Who doesn’t love good old piracy every so often? I mean piracy’s great! Imagine something you want, chances are that piracy can have it for you. Why is this? It’s because pirate stories are awesome!

It’s the sense of adventure, exploring the world of the seas. Getting into fights, exploring islands and ultimately having a good action packed time. Even if you disliked piracy I find it hard to imagine why people so actively hate on people who enjoy piracy. Sure, pirates might be the bad guys in almost every situation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate their story anyway!

I’m bringing this up because there seems to be a huge disagreement between two members of the anime community. Digibro and Forneverworld. We’ve got the fat, rum drinking pirate Digibro who loves pirates and represents the rational side of this debate. And in the other corner we’ve got navy commander Forneneverworld who cares more about preserving his fleet than giving people fun, entertaining pirate stories.

For the record, I believe that most people in this community like pirate stories due to the success of one piece. 416 million copies of one piece have been sold, that’s a lot of piracy! It’s the most best-selling manga so you can’t say that pirate stories are bad since they have such a broad appeal.

Let me address the opposition to piracy. People claim that piracy makes less money for the anime industry. Well don’t you remember the fact that one piece sold so well? How can you say that?

Another thing that people complain about is lack of employment. Apparently it destroys jobs. Well unless you count pirate raids many pirates employ people. Straw Hat Luffy created like a million jobs, that’s pretty good! As well as this, the creators of Pirates of the Caribbean spent 34 million dollars just to employ extras, giving many people more jobs.

I read a statistic (which I doubt the validity of) that pirates stole 12 billion dollars from the music industry in 2010. I find this hard to believe since Pirates don’t have internet access. I’m very annoyed that people are making up things like this for no good reason.

Real life pirates going around attacking people are a problem. I don’t understand why people care about fictional ones though. Real life pirates aren’t massively prominent and really don’t deserve this much attention for the minor (on a world scale) issues they cause. Your anger is better directed at SJW’s my friends, the people who always bring the world down and rarely help anything. I don’t want to talk about this for too long but it seems fairly hypocritical to try and get a guy fired for just saying a wrong thing once. Being fired is a way too severe punishment for most people as you shouldn’t have all your money taken from you just because you said one thing wrong (and probably apologised for it).

So piracy is great! I don’t think I need to justify why pirate stories are good so I’ll leave it at that. Thank you for reading.


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