Kodomo No Jikan Anime Review

This anime is pretty controversial and many people have problems with it which I’ve addressed in this post here. It’s basically a disclaimer for everything I’m about to say and something I can point you towards if you have any concerns.

Something I’ve noticed when reading reviews on my anime list is that most of the negative reviews have completed the show. The drama and characters provide an interesting enough story to keep you interested throughout the entire thing. It’s pretty much a horrific slice of life show which will make you uncomfortable even if nothing could be happening.

The story is from the perspective of a 23 year old teacher who has to deal with a 7 year old girl trying to seduce him. This teacher is weak and stupid. As well as this, due to things like blushing and reactions it’s very probable that he feels some level attraction towards the kid, which is pretty scary to see. As well as this, other characters have drama and conflicts which divert from the main story. They are sometimes contrived but often interesting and meaningful. The best side story was an explanation of someone’s history and it had interesting impact on the rest of the story.

It’s through this that Kodomo No Jikan is able to get away with so much. Well not exactly get away with it; the fan service is heavily criticised (rightly so) but it does work for the story. It works as it makes you uncomfortable with the situation – increasing the steaks of the scenario and makes you feel horrible because of the potential consequences. Let’s just say that it’s an experience to watch.

The anime feels like a precautionary tale without an ending. Everything feels dodgy and most events tell you when the correct time is for other people to intervene. The main character does the least thing required to avoid every situation. He’s not 100% stupid because he knows the boundaries but he is stupid for treating the girls’ love so lightly when avoiding it should be deadly serious even when it affects his personal and professional reputation. At one point the child sneaks into his bedroom and instead of shouting and raging, making sure nothing happens like that again he just gets rid of her without issue.

The incompetency displayed by everyone in this anime should provide a resource for what not to do, how not to react to children and when to take situations seriously. The fact that this incompetency is so prevalent is what makes the show so good, tense and interesting to watch. I recommend it to anyone partially interested in the consequences of the subject matter.

The art isn’t particularly great and the music isn’t that noticeable but I think that doesn’t matter too much since if you’re watching 7 year old fan service you probably want to see it in the lowest possible quality anyway.

So watch Kodomo No Jikan if you want to see a horror story of an anime, exploring topics not really explored before. Also if you got triggered by this remember to read the criticisms post for this anime as it might answer your concerns.



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