Boobs or Butts: The Most Epic Anime Scene Ever – Prison School (No Click bait)

The most epic scene in anime has to be the confrontation with the students and head teacher in prison school. It’s a brilliant scene because it’s not only hilarious but also extremely relevant to the plot.

The boys in prison school are about to be expelled, they’ve had their three chances and it’s time for them to leave. The problem is that they want to stay at school. So to solve the problem they send a request to the head teacher who is prepared to extend their date before expulsion so that Gakuto can execute his master plan.

They line up in prison to face the man and he asks the question “Buttocks or breasts?” – The whole escape plan hinges on getting this one question right! Their faces lit up in shadowed brightness as they think of what to say. One person starts trying to say boobs but Kiyoshi (the main character) stops him because he has extra information.

The dramatic irony here is that we are very aware that the head teacher is an ass man. But only Kiyoshi knows this and the rest of the cast doesn’t. This moment was set up when Kiyoshi found pictures of girls’ asses in a pile that the head teacher buried.

There is just one problem, Kiyoshi is a breasts man and he has to find a reason to lie. He gives the answer “We are men of ass”, they lock eyes and agree. Then the head teacher brings forth his motto: “Nobody who’s an ass man can be all bad” but he doesn’t know if the characters are true ass men so he tests them further and makes an origami sphinx to test them like the riddle of the sphinx.

The characters realise the stakes, the sphinx ate people who failed to answer the riddle correctly so they know the same thing could happen to them. They are not allowed to discuss and are told that common-denominator answers mean nothing. Kiyoshi is clueless and many answers for breasts fill his mind.

He resolves it by thinking that there’s no real reason why you like something. But the head teacher intersects with a hint saying that answers like that won’t fly and that he’s asked many people all over the world and not got a good answer.

It’s all hopeless; Kiyoshi starts to cry with anguish. Then a flash of light shines on him. For the first time he looks out of the window and sees a magical floating butt or does he? Kiyoshi realises that it’s the vice presidents boobs even though they look like an ass. Meiko is basically trying to look into the room but can’t really pull herself to the height of the bars correctly.

Scientific images and symbols spin around his mind and he realises that it’s just like the oedipus riddle.

“Back when we still walked on all fours, we always had in front of us… the butt. Then from the time mankind started walking on two legs we stopped having butts stuck in our faces all the time, and in their place, what appeared in front of our faces… were boobs! Women grew larger breasts to take the place of buttocks. The original source of life is the buttocks!… BOOBS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A PALE IMITATION OF THE BUTTOCKS! IF ASKED WHAT YOU’D RATHER HAVE, A COPY OR AN ORIGINAL, NATURALLY, I WOULD CHOOSE THE ORIGINAL!”

Kiyoshi loses his cool in a deranged madness, he could carry on but the teacher hugs him: “You have more than conveyed to me that you are a true ass man.” He then postpones his expulsion.

The tension of the beginning really builds up to the hype, hilarious ending which makes it the most epic scene in anime. Well the most epic I can think of right at this moment.

You can find the full scene here:




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