My Favourite Anime Comedies!

Answering the question of which anime is my favourite is very difficult and something that I can only really do in the moment. To me, every anime degrades in quality the more time I spend away from it so I really find the question a hard one to answer. So I suppose my favourite anime is the one that had a long lasting impact on my life. My favourite must be an anime that changed me and had a long lasting impact regardless of what I think of it now. Each time I regard an anime as my favourite I list it on MyAnimeList so I will go through each comedy one in an attempt to find out which comedy was my favourite. I’m only talking about comedy favourites because I’m really not that sure on anything else.



Yes, this is a very interesting one to say is my favourite but it might not actually be too inaccurate as the series has actually been very impactful on me. While I was watching Nisekoi it was the best thing ever and I mean that. I never cared about the romance but enjoyed the brilliant comedy fully.

The whole reason why this was so impactful to me was that it changed my perspective on many anime harems of a similar nature. Instead of Nisekoi being generic I felt like everyone was ripping it off in a derivative way. It felt like the definitive harem show, the only good one, the one that wasn’t clichéd and terrible.

But when I come back to it I find that I can’t enjoy it like I did back then and I have to question, was I insane? I massively enjoyed discussing the series with my friend and we said that we could re-watch it and it would still be funny. Well I did and it wasn’t funny.

Even at the time when I went back to watch what I thought was my favourite episode, it disappointed.

Despite all of this, I still carried on with the manga because the jokes were actually good for the first read. And I realised that the show had really endeared me to the characters in a meaningful way.

When it was ending I threw on emotional music and ended up crying from the finale. Luckily I wasn’t on any particular team at the time so I really didn’t care who “won” in the end.

My Bride Is a Mermaid

 I liked this show for the same reason that I liked Nisekoi. It was hilarious and I loved to think about what would happen if I was in the same situation as the main character.

Who can say that they don’t want a hot mermaid bride living with them? Ok, pretty much everyone can say that.

The main thing was that the premise was so strange that it really created some funny scenarios.


Prison School

This is one of the best comedies of all time and utilises crazy and disturbing scenarios in order to make a brilliant comedy experience.

What was great about this one was that the anime had a brilliant plot that fell together perfectly. The villains were horrible to the prisoners but I actually ended up liking them because of their whacky antics.

Normally I find shows like these hard to watch because I end up feeling sorry for the main characters however in this case I never felt that which was great! All of the plot points came together in a brilliant way that made me realise that everything was there for a purpose.

Every single moment was important in this show. All of the plot points and whacky scenarios came together to make a very satisfying ending which I loved. There is not a single episode that you can miss because they’re all great and they all do something. Even in less plot based episodes the comedy really makes the future episodes better.

I’ve already made a post about the comedy in prison school so check that out if you want to read more about this idea.

It was very impactful to me though. My friend who animates for fun asked me if I wanted to work with him to make a one shot anime episode. Because he was the only one who could animate he would do that while I did everything else.

So I ended up writing a screenplay about 3 friends escaping prison. I didn’t rip it off or anything but I certainly looked to prison school for improvements. This led to me changing the script for the better by including whacky scenarios that were made relevant later.

The project never amounted to anything but I did finish the screenplay. So if it looks like people are interested I will probably release it in a blog post.


Sakamoto Desu Ga

This is a fairly recent show but that doesn’t mean it can’t be my favourite! Sakamoto is perfect and I love seeing that idea put into action.

I love how all of the characters have minor flaws that Sakamoto solves in very minor ways. I love how people interpret Sakamoto’s actions and it’s truly great.

The emotional payoff at the end made me cry and it was cool. The idea of the trope actually made me love watching a show called Handa-kun which kind of makes fun of the idea of Sakamoto as a character.


Squid Girl

This is the show that I love for no real brilliant reason. People say that the jokes are repetitive and terrible but I really like them. The show feels like a children’s cartoon which just makes it funny to me that I like it so much.

I like the environment, comedy and characters. It’s all good.



This anime is so funny and makes fun of awkward comedy situations. I’ve already talked a lot about this so I’ll just leave it at that.


So which of these shows is my favourite? Well I admit, I don’t really have the best things to choose from but I think that I have to go with Corry in the House. Corry in the House is the best comedy anime ever and it’s my favourite. This definitely isn’t a meme cop out because I can’t make up my mind.

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