50 Followers! – My Anime and Blogging History!

Whether this number drops or falls I’m pleased to say that this blog has reached 50 followers! Thank you to everyone who followed! For this very special post I will describe how my blog started and how I came to enjoy anime.


How This Blog Started

In December 2016 I not only became interested in writing, but writing quickly. I could create a bad piece of writing in a short amount of time or a decent one in a very large amount of time. The whole point of this blog was to practice writing great posts in a shorter and shorter amount of time. Blogging was the medium I decided to use to practice and it had many advantages in the long run.

I thought that nobody would be interested in my blog what-so-ever. I set it to public but didn’t expect anything. Then as I received comments, likes, views and followers I found that I wanted to write more since people were clearly enjoying everything I released. Blogging was never about the fans, but they helped to keep me motivated and keep to a schedule.

The main thing that hindered my progress as a blogger was myself. There are many things that I know I could be doing to boost my blog which I’m outright rejecting. I don’t read, like, comment or follow other anime blogs. I also don’t advertise at all, and I’ve not told a single person how to find my anime blog. The growth of this blog has been entirely organic, and I’m proud that it’s gotten this far without any extra effort. So thankyou everyone who followed, I appreciate it!

I chose anime blogging because I had a lot of ideas to share about anime. Instead of waiting until January and starting it as a new year’s resolution I eagerly started on the 27th of December and created two posts a day for the last four days of the month. This obviously led to interesting statistics. When you go to statistics and click years you can see the comparisons. 2017’s many views towers over 2016’s 27 and it’s quite funny.

How I became an Anime Fan

There are many factors involved but I’ll keep the story as simple as possible and avoid child anime like Pokémon which I didn’t realise was anime.

All of my friends at school were into yugioh and yugioh abridged, and at the time I was into reading books. Due to this I went to the library often. When I saw yugioh in the manga section I took the volumes out and enjoyed them. After I’d ran out of yugioh volumes I switched from books to manga and started picking out random volumes to read. Despite all this I was oblivious to the idea of watching anime as a “thing”. This all changed many years later.

One of my friends talked a lot about bleach: a manga that I read as a kid but ran out of volumes during the soul society arc. Instead of picking up the manga again I watched the soul society arc for free. At this point I knew what anime was but had no motivation to continue looking for more. Then another friend recommended Assassination classroom and I got hooked. At this point I’d read a lot of manga and watched a selection of anime.

I went to a summer camp for five days and met a hard-core, evangelical anime fan who recommended many anime to me. I started enjoying all of these new shows and decided to start looking for more. As time continued the drive to look for new anime increased, turning me into a fan.

Where I’m going From Here

Due to a terrible accident one of my friends (username Veol) found out about this anime blog. After making Veol keep quiet about it she started reading my posts and watched a film I recommended in my “What I Watched” post called Ninja Scroll. And now she wants to write posts on this blog after seeing what I’ve got here. Whilst I’m pleased Veols getting into anime, I’m not too sure if I want her posts here so I’m going to do a trial. Every Wednesday of September Veol will release a post and we’ll see how it goes from there. Here’s what Veol had to say.

“Hey guys its Veol here – the amazing and brilliant addition that this blog needs. After searching through mybrainiscompletelyempty (soon to be something weird like ourbriansarecompletelyempty) I found that the blog was missing something or two things. Fun, and me. Nobody cares about “analysis” and Ross does it boringly. Even the few “funny joke” posts are terrible: “Haha! I’m talking about the live action GTO and not the real GTO HAHAHAHA!”, “Man piracy is so cool because pirates are fun and cool!” I am the light this obscure, failing anime blog needs and my one post a week will be equivalent to all three of the other ones. So congratulations, you’ve done as good a job you can with your inferior mind and writing style. You’ve come along way, and I’m going to carry you further.


So as you can tell, the posts will probably be very different, and it might be good to have something different every Wednesday, even If we disagree on our post quality. Veol obviously doesn’t dislike my posts that much; she just has a terrible sense of humour. So thank you for following and reading this 50 follower update. I hope you  continue to enjoy everything I put out. Thank you.

I just realised that this whole post was a scam anyway since I never realised I was following myself meaning I have 49 not including me. Oh well, who cares? Nevermind, got 51 now!


12 thoughts on “50 Followers! – My Anime and Blogging History!

    • Thanks Arria. I remember that you were one of the first people to find me and used to like pretty much everything I put out!

      As for the community I’ve been out of the loop pretty much the whole time. Most of my views are from google. I think it’s because I find it hard to find posts that I’ll enjoy reading so I don’t like/comment letting people know who I am!

      Are there any better ways for finding anime blogs other than using the anime tag on wordpress reader or searching for something you want?

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re very welcome. I like connecting with our fellow anibloggers. Well, I think that it’s more important to forge actual bonds with other bloggers. Be friends. If you’re interested, here is a list of some of my closest blogging buddies:


        If you find a fellow aniblogger, check out their blogrolls.

        If you’re also interested, you can join my monthly blog carnivals I host. It’s a 1-week event where you submit your own blog post and then read other bloggers’ posts as well. You’ll be able to connect with some of our fellow bloggers this way. Not to mention that you’ll promote your own submitted blog post if people liked what you wrote. My next carnival is this coming Monday (Sept. 11).

        If you have other questions, I would gladly help you if I’m able to. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s funny how you said I can ask questions as soon as I have a massive urgent question.
          1. Why is wordpress lying to me? I clicked on my co-authors blog post to read it and found that I had 16 extra followers than I thought! What does this mean and why did it happen?
          2. How do I get into that carnival thing? Is there a post you can link me?

          Thank you very much!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Where did you see the extra followers? On your followers list on the dashboard? I’m a little confused when you said that you saw you had extra followers after clicking on your co-author’s post. Can you explain a bit more clearly? Thanks.

            My blog carnival will start this coming Monday and ends the following Sunday at 7 AM E.S.T. I can give you the link, but it won’t go live until the scheduled time. Here it is:


            If you’re interested to see how it’s like. You can take a look at the previous carnivals and see if it’s something you’d like to participate in.


            Liked by 1 person

              • Hi. I see. Perhaps wp just got delayed a bit before sending you the 50 follower badge. It may happen. But don’t worry about it too much. And it gets a bit more complicated if you connected your other social media accounts to your blog like Twitter and FB, because they also add to your follower numbers, but not to your official blog followers.

                Yes, you can submit and old post. But of course, it will be up to other bloggers to actually click on your link and read it. So I recommend that you craft an interesting short description for your post when you do submit it. And also our fellow bloggers tell me that their posts get more exposure when they’re featured on my best posts round-up, but that’s up to me, which posts I like. Hope to see you on my carnival this Monday. Cheers!

                Liked by 1 person

                • Cool thanks. Do you like Sakamoto desu ga? I’m asking for no reason in particular. Also sorry for the long comment thread. That thing about social media followers could be there from google+, I doubt it’s from anything else because I’m not connected with FB and it’s not YouTube because I’d have an extra 400 if that was the case! Thank you for the help, it means a lot, especially when I’m not really sure what I’m doing!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Yes, I liked Sakamoto desu ga. It was surprisingly delightful. I didn’t expect much but I really enjoyed it. You?

                    I see. That may be the case, then. Don’t mind about it too much. Before you know it, you’ll get 100, then 150, then 200. I personally don’t care took much about the total number. I get m ore excited interacting with followers who actively interact and discuss things with me. Then I know that there are peole who enjoy what I write.

                    Anyway, no problem. I hope that you are enjoying the blogging community here. There are many nice ones who are very helpful, and I continue to learn a lot from them. Cheers!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah me too. Thanks. Sakamoto was really good and I was mainly asking to see if you liked the topic of the post I want to submit! I doubt I’ll get very far unless I start interacting more, luckily I’m starting to do that so you never know.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Okies. Sounds intriguing. Looking forward to reading it when you do submit that post.

                      That’s good to hear. Connecting with our fellow bloggers is fun and it feels very fulfilling as an anime fan as well. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

                      Liked by 1 person

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