Easy Tip to Effortlessly Improvise Piano – Even if you could never play in the first place!

Being able to play any random thing on the piano and have it sound good is a skill that I think every pianist has or wants to have. But being able to do that is difficult! So I’ve got a way to skip all the difficult steps and just play something good randomly. As a disclaimer this improv tip is only really for classical music.

Improvisation is so difficult because of the clashing piano notes, this is because you’re often not playing in the correct key and choosing incorrect notes. To make this easier avoid white notes entirely (unless you know what you’re doing) and just play black notes. All the black notes sound listenable together because they’re all in the same key.

Next you want to make use of the sustain pedal, keep it on since it will make the music sound more classical and fit together better.

And that’s it really! The trick is to play random black notes with the sustain pedal in any random order. I’d recommend playing slowly at first, with your hands spread out. This trick doesn’t look good to watch however it’ll sound good, try it! When I did it my brother came in and thought he was listening to professional music on a CD or radio and was insanely impressed when it turned out to be me.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment or correct things since all this was told to me by a friend and I’m just the one who could suddenly play piano really well without any practice at all and just these steps for guidance!

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