What I Watched In August – (reviews and recommendations of anime)

Not done one of these in two months because JEARETTAS kind of burnt me out. Because I released two anime episode reviews a day I talked about pretty much everything I watched anyway and nothing to talk about here. Well I still have a lot less than I usually do to talk about but oh well. Just read the JEARETTAS archive if you want my thoughts on any more things in particular.

So let’s get into it!

Inari KonKon

In this paragraph I’m going to explain why I watched this show because I think it’s funny. I listen to a podcast called “The Pro-crastinators Podcast” which has a certain mascot that nobody knew for the longest time. Nate (from the podcast) found the picture without knowing where it came from and put him as the mascot because he looked like a pro-crastinator. Well much later it was found out that he was a guy from Inari KonKon and I added it to my watch list. Much later I actually got round to finishing it!

So Inari KonKon was really good, entertaining and emotional. The main character recieves special powers from a god and they start hanging out together… and drama ensues. It has both romance and drama which interact really well. The story has two elements, Inari’s persuits of love and Inari’s relationship with the god. Both are done well.

The lessons Inari learns and friends she made at the end leads to a huge, brilliant climax which made me tear up inside. It was great.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes First Season

Yes, I’ve moved onto this, the greatest anime of all time! Well, kind of. The show was great but not the best thing I’ve ever seen. It takes a while to become invested and it’s hard to watch at times however theirs a lot to like about it. You can find out more reasons why it’s good here.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

You can tell I didn’t watch a whole lot when most of the shows listed have another post I’ve written attached to them. It should release on the same day as this post! Not to repeat myself I’m going to say that It was pretty good and I enjoyed it.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

This is a show that I keep coming back too because I really should finish it. It’s very funny but self-contained so you can come back to it whenever you want. Each episode revolves around a comedic idea which is exploered by each and ever character. You’ve got the illegal immigrant, hikkikomori, OCD girl, the stalker and many more. These characters are crazy and work brilliantly together in a comedy situation.


Tokyo Godfathers

This anime film is about homeless people who find a baby in the snow and try and return it. It was enjoyable overall but I found it boring and uninteresting in places. The characters were cool and I liked their back story which was developed further as they learned to express themselves better.

It also takes place on Christmas eve so it might be fun to watch as a Christmas movie or just for enjoyment in your spare time.


K-On! Movie

A lot of movies on this list… I wonder if it’s because I didn’t have enough shows to write about so I watched these films. That’s kind of true but there’s a lot of films that were on my to watch list anyway. Especially the K-On! Film.

This took place at the end of the school year when the four members are leaving Azusa behind on her own. To try and cheer her up they plan to give her a present, and let her on a trip to London with them!

The show has its usual K-on! Charm and has a lot of passion and emotion behind it. The film was entertaining and funny – it’s K-on! But felt truly dramatic and sad at the end. If you want to give this film a shot what the anime first and if you’ve already seen the anime then this film is a must watch.

My Neighbor Totoro

After finishing the film I felt a little unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it however I just felt that nothing really happened. After 86 minutes I ‘d expect something to change or develop much more than what actually happened in the film. I get that it tries to capture the emotion and wonder of young children in a new place but it was still unsatisfying in my opinion.

This is because after the excitement of Totoro everything didn’t seem to matter. I knew the sister wasn’t going to be missing and the mum was ok. This could have been because the build up to the climax was too late and I couldn’t get invested.

Despite these criticisms the slice of life aspects of the show was pretty good and rarely became boring. I’ve notoriously hated on films in my blogging history but I’m glad the films I’ve named here have been ones I’v enjoyed!

I wouldn’t watch it again but it certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve wasted my time.


Ninja Scroll

Despite simple story and relatively simple characters this film was great. It had entertaining fight scenes and gory violence to the background of a much deeper story which you didn’t really have to pay attention to if you didn’t want to.

There were a lot of characters involved in this story who were involved mostly for action purposes. The insane fight scenes with devils were excellently done and the adult tone only made them cooler. If you dislike action this really isn’t a film for you though, I would however say that the action is interesting and different to most modern fight scenes so it might be worth a watch anyway.

I really enjoyed the way the three main characters joined together to overcome their goal, and I found that the characters relationships had great execution, felt real, and ended very well to enhance the ending of the film.

It rarely got boring and provided a great action ninja story for me to enjoy. I recommend it.


Thanks for reading. As ever, I will announce the best anime I watched this week and it will be forever immortalised on the score board of “best anime from this month”. The best anime was easily Inari Kon Kon and I didn’t read any manga so that will go forever blank.

Winners Table for Best Anime Of The Month!

January 2017 – Kaiji

February 2017 – Mysterious Girlfriend X

March 2017 – B Gata H Kei (My fascination for Berserk didn’t start until April)

April 2017 – Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Dub)

May 2017 – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

June 2017 – Golden Boy

July 2017 – New GTO (Definitely Counts)

August – Inari Konkon Koi Iroha.

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