The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Is a Great Film

It’s rare for me to find a time travel film which tackles it’s time travel mechanic in such an interesting and personal way. Instead of a simple save the world plotline the show explored the less catastrophic, more fun side of time travel whilst still creating an interesting, high stakes story which is fun to see unfold.


The main character Makoto is airheaded and failing at school. She tries very hard but just can’t seem to avoid trouble everywhere she goes. I’ll avoid spoilers for now however the title itself tells us that she leaps through time to change recent events which she’s unhappy with. I like the fact that she’s a normal girl and has no major events she wants changing, like most viewers I’d assume. This means the things she changes timewise are more comedic than anything. And I certainly found myself laughing at all the jokes that came up because of the personality of the main character.

Makoto’s best friends Chiaki and Kousuke play a valuable and entertaining part in the film. They become involved in conflicts (emotionally and physically) and become involved once the conflicts of Makoto’s time travel takes place.


A big theme in this film is consequences, and how being a girl who suddenly knows everything might not lead to the best relationships with others. As well as this, inevitability and how to get round it is another idea explored in a really interesting and sometimes funny way.  This doesn’t form the main conflict however it’s certainly there and the way Makoto deals with it is very entertaining to watch.

Like most films, it’s split into three sections. The first one is when Makoto learns time travel and conflicts are introduced. The second part is about Makoto learning more about the power and discovering the consequences of her actions ending with the third part which I won’t spoil. The opening is a very dull part of the film as we see a huge portion of Makoto’s day for no apparent reason. As the film develops this set-up is brought back in interesting ways so that the pay offs feel absolutely amazing.


The story opens up as we continue through the film but it’s all done well and nothing really feels too out of place. You might find yourself saying “why didn’t she do this…” but these occurrences happen so infrequently that it’s really hard to care. Since every scene is there for a reason, a lot of these moments are social commentary which was considered more important than events which weren’t necessarily logical. The film doesn’t beat you over the head with social commentary or points about society however it leaves ideas out in the open for those who are interested to think about.

With great sound and animation I think this film is well worth a watch even if you tend to dislike anime films. It’s too fun and engaging to pass.


It’s very rare for me to find a film I enjoy, long term followers can attest to this by seeing my reviews of classic films such as Princess Mononoke and Your name. So when I start praising a film as well as this you know that it’s probably worth watching!


3 thoughts on “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Is a Great Film

  1. Loved it too. The main character was well fleshed out and likeable, which made the not-quite-happy ending all the more bittersweet for me. Have watched this twice with a space of about five years in between and enjoyable both times!

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