Anime Harems: Why Are People Even watching? – Part 8

If you ask any “anime harems fan” why they enjoy them they often find it difficult to explain. This doesn’t mean that anyone has bad taste or isn’t smart, it’s just fairly telling for the genre. I’m going to argue that most harems (nearly all) are made far worse by including the harem aspects. This is because nobody really says they enjoy the harem when praising the show. It’s always the comedy, action, story or animation that everyone seems to like.

Nobody ever seems to say that they enjoy the fan service or ten minutes of girls arguing each episode. And if nobody says this then nobody must enjoy these things!


Ok, a lot of people are probably lying about that. So I may as well address this in the argument anyway. My point is that even a good harem (trust me, theirs a few) is better without its harem tag in almost all situations. Unless you enjoy girls fighting over guys then every aspect you can enjoy in other shows is made better by removing all traces of the harem tag in its entirety.


You like action? Well wouldn’t the action be better if there was less time spent on flirting and more time spent on action? Wouldn’t the action also be better if the tension wasn’t subverted every episode by these dumb high school arguments. This argument can be used for nearly every genre and most harem fans admit at this point that they enjoy all these things because of the harem influences on every part of the story.

At this point there’s no real argument, just the realisation that fans of the genre enjoy the effects of a harem on all other aspects of the story despite the fact that individually it would make the aspects they like suffer. Who’d have thought that harem fans liked this influence of harem on the story?


The point that “harems make everything worse unless you like them” seems kind of obvious in retrospect  but I feel like knowing the reason why you enjoy things more than others is important enough for me to not completely scrap this.

So if you like a harem for a specific reason and dislike the consequences of the harem on this aspect of the story so I can all but recommend checking out something which is in the genre without the harem. It’s all a matter of taste whether you consider a harem adding something to the story or taking many things away. and I’m going to leave it at that for now.


Continued in part 9 where I continue to discuss the harem genre and how it’s so popular yet so bad in many people’s eyes. Despite keeping this project on a long hiatus I find that I’m getting more things to talk about, more perspectives to disagree with and as what will forever continue to be a problem: people who I don’t want to offend even though in some cases it feels like they’re trying to be.

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