5 Things The Star Wars Prequels Did Wrong Which Everyone Thinks They Did Right

In the wake of the new star wars trilogy releasing many people are talking about what was good about the prequels. I’m going to take these defences and explain why they are wrong, because these films are bad.


  1. “Great” Lightsaber Battles

For some reason people think the fights were better in the prequels. Sure they were longer, had more lightsabers and more choreography but that doesn’t make them good. The problem with the fights in the prequels was that they felt fake. Nobody got tired and constantly stupid things happened.

What made the fights so good in the original series was the emotion and consequences behind them. We could see the struggles and emotion throughout the scene because the fights in the original series wanted to accomplish so much more than looking cool.


  1. “Great” visuals and backgrounds

Most of the prequels were shot in front of a green screen and most of the backgrounds were added in at the end. Due to the constant green screening the scenes fell apart because the actors had no idea where to look.

As well as that they didn’t pay attention to continuity. It was hard to believe that they were in an actual world due to the difference in locations and way nothing flowed into each other. It felt like they were just making it up (which they were) and it just caused all of the settings to fall apart.


  1. World building and Politics

The star wars prequels do expand the world and show more places and systems before order 66. The films also add politics and trade conflicts e.c.t. These things are true but the prequels do it badly.

It is completely pointless in establishing new worlds, planets and politics if you don’t explain it well. The films just throw in details without explanation and expect people to care. It comes across as a mindless mess in my opinion.

As well as this why flesh out the world and politics if it’s just going to be boring? I think the films would have been better if they ignored this entirely and purely focussed on a competent story.


  1. No Chosen One

I think this complement towards the film is misguided. Sure, I don’t like the chosen one trope but it’s not worth complementing for this following reason.

The prequels can’t have a chosen one trope, because they don’t have a main character. We aren’t given anyone to humanly relate to and root for except the good guys in general. As well as this the films do use the chosen one prophesy on Anakin and it works terribly.

Saying they don’t have a main character is a bit extreme but the main characters aren’t strong. If you want to compliant the films lack of good characters then be my guest but I prefer good strong characters in the films I like.

Filmmaker and Chairman of the Board of Lucasfilm Ltd. George Lucas waits to do a television interview in Beverly Hills

  1. Justifications – Ring Theory

Look at what I’ve done. The numbers go 1,2,3,2,1. It’s a circle! It rhymes! I’m a genius! Whilst it is true that I’m a genius the ring theory is a terrible justification since it doesn’t make sense and definitely doesn’t make the user a genius for using this.

The films don’t make sense. Just admit that. I understand that people might want to justify their love for the franchise but just stop. It’s fine to say that you didn’t like the prequels and still be a fan. I don’t mind since I don’t really like star wars anyway so just ignore the prequels like the rest of us. Have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “5 Things The Star Wars Prequels Did Wrong Which Everyone Thinks They Did Right

  1. the ring theory is stupid, claiming genius from the garbage Lucas put out. haha. I do give him benefit of the doubt, and say the prequels were crap because he let his gigantic ego (surrounding himself with yes men) and idea of using high tech film-making to create a movie.
    i consider Lucas a hack because of what he did to Indian Jones. To be fair, Spielberg kinda gave up as well, but if it wasn’t aliens, Lucas actually wanted giant ants in the movie. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls just feels so sad. haha.


    • I was really confused when you said “Indian Jones” but then I realized what you meant and laughed so hard! That is definitely true, Lucas had too big an ego to go along with anything anyone else said. I can imagine him saying “Sorry, did you win an academy award? No? Shut up then.” . I’ve never cared much for Indian Jones but I can imagine him doing something stupid like that.


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