mentions NASA he mentions before 1000 years humanity will need to evacuate earth- he’s a time travelling alien with a mission: part I, is to live among normal humans which he does using info he’s learnt on how to be person (he learns too much hence why he appears odd / knows more than the average high school student). part II is to report back after 1 year of study to reveal his results. What he didn’t expect is how much he’ll miss his classmates, even the pie face at the end looks alien-ish


  5. I think Sakamoto is like a high school Nanny McPhee: he goes to the school to help people improve and become the best versions of themselves, and once his job is done, he has to leave. He is probably going to another high school with other people who need his help…

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    1. Hahaha that’s such a sweet idea. I guess the school this time around is NASA training or something!

      Sakamoto does a lot of helping people as a student so that’s possible to believe. Whether that’s deliberate or not I don’t know but I like it anyway!


    2. I think this theory is true. Thats why the mother of one of his school mates also knew him so well. Maybe he already helped in her class in the past. Thats why she says something like “You are finally back”. The death theory also sounded good, but I think its a simple good spirit story.

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      1. Yeah I suppose. But this theory is so much nicer imo. I remember the mum you were talking about but I don’t know if she was a teacher. Or could it be that Sakamoto is ageless and was in school when the mum was a student!?


        1. She was not a teacher. I think he is ageless and he was with her in school like he was with her son. You can see the way she acts when she is disguised, as her son, that even though she can’t stop admiring Sakamoto, she doesn’t want to reveal herself.

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          1. Well I think she would have mentioned it if he looked the exact same and had the same name, but yeah it’s a nice theory. She just wants to stay disguised because if she doesn’t then everyone in the school will know that she successfully pretended to be her son! – It would be embarrassing.


  6. My opinion is that Sakamoto may have been a clone subject .He may had been made by some scientist.Who have been ordered him to observe human nature ,along with the study of living beings(outstanding knowledge of biology).Which can been seen by the fact that his face resembles some star.Also his knowledge and super human ability. We can simply say that he was created with the best traits in a human.And lastly the manga poster hints us that he may have been hyberniting or is being modified

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    1. Sure that’s one explanation, it’s a cool theory. I prefer to just think of it as a comedy which we shouldn’t take seriously though.

      How does his face resemble a star?

      Also a human with the best traits possible still wouldn’t be able to fly and e.c.t, I like the idea though.

      I may come across as really anti-theories but it’s only the fact that people are taking the death theory so seriously that I’m so harsh about it.


              1. Episode 3: Hide and Seek Love. Mom, “I think you look like that Korean actor Chon Chorizo”. Later, the mom watches a drama DVD called “Winter’s Prism”, and the male character turns, who looks like Sakamoto.

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  7. The jacket on the mannequin scene has always struck me as that thing cool gentlemen do when a lady is cold (or is somehow stripped down, like in a lot of 90s josei Anime) and he coolly gives them their jacket, while being aloof about it. The mannequin was literally more than just a little stripped down so I thought that made a lot of comedic sense

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    1. Yeah that’s a great point! I see it done a lot as well. Thank you for the point, I don’t think I would have thought of that! More evidence against the theory is always a good thing!


  8. Alright, this is for you people who want to believe Sakamoto is too cool to die with a cough.
    I have an alternate theory as to who Sakomoto is and what is to become of him. It’s something that can’t be either proven wrong or right, but would be pretty cool if they wanted to play the, “Aha all your theories are wrong card” here’s a new season!
    What if Sakomoto was an intelligence agent in training as opposed to a dying kid? This will explain why Sakamoto has an unusual asset of unconventional skills and is readily able to adapt to any environment. Think about it. Sakamoto has exceptional charismatic skills that draw people toward him, he can make people believe anything, he can get out of any sticky situation, and he has outstanding athletic abilities. Sakamoto could have been training since he was a young child, which would explain why he doesn’t have much experience with how school is run and he could be attending a high school in order to gain interpersonal skills with peers before deployment.
    Why then would he say he’s going to join NASA? This explains why he was going to America because as seen in the OVA/Episode 13 he seen in a news clipping in the USA, so we know he did make the trip.
    Why then would his only regret being not knowing the exact number of holes on the ceiling tile in the nurse’s office? There two possibilities for this I can think of.
    1. It could be a Jason Borne Tredstone thing where he needs medications to maintain performance and mental stability.
    2. His nurse may be a contact from the agency where he reports his progress and what he’s learned (which may explain why he’s been there a lot, but also explain why no one else in the series mentions his frequent visits and that there’s not a lot of rumors surrounding it).
    The fatal illness that requires him to be at the nurses a lot doesn’t make sense for the fact that his cognitive and physical capabilities are not indicative of someone with a fatal illness, there are no rumors in school surrounding him attending the nurse’s office for illness frequently, and also
    Why then all the death motifs and tragic hero foreshadowing? It’s true that there are scenes in the manga of him in a locker casket and the OVA episode 13 intermission titles saying I was Sakamoto, but it could be that the NASA story is a part of a fake death. It’s possible the organization (likely the CIA or Japanese PSIA) will fake his death, so that the memories of all who knew him and his records would end with him dying. This would allow for him operate without an identity. It could also be the case that the death motif was not foreshadowing physical death, but rather him never being seen again by those who know him and, in a sense, he died.
    Anyways, food for thought. I like to accept this as a personal head cannon and that right now Sakamoto is somewhere in North Korea or China as an undercover agent or double agent in America pretending to work for said countries.

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    1. Thank you for the theory! I don’t agree with it but it’s a fun anyway!

      The show is ultimately a fun comedy show so I don’t think Sakamoto’s crazy stunts need an explanation because it’s not the kind of show that warrants one. But spy training isn’t a bad explanation, I just question how anyone can take the show seriously when Sakamoto is flying on an umbrella. I could just as easily say that Sakamoto is an angel because of this moment where he flies but it’s obviously not true.

      It’s very strange how much we can read into coincidences and random one lines of dialogue to create these theories. Sakamoto in the nurses office is one of these in my opinion, it could just as easily have been a one liner joke. I think if the writer wanted to have a death/secret agent in the background he would have made it more obvious than the cryptic line which could have been read the wrong way e.g what if he couldn’t count the tiles because it was the room he was in the least and he knew the amounts for the rest of the rooms?

      Your idea of him dying to lose his identity has probably been done before but it would require a lot of the other points of the death theory to be disproved before I even start to think the show could be going in that direction.

      The forshadow with the death motif is also true whether he’s a secret agent or not because he’s leaving the school anyway.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong but you’ll need more evidence to convince me! It is really interesting and fun to think about though so thank you. I can tell you’re not taking it too seriously so hopefully these points can make your head cannon stronger and think you’re way around what I said!


  9. This reply is pretty late but I just completed the anime and wasn’t sure about the ending. May I add that when Sakamoto says that he doesn’t know how much holes there are in the nurse office means “We didn’t fight”. Hayabusa likes to fight and wanted to win a fight against Sakamoto. So if Sakamoto would have ended up in the nurse office it would have meant that Mayabusa beat him up. It’s just a nice way to say that they ended up being friends instead of hating each other.

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      1. I just finished watching this on VRV. The translation in episode 12 is around Sakamoto having regret. When asked, “Don’t you have any regret’s?”, he answers, “If I did, it would involve the precise number of holes in the ceiling of the nurse’s office”. Since Sakamoto was just there, and we saw a shot where there were many holes in each tile, I think this was a cool way to say, “I have many regrets”. He’s not a character who uses simple phrases, so this makes sense.

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        1. Yeah that’s true, it’s exactly what he’s like! He wouldn’t be the kind of person to explain that he meant that when the other person was confused. He’s too cool.


  10. Fascinating post. I read some of the death theories, and I must admit that a lot of them made sense. However, just like you said, a lot of this series is open to interpretation. I think that that’s one of its strengths. After all, it’s so much fun to speculate at what really did happen to Sakamoto in the end. For me personally, I don’t want him to “die”. I’d rather believe that he’s out there somewhere working hard on achieving his dreams and spreading awesomeness to everyone around him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I agree, The main issue for me was that a lot of this theory was made up of simple lies which fell apart as soon as I started looking at them. A few of them are open to interpretation but many use inaccurate information or lies. So I was happy to disprove them!

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