The One Day of Anime Challenge!

I’ve loved seeing other people’s anime challenge posts and decided to make my own. The one day of anime challenge. It’s going to be tough but I think I can do it. It’s based off of the 100 days of anime challenge by zero drama anime (which is probably better than this one). This challenge is basically a thing where I answer all the questions from the 100 days of anime in just one post. The problem with me starting a challenge like this is that I’ve already made posts on these things and don’t want to repeat myself. I attempted to write a 50 day anime challenge but got bored and decided to release the posts individually and do this.


  1. First anime – Pokémon
  2. Favourite anime I’ve seen so far – Prison school
  3. Favourite male character in anime – Guts (Berserk)
  4. Favourite female character in anime – Tomoko Kuroki (Watamote)
  5. Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed – Squid Girl (Ashamed it was my favourite show for a while)
  6. Anime you want to see but haven’t – prison school season 2 (It will come)
  7. Your anime crush – Sun Seto I guess (My bride is a mermaid)
  8. Favourite anime couple – Tsubaki and Urabe (Mysterious girlfriend X)
  9. Best anime villain – Hyoudou – Kaiji
  10. Favourite fighter anime – HxH

11.Favourite mech anime – Never seen one I liked so no favourites

  1. saddest anime scene – Sakamoto leaving (Sakmoto Desu Ga)
  2. character your most similar too – Sakmoto (definitely, no exaggeration)
  3. saddest anime death – (spoilers) – L – he was so cool and was only sad once you saw the follow up antagonists
  4. Favourite side kick – That time in dragon ball when Goku kicks that guy from the side in the tournament.
  5. Anime with the best animation – NEW GTO – IT looks so real!
  6. Fav supporting male character- Ota kun (Tanaka kun)
  7. Fav supporting female character – Mugi chan (K-on!)
  8. Most epic scene – Butts and boobs (Prison school)
  9. Character who gets on your nerves – R:Zero main character
  10. Favourite goofy anime character – Bobobo
  11. Favourite weapon/gear/armour in anime – Master Sword
  12. Favourite anime attack –Kamehameha (Dragon ball)
  13. Most shocking anime moment – L narrows down the search to Light (Start of Death Note)
  14. Anime that never gets old – I don’t rewatch anime
  15. Best anime fight – Netero Vs Meruem (HxH)
  16. Most badass scene (different from most epic scene) – That time in Shinmai Maou No Testament when that guy groped that girls’ ass – it was a bad ass.
  17. Favourite quote – “27. Most badass scene (different from most epic scene) – That time in Shinmai Maou No Testament when that guy groped that girls’ ass – it was a bad ass.”
  18. An anime I wish was real – But all anime that exists are real. Idk then, Pokémon?
  19. An Anime I wish never ended – Would have preferred it if the berserk 1997 anime was longer.
  20. Favourite OP – Romantic Summer
  21. Favourite ED – Wareta Ringo
  22. Who would I cosplay? – L (very easy for me to do)
  23. Which anime character is my workout buddy? – I don’t want a work out buddy because I don’t want to go to the gym
  24. What crossover would I like to see – The characters of Squid Girl in Higurashi
  25. First anime crush – Orehime (Bleach)
  26. anime that changed me – Ninja Scroll
  27. do you like yaoi and yuri – Not really but it’s ok if the show’s good and just happens to include it.
  28. Favourite music in anime – Berserk 1997
  29. Favourite voice actor – Don’t know any except for dub actors, and I don’t like dubs.
  30. Anime character I hate – Suburu (Re:Zero)
  31. Most epic or shocking scene in anime (different from most shocking anime moment and different from most epic scene in anime) – Killua gains the power of electricity – it was shocking! (HxH)
  32. Favourite canon couple – I’ve said this already so much of the reason why I avoid these challenges is because of all the repeats
  33. Who do you ship? – I’m not part of the slave trade
  34. Anime character who I want to be my best friend – Bulma because she’s a genius, has cool technology and is extremely rich.
  35. Favourite shoujo anime – Ore Monogattari
  36. best tsundere – All those people who like most of my posts without following.
  37. Favourite harem/reverse harem – Kiss him, not me.
  38. subs or dubs – subs
  39. Favourite studio Ghibli work – Totoro
  40. Share any experiences where you’ve been bullied for watching anime. – Sorry, I can’t.
  41. Anime character I’m most like – A genshiken member
  42. An anime scene that made me cry – Sakamoto leaving
  43. An anime recommendation – Golden Boy
  44. Do you share your anime interests with anyone? – no
  45. Favourite character (This means you need to proritise your choice at the start for best male/female anime character) – I don’t remember what I said earier but my favourite character is Reg because I feel like putting my favourite robot in and not my favourite character (Made in Abyss)
  46. What anime has your heart? – IDK, but hopefully not death note.
  47. Favourite hentai – The only hentai I’ve seen is that skirt one from this current season. I didn’t know it was hentai and I don’t look for it.
  48. Favourite Yaoi – Not seen a single one
  49. A manga I want adapted – Berserk but properly this time.
  50. Current Anime I’m watching – Ouran High School Host Club
  51. Favourite anime movie – The girl who leapt through time.
  52. Favourite shounen – HxH
  53. Favourite Shoujo – Ouran High school host club
  54. A sports anime – Haikyuu
  55. A slice of life anime – Amanchu
  56. A comedy anime – Sakamoto Desu Ga!
  57. a sci-fi anime – Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  58. An action/adventure anime – HxH
  59. A fantasy anime – Berserk
  60. A romance anime – Karekano
  61. An overrated series – SAO
  62. An underrated series – Yugioh
  63. The series that got you into anime – AoT
  64. Favourite friendship – My friend Alex
  65. Favourite bromance – See 75
  66. favourite rivalry – L and Light
  67. Favourite team – Team Rocket
  68. Favourite quote- “28. Favourite quote – “27. Most badass scene (different from most epic scene) – That time in Shinmai Maou No Testament when that guy groped that girls’ ass – it was a bad ass.”
  69. Favourite scene – One of the many I’ve mentioned already
  70. Favourite episode – Episode 12
  71. Most annoying anime character (where have I seen this before?) – The girl in Another
  72. An ecchi picture –anime-anime-original-anime-art-1286514
  73. most recent anime wallpaper – Serial Experiments Lain and Watamote
  74. Favourite shoujo anime – Death (Not real)
  75. Best yandere character – I don’t like all these questions
  76. Favourite anime hero – me
  77. Favourite school uniform – my school uniform
  78. Favourite anime opening theme song (definitely not an OP though) – the one I said earlier
  79. Picture of a character in a swimsuit-anime-wallpaper-beach-girl-girls-swimsuit-wallpapers
  80. Favourite attack a character has used – the attack I said earlier
  81. Favourite anime in high school – Prison school
  82. Hottest anime guy – Makoto Kun (School Days)
  83. Favourite nendoroid-

    What come up when you search Favourite nendoroid

95.Favourite manga – Berserk

  1. Anime character framed in your room – Link
  2. An anime character you want to see in a nightmare – Darkrai (because it means the world of Pokémon is real)
  3. Male character’s best kimono ever – this oneca1d0f5f9816702ec664ea88c3bc9768f6751527_hq
  4. Female character’s best kimono ever – this one12307593_f520
  5. Confess your love for an anime character – no

Thank you for reading these questions and answers for the one day anime challenge! It was really tough but We just made it.  The repetition in challenges like these has made me do this. I’ve got a backlogue of “days” which I’ve already written which I will release soon.  If you want me to go further into any of these questions then you can comment or perhaps suggest something you want me to write a post about. Thanks.

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