Kodomo No Jikan: Addressing Criticism

I would like to release a post talking about Kodomo No Jikan however as it’s a story about a 7 year old trying to seduce her 23 year old teacher there are obvious concerns and criticisms to address before I actually get to what I want to talk about. This post is worth reading if you’ve seen any of the show at all but if this is your first time hearing about it then I recommend you watch at least a bit first or just avoid this post entirely.

Criticism 1: The 7 year old girls’ carer (cousin) is jealous that the girl loves the teacher sexually and not him.

The cousin is protective because he’s aware of the dangers she could face. His perceived overreaction is partially justified when you consider the fact that he’s heard things like “Teacher said he loves me”, “I love teacher” and found them trapped in a dark room together. If you couldn’t convince Rin to stop her pursuits then transferring her would be for the best because judging by Aoki’s reaction one of these days her seduction attempts just might work.

Criticism 2: The shows social message states that paedophilia is the child’s fault.

This isn’t true because the characters are heavily individualised to such an extent that the characters cannot possibly summarise anyone but their characters. They are completely unrepresentative of the world as a whole. You might be able to see why the manga creator didn’t want a predator as the main character and wanted a more endearing person on both sides.

As well as this I can imagine that a lot of children did crush on their teachers (from personal experience) so I think it’s interesting to see the absolute horror story of a girl like this perusing a relationship.

Criticism 3: It has paedophilia in it

True, but the benefit of free speech is that taboos of society can be explored artistically at a distance so that awareness can be raised. This anime is an uncomfortable horror to sit through at the best of times and I can understand why people wouldn’t want to involve with that but it doesn’t make it inherently bad (Even though Paedophilia is obviously bad).

A show called the handmaids tail which is very relevant (please comment if you got that) includes misogyny and oppression of women but that doesn’t stop people enjoying it. This is a similar thing.

Criticism 4: It’s aimed at pedos

I’m getting these criticisms from Mal reviews and it’s funny to look at the statistics in cases like this. There are apparently 45 thousand pedos on MAL and 60% of viewers are pedos. It’s funny because the person who made this comment had completed the show, and he knows what the completionists have in common…

Japes aside pedos probably will enjoy this; the show however has wider appeal for all its other aspects I’ll go into in the following posts.

Criticism 5: It’s over censored

This criticism applies to the other side of the argument. I’ve not found any copies of the censored version meaning the censored one is easily available. I’d probably have rather watched the censored version but oh well. The show doesn’t have any explicit material in it so your safe to watch it even though you will always look away anyway.

Criticism 6: It’s only for lolicons

I’m not a lolicon, I’ll discuss why I enjoyed it in the next post.

I’m sure there are many more criticisms but I’ll leave it at that for now because I think I’ve said enough. You can all judge me next week when I release my concluding statement anyway. If I find any more worthwhile criticisms in things like comments or other areas I’ll put them on at the end.

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